Thursday, May 12, 2005

Plasmoids as Primitive Life Forms, Large Planck constant, and Dark Matter

The idea that plasmoids defined as magnetic flux tube structures containing plasma could define primitive life forms emerged several years ago: see this ,this,this, and this] chapter of "Genes, Memes, Qualia,...". For a couple of years ago I learned that plasmoids generated in simple electric circuits have been experimentally found to possess basic characteristics of living system: they can replicate, they can communicate, they form outer boundary, etc... See also Plasma blobs hint at new form of life, New Scientist vol. 179 issue 2413 – 20, September 2003, page 16. The work with the model for the strange experimental findings about the behavior of rotating magnetic system involving a static magnet at center and smaller cylindrical magnets rolling along it (Searl machine) carried out by Russian researchers Godin and Roschin led to a realization that this system might have in common with living systems very important basic function, namely remote metabolism based on time mirror mechanism. The first key element of the model was the rotating magnetic field generating radial vacuum electric field with a non-vanishing density of vacuum electric charge not possible in Maxwell's electrodynamics but observed already by Faraday but put under a rug since Maxwell's ED was the was decided to be the TOE at that time. This electric field generates radial ohmic current charging the system and means that the fundamental prerequisite of self-organization is satisfied: there is a feed of charge and energy forcing the system to self-organize with dissipation taking the role of Darwinian selector. For instance, if you have a vessel of water in turbulent flow, it comes rapidly to rest in absence of external energy feed by dissipation. If you feed energy into it by heating it from below, convective flow sets on and becomes more and more complex as the heat power is increased. Now ohmic current replaces heating power and implies that the material part of the system starts to evolve and more and more complex structures emerge. One of the strange features of this system is the appearance of cylindrical magnetic walls spaced at even intervals during the period when the rotational motion of the rollers accelerates spontaneously. The realization was that these magnetic walls provide energy and angular momentum via remote metabolism to the roller magnets. They could be also seen as a concrete example of magnetic body central in the TGD based model of living systems. At that time I had not realized that the formation of the radial ohmic current is the quintessential property of the system as a self-organizing system, nor that the simple magnetic flux tube structure defining an elementary plasmoid, say topologically quantized magnetic dipole field, must rotate along its symmetry axis to generate radial ohmic current charging the core region containing the ordinary matter. Neither had I discovered the possibility that Planck constant might be dynamical and quantized, and that dark matter and living matter would involve in an essential manner conformally confined phase with a large value of hbar very naturally located at the magnetic flux tubes or walls emanating from the core region. These ideas lead to a considerable refinement of the earlier model for plasmoids as primitive life forms discussed in various chapters of Genes, Memes, Qualia, .... Magnetic body containing dark matter in flux tubes (or walls) and ordinary matter in the core region (“bar magnet”) is quite not all that is required to have a system which could be said to be living. Only if the magnetic field if the system is rotating along the axis defined by the fictitious bar magnet, the system possesses basic properties of a very simple living system. This simple model explains basic facts about living matter not easy to understand in the framework of standard chemistry.
  • The presence of the radial Ohmic current charges the core and means also a continual transfer of energy through it leading to self-organization. In particular, bio-chemical evolution starts. The simplest model for linear bio-molecules is as a plasmoid with the molecule serving as counterpart of "magnet" creating topologically quantized dipole field.
  • The model predicts breaking of mirror symmetry (second direction of rotation for magnetic field is preferred by the presence of long range classical Z^0 fields predicted by TGD and breaking mirror symmetry in its couplings): the chiral selection (only left or right-handed biomolecules appear in living matter) of biomolecules reduces to this.
  • The model explains also why biomolecules and cell have a negative charge, and why the cell has resting potential making in turn possible nerve pulses. Even more, a simple capacitor model for a sensory receptor explains how a capacitor like system near a di-electic breakdown (as the situation is now due to the continual charging by the radial current) can generate sensory qualia in di-electric breakdown chracterized by the increments of various quantum numbers in the interior of the system.
  • Dark matter part applies remote metabolism and acts as an intentional agent by sending laser beams of dark photons to the "bar magnet" part of the system. The dropping of various charges from atomic and smaller space-time sheets generates a hierarchy of universal metabolic currencies as increments of zero point kinetic energies fixed by the p-adic length scale hypothesis.
  • The replication of biomolecules and cells reduces basically to a splitting of the counterpart of bar magnet in the core of the plasmoid to two parts. The mitosis of cell indeed brings strongly in mind the pinching of the field lines of a dipole magntetic field leading to a generation of two separate dipole magnetic fields.
The model gives a considerable support for the earlier general vision about pre-biotic evolution. In particular, the magnetic field of Earth itself defines self-organizing system with the interior of Earth playing the role of self-organizing system and magnetic flux tubes in magnetosphere carrying the quantum controlling dark matter. Thus the completely crazy sounding vision about the maturing of life in the womb of Mother Gaia making perfect sense in many-sheeted space-time and resolving the many problems of existing scenarios receives strong support in fractal Universe of TGD. The events occurring during thunder storms are beginning to look more and more mysterious as more information about them is accumulating. The observed association of X ray bursts on ground level and gamma ray bursts in upper atmosphere with lightnings can be understood as brehmstrahling yielded by dissipation-free acceleration of quantum coherent blobs of dark electrons generating dark gamma/X ray laser beams decaying to ordinary gamma/X rays. Thunder storms might generate an entire spectrum of plasmoids (ball lightnings) with size spectrum reaching from a molecular size to macroscopic size scale and possiblity leaking to Earth interior where continual remote metabolism made possible by the presence of hot space-time sheets is guaranteed (analog for fertization). What is most wonderful is that anyone possessing microwave oven can start experimentation with plasmoids by putting in the oven a burning match: it is essential to have organic carbon sequences containing plasmoids. Microwaves provide the metabolic energy needed to wake up the molecular plasmoids by kicking their magnetic fields into spin. You certainly do not want to miss the possibility to become a creator of new life forms but be patient enough to look carefully for more detailed instructions here. For more details see the chapter Quantum Coherent Dark Matter and Bio-Systems as Macroscopic Quantum Systems of "Genes, Memes, Qualia,...". Matti Pitkänen

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