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Some comments about large hbar, dark matter, and living matter

I am busily updating the two books about TGD inspired quantum biology and theory of consciousness. It still takes a couple months to replace the old interpretation of long ranged weak forces with the new one. I feel guilty of having been wrong so many years, and to gain a peace of mind I want to confess all and summarize briefly some re-interpretations implied by the new view about dark matter.

1. Space-time sheets need not be thermally isolated

The earlier view about the role of many-sheeted space-time was based on the assumption that different space-time sheets are effectively thermally isolated, or at least that the rate of energy transfer between them is very slow. This allows to assume that the temperature at large space-time sheets is very low. Expressing it concisely: these space-time sheets would be cold, dry, and silent rather than hot, wet, and noisy. Quantum control by large space-time sheets would make possible the miraculous behavior of living matter.

In the new view it is not necessary to assume thermal isolation. Energies are invariant under phase transitions increasing hbar and thus the size of the space-time sheet. This means that long enough sequence of phase transitions increasing hbar by a factor λ ≈ 211 can give rise to a situation in which the space-time sheets are so large that given frequency scale corresponds to an energy above thermal energy. The assumption of thermal stability obviously gives interesting constraints on earlier quantum models of living matter.

2. The quantal effects of ELF em fields on living matter

It has been known since seventies that em fields at E(xtremely) L(ow) F(requencies) have effects on living matter and magnetic quantum transitions in Earth's magnetic field .5× 10-4 Tesla are in question. This is impossible in the framework of standard quantum physics since magnetic energies are ridiculously small for typical cyclotron frequencies, say 6.2 ×10-14 eV for 15 Hz cyclotron frequency of Ca++ ion in Earth's magnetic field.

The solution of the puzzle comes from dynamical hbar. One manner to perform flux quantization is to keep magnetic field invariant and increase the area of flux quantum. In this process cyclotron energy scales as hbar whereas cyclotron frequency remains invariant so that it is possible to achieve arbitrary high cyclotron energies for a fixed cyclotron frequency.

Consider as an example Earth's magnetic field, which corresponds to p-adic length scale L(k) with k=132=169 for the normal value of hbar. In this case cyclotron frequencies are in EEG range 1-100 Hz for atoms with mass number A>2. For instance, Ca corresponds to 15 Hz frequency.

For k=4 level of dark matter hierarchy cyclotron energies for ions with charge Z are above the maximum photon energy .086 eV for blackbody radiation at room temperature T=300 K for A< 233Z. All singly charged stable nuclei obey this stability condition. This state of affairs makes possible Bose-Einstein condensation of bosonic ions in cyclotron energy states. The number of these ions is very limited.

There are many observations making bells ringing. The cyclotron frequencies of bosonic ions correspond to important EEG frequencies and important biological rhythms. Ca2+ cyclotron energy corresponds to twice the metabolic energy quantum .5 eV which suggests that the exceptional role of Ca2+ ions in living matter is due to the fact that quantum coherent cyclotron transitions induce coherent metabolism in the length scale of entire body. The lowest EEG frequencies correspond to the maximum energy of photons of black body radiation at room temperature. Even the basic building blocks of DNA, which are charged (this is due to the phosphate group PO42-), and thus also DNA sequences, satisfy the thermal stability condition but rather marginally, which could explain the sensitivity of the functioning of living matter to body temperature. Spin interaction energies have the ordinary value and thus spin is thermalized unless thermal isolation is assumed.

3. What distinguishes between the magnetic bodies associated with Earth and living organisms??

The notion of magnetic body is central to the TGD inspired theory of living matter. Every system possesses magnetic body and there are strong reasons to believe that the magnetic body associated with human body is of order Earth size. Therefore the question arises what distinguishes between the magnetic bodies of Earth and human body. The quantization of magnetic flux suggests an answer to this question. There are several manners to achieve quantization of magnetic flux with dynamical hbar.

  1. One possibility is that the area S of flux quantum scales as hbar2. In this case flux quantization implies that B scales as 1/hbar, cyclotron frequency as 1/hbar whereas cyclotron energy is invariant under the scaling of hbar.

  2. Second possibility is that the value of magnetic field remains invariant and S scales as hbar. This is especially natural when flux quanta are magnetic flux walls. In this case cyclotron frequencies remain invariant but cyclotron energy scales as hbar. This quantization looks very natural in case of magnetic fields associated with living matter.

For the latter option one can consider both tubular and sheet like flux quanta.

  1. For tubular flux quanta k=4 level of dark matter hierarchy the radii of tubular flux quanta would be about 222×L(169)=L(169+44=213)=20 m. This length scale would define the size scale for the quantum coherence regions of the Bose-Einstein condensates of bosonic ions. This scale is enough to guarantee that the behavior of ions in Earth's magnetic field is consistent with the model based on single-sheeted space-time. The idea that Earth's magnetic field consists of flux tubes of this thickness is attractive.

