Saturday, March 26, 2005

Black Holes as Topological Quantum Computers?

The traditional view about black holes is that they are merciless information destroyers. Now it has been widely realized that blackhole like objects are highly interesting from the point of view of information theory. The information might not be lost after all and perhaps be coded by the states at the horizon of the black hole: something analogous to this is predicted also by TGD. The challege is to understand how black hole like objects could represent information. One cannot avoid even the idea that quantum information theory is needed although standard physics would not suggest that quantum entanglement is important at these extreme temperatures. The RHIC data about the production of blackhole like objects in heavy ion collisions led to a considerable increase of detailed understanding of what black holes could be in TGD Universe. Black hole like objects correspond to highly tangled (color,Z^0) magnetic flux tube structures in Hagedorn temperature identifiable as black hole temperature. In a good approximation they are describable as strings. Black holes do not possess hair, they consist of hair! And a hair badly in need of comb, one might add! The role of the gravitational constant is taken by the effective gravitational constant defined by string tension and one can speak of "strong gravitation". Black hole like states appear in all p-adic length scales. What is new that the matter inside the flux tubes would be in a liquid like macroscopic quantum phase with a very large value of Planck constant hbar (see earlier postings in which empirical justifications for the hypothesis are discussed). This makes the matter inside blackhole like objects dark since fine structure constant characterizing the probability that the system as a whole emits photon is proportional to 1/hbar. The discrete set of values of hbar is crucial for understanding both dark and living matter. The interpretation of the matter inside black hole as dark matter follows from this picture: black and dark would be more or less synonymous now! Dark matter particles possess complex conformal weights related closely to the zeros of Riemann Zeta, and conformal confinement, which is physical necessity, means that the net conformal weight of the system is real. The entanglement of particles possessing different complex conformal weights to give states with a vanishing net conformal weight, and having thus particle like integrity, makes dark matter and black hole like objects ideal for quantum computing. Even more, string like structure able to knot and link are ideal for topological quantum computation. I have proposed on basis of some intriguing experimental findings about the geometrical structure of DNA that cell nuclei perform topological quantum computations using DNA or (more probably) RNA, which are particular examples of structures condensed on magnetic flux tubes. The highly tangled chromosomes could be seen as analogs of blackhole like quantum computing structures at the space-time sheets with the size scale of chromosomes. Every cell in our body would contain black hole like object! One could even imagine that the galactic black hole is a highly tangled cosmic string at Hagedorn temperature performing quantum computations. The complexity of these computations would be of course totally out of reach of human intellect. Indeed, TGD inspired theory of consciousness predicts that evolution leads to the increase of information and intelligence, and the evolution of stars and other astrophysical objects should not form exception to this. For a more detailed discussion of the still continuing intense interaction between theoretical ideas and RHIC findings see the chapter TGD and Cosmology of TGD. For the vision about connections between dark matter and living matter see the chapter Quantum Coherent Dark Matter and Bio-Systems as Macroscopic Quantum Systems of "Genes, Memes, Qualia,...". Matti Pitkänen

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