Monday, July 23, 2007

Matter-antimatter asymmetry and cosmic strings

Despite the huge amount of work done during last decades (during the GUT era the problem was regarded as being solved!) matter-antimatter asymmetry remains still an unresolved problem of cosmology. A possible resolution of the problem is matter-antimatter asymmetry in the sense that cosmic strings (in TGD sense and understood as string like objects) contain antimatter and their exteriors matter. The challenge would be to understand the mechanism generating this asymmetry. The vanishing of net gauge charges of cosmic string allows this symmetry since electro-weak charges of quarks and leptons can cancel each other.

The challenge is to identify the mechanism inducing the CP breaking necessary for the matter-antimatter asymmetry. Quite a small CP breaking inside cosmic strings would be enough. The key observation is that only small deformations of vacuum extremals to non-vacua are physically acceptable. The simplest deformation of this kind would induce a radial Kähler electric field and thus a small Kähler electric charge inside cosmic string. This in turn would induce CP breaking inside cosmic string inducing matter antimatter asymmetry by the minimization of ground state energy. Conservation of Kähler charge in turn would induce asymmetry outside cosmic string and the annihilation of matter and antimatter would then lead to a situation in which there is only matter.

For background see the updated chapter The Relationship Between TGD and GRT of "Classical Physics in Many-Sheeted Space-Time".


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