Sunday, March 26, 2006

Has ultrastrong gravitimagnetism been detected?

Physicists M. Tajmar and C. J. Matos and their collaborators working in ESA (European Satellite Agency) have made an amazing claim of having detected strong gravimagnetism with gravimagnetic field having a magnitude which is about 20 orders of magnitude higher than predicted by General Relativity (see the eprints gr-gc 060302 and gr-gc 060303 in If the findings are replicable they mean a revolution in the science of gravity and, as one might hope, force a long-waited serious reconsideration of the basic assumptions of the dominating super-string approach.

The theory behind the experiments was inspired by the observation that the electron mass deduced from the Thomson magnetic field associated with the rotating super-conductor was slightly higher than its real value although it should be smaller by the binding energy of Cooper pairs. The proposal of authors was that the presence of a gravimagnetic field implies via the Bohr quantization a slightly larger value of Thomson magnetic field in turn implying that the mass deduced from it is larger than the actual mass.

The proposed model explains the presence gravimagnetic field as a breaking of Equivalence Principle: effectively the gravimagnetic fields of superconducting and ordinary matter do no interfere. If this were the case the gravimagnetic field could only provide a description for coordinate forces in the rotating coordinate system. The TGD based interpretation is that these fields are at different space-time sheets and do not thus interfere.

The notion of induced gauge field implies extremely strong constraints between various classical gauge fields so that the presence of magnetic field in rotating super-conductors is expected to imply also the presence of gravimagnetic field. A simple model justifies this expectation. The immense value of the gravimagnetic field can be however understood only if dark matter space-time sheet corresponding to at least k=6th level of the hierarchy carries the gravimagnetic field. This corresponds to the value hbar= λk=6× hbar0≈ 1019×hbar0 for λ≈ 211. By the way, k=6 corresponds to a characteristic time scale of few days for long term memories in the model of long term memories relying on dark matter hierarchy.

The model predicts that the Compton length of ordinary graviphoton is about cell membrane thickness which is the fundamental scale predicted by TGD based model of high Tc superconductivity and order of magnitude for the size of Cooper pair. Graviphoton effective mass inside magnetic flux tubes could be simply due to the same effect as the effective photon mass inside wave cavity, that is due to the transversal zero point motion, and is around 100 eV and thus above thermal threshold at room temperature. The Compton length of dark graviphoton is much longer, of order 1011 meters and of order solar system size. The model gives also concrete grasp about the values of the vacuum parameters (frequency, wave vector, angular momentum) characterizing space-time sheets and also the imbeddings of Schwartshild metric. These almost topological quantum numbers mean the presence of new physics related to topological field quantization.

For more details see the chapter The Relationship Between TGD and GRT" of "Classical Physics in Many-Sheeted Space-Time".

Matti Pitkanen


At 4:52 AM, Anonymous Toomas Sildvee said...


Nice to see that You are alive and writing. Your theories give me lot of "headscratching"

What about russian P.P.Gariaev


Seems familiar...

I hope to get the time to read and understand all your writings.

Its just matter of time.


At 12:10 AM, Blogger Matti Pitkanen said...

Dear Toomas,

thank you for a comment and sorry for a slow response.

I have written about Gariaev's findings: phantom DNA and the biological effects of radio waves induced by the irradiation of DNA with laser beam. The general idea is that EEG has fractally scaled up and scaled down variants consisting of dark variants of photons having key role in quantum control of living matter. The radio waves induced in laser irradiation would represent several instances of this kind of scaled up EEGs and would be associated with magnetic flux quanta accompanying the multicoiled structure of chromosomes.

The chapter Bio-Systems as Conscious Holograms" of "TGD Universe as a Conscious Holgoram" should contain some material about this.

Best, Matti


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