  2. One can consider also flux sheets which have thickness L(169)=5 μm (cell nucleus size is in the range 5-10 μm) and the total transversal length L(169+4 ×22)=L(257)=8 × 104 km, which corresponds to about 12 Earth radii. Strongly folded flux sheets of this thickness might be associated with living matter. The photon frequency corresponding to the wavelength L(257) is 3.75 Hz and characterizes theta band. This size scale could be assigned with the human magnetic body in the following manner.

    Suppose that the magnetic flux flows in head to tail direction so that the magnetic flux arrives to the human body through a layer of cortical neurons. Assume that the flux quantum is branched as it arrives cortex so that branches flow through the uppermost layer of neurons and that DNA of each neuronal nucleus in the uppermost neuron layer defines a transversal section for a branch of this kind. The total length of DNA in single human cell is about one meter. If the number of cortical neurons in single layer is about 8× 107 which corresponds roughly to an average neuron radius of 10-5 meters then the total length of DNA corresponds to the total width of flux quantum.

4. Dark Z0 magnetic fields and cognition

One can repeat the same arguments assuming that cells are high Tc super conductors in the sense discussed in the previous postings. TGD assigns the mysterious absorption lines at 27, 41, 50, 68 meV associated with high Tc superconductors with the transitions of "wormholy" Cooper pairs carrying boundary supra currents associated with tube like structures with radius of .2 μm. The boundary of this structure itself has 2-layered structure of total thickness L(151)= 10 nm of cell membrane ith layers having thickness L(149)=5 nm of lipid layer of cell membrane. These scales are characteristic axonal length scales but universal predictions of the model of high Tc superconductivity. These energies correspond expressed in Kelvin correspond 270, 410, 500, 680 Kelvins. By dividing with a factor 2.88 one obtains the temperatures for which 3-D black body radiation has maximum intensity for these frequencies. The energies are below thermal energies but not too much. For effectively 1 and 2-D systems the situation improves since there is no maximum and exponential damping of spectrum sets on at much lower energy.

Similar argument applies in the scale Lw=.2 μm for Z0 magnetic transitions with scale about 104 eV much above the thermal energy scale. The hierarchy of length scales is now Lw=.2 μm, .4 mm, .8 m,.... Lw=.4 mm, possibly characterizing mm sized cortical modules, corresponds roughly to a frequency scale 40/A Hz, A atomic weight. The thermal stability supports the earlier idea that Z0 force, dark neutrino superconductivity, ννbar wormhole contacts, and ZEG relate to cognition which must be thermally insulated whereas electromagnetic interactions would relate to sensory perception which could be highly sensitive even to temperature differences.

5. Strange behavior of cellular water and quantal ionic currents through cell membrane

The fact that cellular water does not leak out of cell in a centrifugal force suggests that some fraction of water inside cell is in different phase. One explanation is that the nuclei of water inside cell are in doubly dark phase whereas electrons are in singly dark phase (having Compton length of 5 nm and perhaps directly "visible" using day technology!) as indeed predicted by the model of high Tc superconductivity.

This conceptual framework could explain various findings challenging the notions of ionic pumps and channels discussed in more detail in the chapter Biosystems as Superconductors: Part II of "TGD Inspired Theory of Consciousness...." where also references can be found.

  1. The selectivity of the cell membrane implies that channels cannot be simple sieves and there must be complex information processing involved.
  2. The needed number of pumps specialized to particular ions is astronomical and the first question is where to put all these channels and pumps. On the other hand, if the cell constructs the pump or channel specialized to a given molecule only when needed, how does it know what the pump looks like if it has never seen the molecule? The needed metabolic energy to achieve all the pumping and channelling is huge. Strangely enough, pumping does not stop when cell metabolism stops.
  3. One can also wonder why the ionic currents through cell membrane look quantal and are same through cell membrane and silicon rubber membrane.
These observations suggest non-dissipative ionic currents and quantum self-organization. The TGD based explanation would be in terms of high Tc electronic and possibly also ionic superconductivity associated with cell membrane made possible by the large hbar phase for nuclei and electrons in the interior of cell. It however seems that thermal stability conditions allow only protonic Cooper pairs in the model of ionic Cooper pairs based on direct generalization of the model of high Tc electronic super conductivity.

6. How noble gases can act as anesthetes?

Chemically inert noble gases are known to act as anesthetes. Somehow these atoms affect neuronal membrane, probably reducing the nerve pulse activity. A possible explanation is in terms of anomalous weak isospin due to the charged color bonds inside nuclei of noble gas generated in the cellular environment. This bonds carry also em charge so that noble gas atom would behave like ion with nuclear charge Z+1 or Z-1. Also the long ranged color force and dark weak force with range Lw=.2 μm associated with noble gas nuclei in dark phase could be part of the solution of the mystery.

Matti Pitkänen


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