Saturday, December 10, 2005

How to write off-topic comment to Not-Even-Wrong

Peter Woit in Not-Even-Wrong has adopted a determined policy of keeping new ideas out of his discussion group by classifying any comment with a real content as out-of-topic. The basic criterion for on-topic comment is that it contains no original thought and repeats what some name has said somewhere.

It must be wonderful to be a little king of little own hill and enjoy these little emotionally rewarding censoring operations although this censorship sometimes gets humorous twists when all comments accidentally disappear and joy changes suddenly into panic;-). Below is the last comment censored out by Peter Woit. It was stimulated (inspired would be wrong word) by the never ending liturgy that there are absolutely no empirical facts serving as guidelines for quantum gravity theorists.

There of course are. The recent day physics is full of anomalies. Only the reductionistic dogmatism combined with the monumental arrogance, deep ignorance, and intellectual laziness of the modern theocracy of science can explain why these fellows are able to not see the anomalies staring directly at their face and blinking eye. But here is the comment (I am not responsible for the grammatical blunders of the text in the italics, they just reflect the general standards for on-topic comments).

Would that we could do experiments that probe quantum gravity. Since this question is not classified as off-topic I dare take the freedom to suggest my own answer. The answer depends what one believes quantum gravity to be. My personal view about the issue has developed quite a lot after I learned for a year ago about the evidence for Bohr orbit type quantization of planetary orbits with a gigantic value of Planck constant fixed by Equivalence Principle (the work of Nottale).

The outcome is a hypothesis about a hierarchy of phases of matter characterized by the values of Planck constant, the values of which are educatedly guessed. Arbitrarily large values are possible. The identification of dark matter as this kind of phase is natural. This changes completely the view about quantum gravity: dark matter quantum coherent in astrophysical length and time scales becomes the template for the formation of the patterns of the visible matter. The royal road to quantum gravity would start humbly from the roots just as in the case of QED. I do not of course expect that M-theory hegemony nor anyone believing on reductionistic dogma is willing to take this seriously for a long time (which is of course their problem, not mine).

Quantum biology is one of the most fascinating applications of the ideas related to the dark matter hierarchy at quantitative level. For reports about progress in this direction during last year see my blog and What's New-links to the four books at my homepage.

Matti Pitkanen

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