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The effects of ELF em fields on brain and new view about genes

The text below extends my response to an email from Maria Gaudos who has written an interesting book "The Theory of Natural System", which can be found at Amazon. My goal is to give an online documentary about the fascinating things taking place in TGD based theory of living matter after the discovery of large hbar hierarchy. I am perfectly aware about the importance of this progress and my sincere hope is that these pieces of text could help theoretical colleagues to experience a liberation from M-theory hype, to accept the reality as it is, and to start to dig gold with me. I of course do not dare to wish that details are comprehensible to a layman. Popular books about TGD are still waiting their writers.

1. Hierarchy of quantum critical high Tc superconductors and EEGs generated by hierarchy of Josephson

What I have been elaborating during last weeks is a model of biosystems based on quantum critical superconductors and fractal hierarchy of EEGs identified as a coherent radiation produced by Josephson currents of Josephson junction hierarchy. First some words about the background. The idea about fractal hierarchy of EEGs emerged when I constructed for some years ago a model for the observations of Peter Gariaev relating to the response of DNA to laser light. The idea about Josephson junction generating EEG is fifteen years old: the first guess was that cell membrane would define a Josephson junction generating EEG as coherent photons assignable to Josephson current. The guess was wrong: the frequency involved in case of cell membrane is around 1013 Hz rather than say EEG frequency. I constructed a model for quantum critical high Tc super-conductors only month or two ago and the model predicts that cell membrane thickness and cell size as universal length scales associated with these superconductors (p-adic length scale hypothesis). No wonder I am eager to apply this model to living systems!

The model involves combination of the notions many-sheeted DNA and magnetic body with the new idea of dark matter hierarchy involving a hierarchy of Planck constants coming as powers of λ≈211 multiplying its standard value and making possible macroscopic quantum coherence. This dark matter hierarchy is something new and something absolutely essential since for sufficiently high levels of it (large enough hbar) EEG frequencies correspond to photon energies (E= hbar×ω) above thermal threshold: this is true for higher than third levels of the dark matter hierarchy. The earlier assumption that large space-time sheets are cold can be relaxed. Also the cyclotron energy scales of ions in Earth's magnetic field turn out to be above the thermal threshold about .086 eV for k=4 and higher levesls of the hierachy. EEG frequencies can thus have effects in energy range of metabolic energy quantum.

2. Strange effects of ELF em fields on vertebrate brains

My original goal was to construct a model explaining the strange effects of ELF em fields on living matter found during last decades but I ended up with a new vision about EEG and DNA. This shows how enormously important the connection with quantitative empirical facts is for a theoretician. These effects appear in certain amplitude windows and harmonics of cyclotron frequencies and in temperature window 36-37 C. This anomaly is really something for Sherlock Holmes: in particular, amplitude windows seemed to be hopeless to understand but turned out to correspond to EEG bands in the hierarchy of scaled up variants of EEGs. Both p-adically scaled up EEGs suggested earlier and dark matter variants of EEG with frequency scales coming as powers of 2-11 are present so that an enormously complex fractal information processing structure is involved and extends to cosmic distances (magnetic bodies involved are of astrophysical size).

3. Many-sheeted DNA, hierarchy of magnetic flux sheets, and dark matter hierarchy

As an unexpected side product I ended up with a vision for how DNA codes for information and what the roles of nucleus and cell membrane might be in biocontrol and information processing. I want to emphasize that this picture is based on numbers and his highly predictive.

The picture that emerges conforms and generalizes the earlier picture about many-sheeted DNA based on the notion of magnetic body. The earlier picture involved notions like magnetic circulation and magnetic homeostasis involving fine tuning of the local strength of Earth's magnetic field. In the new picture highly convoluted magnetic flux sheets of thickness of DNA strand corresponding to various levels of dark matter hierarchy go through the DNA strand and connect biological body to various magnetic bodies. This highly convoluted structure is required to satisfy magnetic flux quantization condition for large hbar. Magnetic flux quantization implies that human DNA allows at most 7 levels ("chakras"!) of dark matter hierarchy and hierarchy of magnetic bodies. k=4 corresponds to a connection to the magnetic body of Earth ("heart chakra"). Largest magnetic body has size measured in hundred light years (k=7, "crown chakra", cosmic consciousness")! Once again it seems that mystics have been able to grasp something about the general structure of consciousness and expressed it poetically so that skeptics would not take it seriously;-).

The amount of DNA does not matter much, it is the number of these hierarchy levels ("chakras"!) which characterizes the level in evolution. The simplest hypothesis is that k:th level codes for functions and structures at k:th level of dark matter hierarchy: the higher the level the more abstract are the coded functions involved. Introns can be understood as dark genes coding mostly for dark matter functions and structures. The emergence of new dark matter level corresponds to a sudden jump in evolution as completely new functions and structure appear. For instance, k=4 corresponds to the emergence of ordinary EEG (vertebrates).

The highly convoluted magnetic flux sheets with transverse section define a string going along DNAs in a large number number of cells. Sincle human cell contains roughly one meter of DNA. The number is about 1012 or even 1015 for k=7 level if most of DNA length correspond to magnetic flux sheet. The estimate for total number of human brain neurons is of order 1012. This sheet combines genes from a huge number of cells to single supergene which is like a page of book. Our bodies would be quite literally text strings and single cell contributes only a sentence or two! This means that the representative power of genome has nothing to do with the amount of genes in single cell. Genes from say 1012 neurons can define something comparable to encyclopedia (total length for the string is about .1 light years)! It would be interesting to see whether and how the basic hierarchical structures of language correspond to the 7-level dark matter hierarchy. The evolution at the level of individual would be presumably generation of new texts of this kind and their expression: just this what I am doing now!

