Sunday, August 06, 2006

Quantum model for Priore's machine

Theoretician encounters sometimes inventions which work but seem to defy all attempts to understand them. Even more, it seems a complete mystery how the inventor has ended up with his device, unless one accepts the idea that the inventor was working under the guidance of some higher level conscious entities. Priore's machine demonstrated to heal cancer certainly belongs to this category. Although the biological effects of the Priore's device are described in high detail, the construction of the machine, which is very complicated, is described in a very sketchy manner (see U.S. Office of Naval Research Report on the Priore Machine, 16. August 1978 here). This makes it difficult to see what is essential and what is not.

During years I have used Priore's machine as a kind of testing tool for TGD based quantum model of living matter. The frustrating experience has been that I have not been able to understand the real function of Priore's machine although I have identified which many of the most essential pieces in the puzzle. The most recent view about quantization of Planck constant and about hierarchy of dark magnetic bodies using hierarchy of EEGs to control biological body and to receive information from it motivated take a new look on Priore's machine.

And then the flash came! I realized that the microwave radiation with frequency 9.4 GHz corresponds to the frequency of Josephson radiation at k=1 level of dark matter hierarchy defined by the hierarchy hbar= 2k11hbar0 forming the basis for the TGD based model for hierarchy of scaled variants of eEG. The corresponding energy turned out to be exactly the Josephson energy 80 meV associated with the cell membrane resting potential! Thus the function of microwave radiation could be regeneration of Josephson radiation essential for the generation of scaled up variant of EEG.

The basic function of Priore's machine is to artificially regenerate a level in the control hierarchy involving scaled variants of EEG, which is not present in the cancer tissue so that quantum bio-control fails. Priore's machine would do a lot of things.

  1. Priore's machine would create the magnetic body corresponding to this level, it would creat also the rotating plasmoids responsible for realization of quantum control and carrying magnetic fields with strengths 612 Gauss and 1224 Gauss used by Priore's machine, and also regenerate the scaled up variant of cell membrane with size scaled up by a factor n=211 characterizing the corresponding Planck constant hbar=2k11hbar0, k=1.

  2. Priore's machine would establish scaled up variant of EEG including the needed cyclotron radiation and Josephson radiation, stimulate plasma wave patterns by microwave radiation at plasma frequency, and perhaps also generate temporal codewords representing control commands of the immune system by modulating microwave radiation.

  3. Priore's machine would also provide the metabolic energy needed to achieve all this. In particular the highly energetic electrons and X rays with energies up to 300 keV would be needed to give for electrons their high cyclotron energies measured in tens of keV:s. Electrons could be also kicked to space-time sheets with sub-atomic size scale and their dropping would provide metabolic energy quanta up to 258 keV for k=131 space-time sheet.

The constraint that the generalized EEG is precisely scaled up version of the ordinary EEG fixes the model for the function of the Priore's machine essentially completely.

The chapter Homeopathy in Many-Sheeted Space-Time of "Universe as a Conscious Hologram" contains the model for Priore's machine.


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