Sunday, September 17, 2006

Wormhole contacts, Higgs, photon massivation, and coherent states of Cooper pairs

The existence of wormhole contacts have been one of the most exotic predictions of TGD. The realization that wormhole contacts can be regarded as parton-antiparton pairs with parton and antiparton assignable to the light-like causal horizons accompanying wormhole contacts, and that Higgs particle corresponds to wormhole contact, opens the doors for more concrete models of also super-conductivity involving massivation of photons.

The formation of a coherent state of wormhole contacts would be the counterpart for the vacuum expectation value of Higgs. The notions of coherent states of Cooper pairs and of charged Higgs challenge the conservation of electromagnetic charge. The following argument however suggests that coherent states of wormhole contacts form only a part of the description of ordinary super-conductivity. The basic observation is that wormhole contacts with vanishing fermion number define space-time correlates for Higgs type particle with fermion and antifermion numbers at light-like throats of the contact.

The ideas that a genuine Higgs type photon massivation is involved with super-conductivity and that coherent states of Cooper pairs really make sense are somewhat questionable since the conservation of charge and fermion number is lost. A further questionable feature is that a quantum superposition of many-particle states with widely different masses would be in question. The interpretational problems could be resolved elegantly in zero energy ontology in which the total conserved quantum numbers of quantum state are vanishing. In this picture the energy, fermion number, and total charge of any positive energy state are compensated by opposite quantum numbers of the negative energy state in geometric future. This makes possible to speak about superpositions of Cooper pairs and charged Higgs bosons separately in positive energy sector.

Rather remarkably, if this picture is taken seriously, super-conductivity can be seen as providing a direct support for both the hierarchy of scaled variants of standard model physics and for the zero energy ontology.

The chapter Super-Conductivity in Many-Sheeted Space-Time of "p-Adic Length Scale Hypothesis and Dark Matter Hierarchy" contains the updated version of the model.


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