Even more dramatic generalization of genome can be considered. There is in principle no reason why magnetic flux sheets could not pass through several organisms so that kind of hyper-genes would result. These hyper-genes could make possible the emergence of complex social structures with individuals obeying rules making possible complex behavioral patterns.

What is most fascinating that you can more or less see this chromosomes-attached-to-strings picture in the pictures about cell division, which brings strongly in mind dipole magnetic field dividing into two!

4. Why cyclotron frequencies, why amplitude windows, why temperature window?

I have not yet said anything about the original problem: the understanding of amplitude windows and harmonics of cyclotron frequencies of biological important ions in Earth's magnetic field at which ELF em fields have these strange effects in brain of vertebrates. Also temperature window 36-37 C should be understood. The general picture looks like follows.

  1. Cyclotron frequencies at Earth's magnetic field induce coherent cyclotron transitions of Bose-Einstein condensate of bosonic ions (in particular Ca2+) at magnetic flux sheets going through DNA. Also the transitions of fermionic ions are important. These transitions relate to resonant frequencies in EEG.

  2. First amplitude window corresponds to electric field in the range 1-10 V/m: note that EEG amplitudes are in the range 5-10 V/m. Second amplitude window corresponds to 10-7 V/m (very small!). In both cases the electric fields are transformed to oscillatory voltages over Josephson junction so that the net voltage is

    V= V0+ V1sin(ωct),

    where V0 is the constant background voltage, .08 V for cell membrane and possible its p-adically scaled up variants and dark variants of it with scaled up thickness. For 5-10 V/m k=2 level of dark matter hierarchy turns out to be involved: this explains why the effects are relatively low level effects in brain tissue. For 10-7 V/m k=4 level of dark matter hierarchy ("heart chakra") is involved: this explains why the effects are high level effects related to say navigation and prey detection in case of marine vertebrates.

  3. Josephson current is proportional to sin(2e×INT V(t)dt) with amplitude which does not depend on V(t). Hence the coherent state of photons generated by V has overall intensity which does not depend on strength of the perturbing voltage representing biologically relevant information: this standardization is something extremely nice from engineerish point of view. The coherent photon state in turn communicates this information to the relevant magnetic body which then responds appropriately.

  4. If the Josephson frequency fJ1= 2eV1/h assignable to the perturbation is considerably larger than cyclotron frequency, the perturbation looks locally like a superposition of frequencies f+=fJ+fJ1 and f-= fJ-fJ1 for most of the time during the period defined by cyclotron frequency. If f+ or f- or both correspond to EEG resonance band, one expects strong biological effects. This picture translates the frequency windows to EEG bands and the detailed study of these frequencies allows to conclude that the hypothesis works. There is no parameter fitting involved except that the integer valued scaling factor must be very near to λ= 211. There are number theoretical reasons to believe that this holds true exactly. For instance, the dark variants of p-adic length scales coming in powers of λ would coincide with p-adic length scales. Of course, entire fractal spectrum of frequency windows is predicted.

  5. Why the effect appears only in the temperature window 36-37 C? Temperature window can be understood in terms of quantum criticality of high Tc superconductivity (see here and here). The BCS type supra currents flowing in the interior of the nucleus and boundary supra currents flowing at the nuclear membrane have different kinds of Cooper pairs and these super-conductivities co-exist only in a narrow temperature range. The body temperature of vertebrates, in particular endotherms, is quite essential for the proper functioning of brains as anyone knows from personal experience. Hence quantum criticality must be essential for high level biocontrol involving EEG and magnetic bodies. This means there must be co-operation of nuclear membrane and nucleus.

  6. How can one understand the fact that both cyclotron frequency and amplitude window are needed for a non-trivial effect to result? It seems that an interpretation in terms of AND gate provides the only way to understand this. Both interior super conductor and boundary superconductor defined by cell nucleus or its dark matter scaled up variant (at least as far magnetic flux sheet structure is considered) must react simultaneously in order that a non-trivial response results. The following scenario is the simplest one I have been able to imagine.

    1. The perturbing electric field E1 generates cyclotron transitions in the cell nucleus with the effect that it opens up the communication line to magnetic body and is ready to receive control messages inducing the coding of say aminoacid sequences needed to realize a response to the perturbation representing relevant information such as sensory input. If frequency is wrong, cell nucleus stays off-line.

    2. Magnetic body in turn receives the EEG signals from very many nuclei if the amplitude is in some window representing resonant EEG band and thus coding genuine information. Magnetic body responsible for intentional actions responds by a signal activating a super-gene defined by the genes in nuclei involved and generates in this manner a coherent biological response.

    3. Biological response in given nucleus results only if it has opened the communication line. Thus only cyclotron frequencies and amplitudes within amplitude windows represent biologically relevant information. This provides an effective manner to eliminate the effects of the electromagnetic noise. The dominance of noise has been indeed used as one the basic argument by skeptics whose world view does not allow the effects of ELF em fields on living matter and who see EEG as a mere side effect of nerve pulse activity.

For more details see the just updated chapter Bio-Systems as Super-Conductors: Part II of "TGD Inspired Theory of Consciousness...". I hope that I manage to update the chapters related to EEG, many-sheeted DNA and genetic code before the end of the year. Many things to do and the passion to get this done almost explodes me!

Matti Pitkanen


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