Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Homeopathy in many-sheeted space-time

The claimed mechanisms of homeopathic healing and the method of manufacturing homeopathic potencies are not the only paradoxical aspects of homeopathy. Also the reported frequency imprinting and entrainment, codes based on field patterns, and associative learning of water look mysterious in the framework of standard physics.

1. Frequency imprinting and entrainment

Frequency imprinting and entrainment at preferred frequencies are believed to be fundamental for homeopathy and acupuncture. The data suggest that water builds representations for the chemicals it contains as space-time sheets containing water in liquid crystal form. These space-time sheets reproduce relevant part for the spectrum of rotational frequencies of the molecule in rigid rotor approximation. Also the mimicry of vibrational spectrum using sound waves can be considered possible. Besides LC water blobs also magnetic mirrors consisting of magnetic flux tube plus parallel MEs pop up naturally in the original model of frequency imprinting and entrainment.

The basic objection is that if the space-time sheets are in thermal equilibrium, the scenario partially fails in the case of fundamentally important rotational and conformational spectra which are in microwave region. TGD however suggests that also inherently dark atoms identifiable as anyonic counterparts of ordinary atoms are possible and have the same energy spectrum as ordinary atoms, and that the notion of atom and molecule generalizes to what might be called N-atom/molecule having energy spectrum scaled up by a factor 1\leq N\leq λk, hbar (k)=λkhbar0. In this case various vibrational and rotational frequencies would define a hierarchy of dark energies which can be above thermal threshold. In particular, rotational and conformational microwave spectra of bio-molecules have dark counterparts with energies above the thermal threshold. Otherwise only cyclotron energies and plasma oscillation energies can be above thermal threshold at sufficiently high levels of dark matter hierarchy.

2. Scaling laws

Homeopathy seems to involve two kinds of scaling laws which seem to be closely related. What I call scaling law of homeopathy states that homeopathic frequencies appear in pairs (fh,fl) of high and low frequencies such that their ratio is given by fh/fl≈ 2× 1011. TGD approach explains this ratio predicts a generalization of the law. v=Lfl scaling law tells in TGD framework how the frequencies associated with generalized EEG code for the velocities of physiological waves and their frequencies fh= cfl/v. The general model for motor control by magnetic body predicts this scaling law.

3. Model for the homeopathy

The model of homeopathy must explain the effectiveness of homeopathic remedies manufactured by a repeated dilution and succussion. This can be understood if part of chemical involved is transformed to dark matter and is also represented by water clusters or dark super-nuclei formed from protons. This minimal representation involves thermally stable dark cyclotron frequencies. If inherently dark atoms and molecules with essentially same energy spectrum as ordinary ones are possible, also the mimicry of vibrational and rotational spectrum is possible by clusters of dark water molecules.

One must also understand why homeopathic remedies are manufactured from molecules which basically cause the symptoms to be cured. The explanation is that the presence of molecules mimicking the poisonous molecule makes it possible to sweep the poisonous molecules "under the rug" if they enter the organism. In the presence of Bose-Einstein condensates of dark photons generated by the mimicking particles, the poisonous molecules drop to dark space-time sheets where they are harmless: the mechanism is generalization of induced emission.

The model should also explain the associative learning and field codes. The presence of a hierarchy of dark matter levels leads to a model for how magnetic body performs motor control in terms of dark plasmoids and their quantal plasma oscillation patterns and receives sensory input from the biological body and experiences it as a kind of somatosensory representation along entire magnetic body. It would be the magnetic bodies at higher levels of dark matter hierarchy which learn rather than mere water. Context sensitive field codes emerge naturally as codes involved with all bio-control, in particular that of gene expression.

The charge entanglement by W MEs is the essentially new element in the model for generalized motor actions by magnetic body. Also the telepathic sharing of mental images could rely on charge entanglement. The reduction of charge entanglement can induce a quantum jump to a state in which local Bose-Einstein condensates become exotically ionized with certain probability depending on the intensity of W field. These Bose-Einstein condensates define pixels of generalized motor maps. Plasma oscillations in turn induce various physiological responses such as Ca++ and Mg++ waves and nerve pulses in turn giving rise to the generalized motor action. Field code is the correspondence between the spatio-temporal pattern of plasma oscillations and generalized motor action.

4. Some applications

The model of the magnetic body and the mechanism of motor control based on plasma oscillations of plasmoids can be tested by finding whether it allows to understand various enigmatic findings. Priore's machine which is a device demonstrated to induce a cure of cancer by somehow stimulating the immune system defines one such application. The findings of Sue Benford about intentionally produced tracks and dots in nuclear emulsions and microwave hearing and closely related taos hum define further applications. There is experimental evidence that electromagnetic stimulation can be used to transfer genetic information imprinted in field patterns between organisms belonging to different species. The idea about genes responsible for genetic self engineering and responding to field patterns representing foreign genes pops up naturally in dark matter inspired vision.

The general model for the magnetic body allows also to sharpen the model of remote mental interactions. In fact, these effects would be only a scaled-up exogenous versions of the effects appearing endogenously in cellular length scales and also in astrophysical length scales in communications between magnetic bodies and corresponding biological bodies.

For details see the revised chapter Homeopathy in Many-Sheeted Space-Time of "Genes, Memes, Qualia,...".

Matti Pitkanen

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