Tuesday, March 15, 2005

M-Domino Continues Falling Down

Science journalists are becoming increasingly aware about the catastrophic situation in M-theory, formerly called string theory, as the latest article Theory of everything' tying researchers up in knots demonstrates. Strong tensions are created in physics departments. In Boston University the conclusion that string theory is not physics was already made. Now Stanford physics department is split in two in the issue. There are good reasons to expect that dominoes begin to fall any time. No doubt, the fight is now about jobs rather than between scientific ideas: thousands of string theorists have extremely narrow understanding about physics and it is inconceivable that all of them can find a safe place in math departments. And where the people specialized to the weird subject of string phenomenology could go? I must honestly admit that this is my dream. Having been mercilessly suppressed and censored for two decades and decade ago I lost the possibility to get anything about my lifework published or to arXiv.org is only one aspect of what it is to lose human rights. And this for the sole and simple reason that TGD was too serious competitor of M-theory. After all that I have experienced during these 26 years I have to fight to keep my faith in humanity. Some of the last articles that I got to arXiv.org were about p-adic mass calculations at the time when second superstring revolution occurred. That Roger Penrose cites in US edition of The Road to Reality the first of these papers makes clear the motivations for the censorship. Just sometime ago I learned from a person who had asked opinion of my colleagues in Finland about TGD that they are still telling that my work contains nothing which might be called mathematics even at the level of ordinary differential equations! This despite that Mathematical Subject Classification Tables have link to TGD in the section about new mathematics related to quantum theory! By the way, a decade or so I was accused of being too mathematical and philosophical but when it became clear that physics is becoming very mathematical they made complete strategic turn around! But TGD is patiently waiting for its time to come. It will come sooner or later. There is no other option since physics is much more than these respected professors in their respected institutes and does not ask from them the permission to evolve. Matti Pitkänen


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