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Does Sun possess a solid surface?

For almost year ago I proposed a quantum model for planetary system based on the assumption that dark matter is in astroscopic quantum phase with a gigantic value of Planck constant and the quantum states of dark matter determine to a high degree the state of visible matter. Mercury corresponds in this model to n=3 Bohr orbit. A strange coindidence is that n=1 Bohr orbit corresponds in a reasonable approximation to solar radius. This raises the question whether solar surface could contain spherical shell representing a topological condensate of dense matter around dark matter, kind of spherical pre-form of planet below the photosphere.

Recently new satellites have begun to provide information about what lurks beneath the photosphere. The pictures produced by Lockheed Martin's Trace Satellite and YOHKOH, TRACE and SOHO satellite programs are publicly available in the web. SERTS program for the spectral analysis suggest a new picture challenging the simple gas sphere picture. The visual inspectation of the pictures combined with spectral analysis has led Michael Moshina to suggests that Sun has a solid, conductive spherical surface layer consisting of calcium ferrite. The article of Moshina provides impressive pictures, which in my humble non-specialist opinion support this view. Of course, I have not worked personally with the analysis of these pictures so that I do not have the competence to decide how compelling the conclusions of Moshina are. In any case, I think that his web article deserves a summary.

Before SERTS people were familiar with hydrogen, helium, and calcium emissions from Sun. The careful analysis of SERTS spectrum however suggest the presence of a layer or layers containing ferrite and other heavy metals. Besides ferrite SERTS found silicon, magnesium, manganese, chromium, aluminum, and neon in solar emissions. Also elevated levels of sulphur and nickel were observed during more active cycles of Sun. In the gas sphere model these elements are expected to be present only in minor amounts. As many as 57 different types of emissions from 10 different kinds of elements had to be considered to construct a picture about the surface of the Sun.

Moshina has visually analyzed the pictures constructed from the surface of Sun using light at wave lengths corresponding to three lines of ferrite ions (171, 195, 284 Angstroms). On basis of his analysis he concludes that the spectrum originates from rigid and fixed surface structures, which can survive for days. A further analysis shows that these rigid structure rotate uniformly.

The existence of a rigid structure idealizable as spherical shell in the first approximation could by previous observation be interpreted as a spherical shell corresponding to n=1 Bohr orbit of a planet not yet formed. This structure would already contain the germs of iron core and of crust containing Silicon, Ca and and other elements.

There is also another similar piece of evidence. A new planet has been discovered orbiting around a star in a triple-star system in the constellation Cygnus. The planet is a so-called hot Jupiter but it orbits the parent star at distance of .05 AU, which much less that than allowed by current theories of planetary formation. Indeed, the so called migration theory predicts that the gravitational pull of the two stars should have stripped away the proto-planetary disk from the parent star. If an underlying dark matter structure serves as a condensation template for the visible matter, the planetary orbit is stabilized by Bohr quantization.

For more details see the chapter TGD and Astrophysics of TGD.


At 1:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lots of people are talking about dark matter, but this is the first interpretation I've seen with this kind of 'solidity'! Or much of any other kind, perhaps?

Astonishing, at least to me. And right here in the neighborhood!

But I still can't seem to change that "anonymous said" line at the top of a posting. The dark dot I keep putting in the little circle for "Other" keeps getting erased.


At 6:54 PM, Blogger Matti Pitkanen said...

Sorry for the problems. I could not find anything in the comment settings to change to the sitiuation.


At 5:48 AM, Blogger Lindsay Lobe said...

Interesting posting.

Have you considered any aspects of our "consciousnes": and the possibility of a "duality" of existence in a quantum state.

Best wishes fron down under

At 1:02 AM, Blogger Matti Pitkanen said...

Dear Lindsay,

during last decade I have spent a lot of time to develop what I have used to call TGD inspired theory of consciousness. There are two books about this at my homepage.

Ontological issues have turned out to be quite crucial in an attempt to resolve the difficulties of quantum measurement theory, to which TGD inspired theory of consciousness can be also seen as a response.

