Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Anomalous time dilation as a test distinguishing between TGD and GRT

TGD predicts the possibility of large anomalous time dilation effects due to the warping of space-time surfaces. In ordinary Euclidian three-space warping corresponds to an existence of larger imbeddings of planar surface as a flat surface obtained from planar surface by bending without stretching. Minkowski space indeed allows infinite number of warped flat imbeddings to M4×CP2. Simple imbeddings of this kind are obtained by choosing a geodesic circle of CP2 having radius R and allowings its angle coordinate φ to depend on M4 time coordinate t as φ=ωt. The metric is with respect to standard M4 coordinates given by gtt=1-R2ω2, gij=-δij. The time dilation factor is gtt1/2 and can be quite large and due to warping rather than gravitation.

For the imbeddings of Scwartshild metric (as well as more general metrics) one obtains one parameter family of warped imbeddings and also now anomalous time dilation factor results. This effect manifests itself as anomalously large red shift as one compares the red shifts associated with different space-time sheets. The parameters of given space-time sheet can be adiabatically changed by external perturbations and lead to an adiabatic variation of the redshift. For instance, if the space-time sheet X4c of clock moves "over" larger space-time sheet X4, it can form wormhole contacts with it inducing a change in warping and gradually increasing anomalous time dilation. When the clock is not "over" the larger space-time sheet anymore, the rate for the flow time as compared to the flow in reference system is suddenly increased to its original value.

The experimental findings of Russian physicist Chernobrov about anomalous changes in the rate of flow of time provide indirect support for this prediction. Chernobrov reports a slowing down of time by about 30 seconds per hour inside his experimental apparatus so that the average dilation factor during hour would be about Δ = 1/120. If the dilation is present all the time, the anomalous contribution to the gravitational potential would be by a factor ≈ 107 larger than that of Earth's gravitational potential and huge gravitational perturbations would be required to produce this kind of effect.

The slowing of the time flow is reported to occur gradually whereas the increase for the rate of time flow is reported to occur discontinuously. Time dilation effects were observed in connection with the cycles of moon, diurnal fluctuations, and even the presence of operator.

Consider now the explanation of the basic qualitative findings of Chernobrov.

  1. The gradual slowing of the time flow suggests that the parameter values of λ and ω change adiabatically. The formation of contacts indeed occurs with some finite rate.
  2. Also the sudden increase of the rate of time flow is consistent with option a) since the splitting of contacts occurs immediately when the sheets X4c and X4 are not "over" each other.
  3. The occurrence of the effect in connection with the cycles of moon, diurnal fluctuations, and in the presence of operator support this interpretation. The last observation would support the view that intentional generation of almost vacuum space-time sheets is indeed possible.

For more details see the chapter TGD and GRT of TGD.


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