The core idea is that there are three kinds of existences: trinity instead of duality.

Quantum states define one kind of existence to which one can assign atttributes like "physical" or "objective". Materialist would accept only this kind of existence and try to get rid of problems of quantum measurement theory by introducing multiverse idea or saying just "shut up and calculate".

Quantum jumps between quantum states define a second kind of existence identifiable as basic element of conscious/subjective existence. Quantum states as such are zombies and consciousness is in the quantum jumps between different objective realities (as materialist physicist defines the notion).

Idealists would accept only conscious existence. Dualists try to fuse these two existences without falling back to monism but this is difficult (hard problem).

The third kind of existence needed to complete the holy trinity of existences would be geometric existence, realities according to the classical physics, which is an exact part of quantum TGD rather than only approximation. In TGD framework geometric existences would correspond to space-time surfaces. These are of course zombies but by quantum classical correspondence provide geometric correlates for both quantum states and quantum jumps between them.

Geometric existence defines in a very general sense symbolic representations analogous to written language. Everything which you perceive sensorily and can express in terms of space-time geometry (this includes all what you call classical physics) would define unfaithful symbolic representations for the other two existences. This makes it possible to answer difficult questions like how it is possible to become conscious about what one was (rather than "is"!) conscious.

Matti Pitkanen

At 1:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am your old friend that like your unconventional way of thinking. What do you think on latest finding on bosonic nature of black hole in core of our Galaxy?
I believe in that possibility, but there should be enormous temperatures that should brake any bosonic interactions.
But you suggest that topologycal sheets are cold place that only can explain a weird place like black hole in the middle of our galaxy.

Adi Porobic

At 2:26 AM, Blogger Matti Pitkanen said...

Dear Adi,

first a comment concerning your question about bosonic nature of galactic black hole. I take freedom to interpret it in terms of Bose-Einstein condensates so that black hole would be an astroscopic quantum system.

The basic prediction of TGD is the presence of dark matter Bose-Einstein condensates in all length and time scales at larger space-time sheets. The matter inside black holes could quite well be dark. One variant of dark matter corresponds to large hbar phases and entire hierarchy of values of hbar is predicted.

For given frequency omega the energy is hbar×ω. If hbar is large, the energy associated with a given frequency ω is very large and thermal stability is achieved. hbar would be indeed very large for dark matter in astronomical length scales, about GM1M2/v0, v0 =about .5*e-3 in two-body system. This if one interprets the evidence for planetary Bohr orbits in terms of quantal dark matter with large hbar inducing the self-organization of the ordinary matter around Bohr orbits.

Your link about artificial life inspires a further comment. A nice biological application of this effect is to the understanding of why ELF em fields in frequency range of EEG (photon energy is about e-14 eV for ordinary value of hbar!) can have highly non-trivial effects on vertebrates (such as behavioral and physiological changes). TGD predicts a hierarchy of Planck constants in powers of λ = 2 to power 11 identifiable as dark matter hierarchy. For k=4 ELF frequencies correspond to energies which are above the energy 2.882 T at room temperature (energy of the photon at maximum of black body radiation). Hence the energies are above thermal energies and the effect of these fields is essentially quantal as the experimental findings indeed suggest. I guess that the realization of the existence of large hbar phases might be useful in attempts to construct artificial life;-).

You mention also cold space-time sheets. That larger space-time sheets are cold, silent, and dry has been basic hypothesis of TGD inspired model of biosystems. It is not necessary anymore. TGD in principle predicts the spectrum of hbars and actually does so with some educated guessing plus experimental input. The assumption about a hierarchy of values of hbar alone allows to understand the thermal stability of dark space-time sheets as is clear from the fact that the energy associated with given frequency can become arbitrarily large for large values of hbar.

Best Regards, Matti

At 1:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 10:03 AM, Blogger Richard Cheek said...

Look at the blow up of the supernova pic and it seems that there are fragments of some kind that are still remnant from the explosion.

Could these be fragments left over from the stars hardened surface still glowing from some kind of micro-fusion?


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