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Local sidereal time, geomagnetic fluctuations, and remote mental interactions

The notion of magnetic body has become a key concept TGD inspired qantum biology and it is nice to see how this notion gradually receives support both from the understanding of the mysteries of biology and at the same time becomes more and more concrete. It is also nice that there is no need to reject paranormal phenomena from TGD based world view: as a matter fact, magnetic body is key player also in the understanding of these phenomena.

The article of J. Spottiswoode (2002), Geomagnetic fluctuations and free response anomalous cognition: a new understanding, submitted to the Journal of Parapsychology discusses two strange findings about remote mental interactions.

The findings

  1. There is a statistical tendency of the anomalous cognition (AC includes telepathy, clairvoyance, and precognition) performance to concentrate in a 2 hour period around 13.30 of the local sidereal time (ST), which is the time measured using as a reference distant stars and thus running at a slightly different rate than the solar time: the lag is DT = 24/365 hours ~ 3.7 minutes during 24 hours.

  2. The anticorrelation between the level of geomagnetic fluctuations and AC performance has also a maximum during 2-hour period around ~ 13.30 ST.

The fact that AC performance is associated with the same sidereal hour suggests the identification of the galactic magnetosphere as a conscious involved with remote cognition. For interstellar and galactic magnetic fields cyclotron time scales correspond to the time scales of human consciousness so that also these magnetic flux quanta could receive sensory input from biosphere and control it.

The so called ap index measures the intensity of the fluctuations of the Earth's magnetic field. If the magnetosphere is a conscious entity, ap index can be interpreted as a measure for the level of arousal of the magnetospheric mind. The negative correlation between ap and AC performance tells that AC is most probable, when the magnetosphere is in a "calm state of mind". This is natural since only in this kind of situation the noise masks minimally the signals from the galactic magnetosphere.

The local magnetic noise produced by the modern high tech environment is much stronger than the geomagnetic noise but this does not matter. If artificial magnetic fields correspond to kem=0 level of the dark matter hierarchy, they have no effect on higher levels of dark matter hierarchy.

The obvious question is why the anticorrelation between anomalous cognition effect size and ap index is highest at 13.30 ST? What this finding means that a particular portion of the sky defined by a definite longitude is above the head of a successful anomalous cognizer independently of the time of year. Thus there should be something special in a direction at this longitude.

The explanation of findings

The simplest explanation for these findings goes as follows.

  1. Suppose that there is a higher level conscious entity at the direction 13.30 ST at the galactic magnetic body such that various cyclotron frequencies involved with the communications with this entity correspond to a typical time scale of the anomalous cognition. This conscious entity could have size of galaxy or it could correspond to a flux tube of galactic magnetic body using the cognizer and target as sensory receptors and motor instruments just as our magnetic body might use neurons of our brain or our body parts.

  2. Anomalous cognition could involve positive and negative energy signals to this magnetic body and back so that essentially instantaneous AC events would be possible.

  3. The information transfer between two kinds of flux tubes is made possible by the topological condensation of the flux tubes of BE or its dark variant at those of the galactic magnetic field or its dark variant and would be maximal when both are nearly vertical. Also geomagnetic noise would be transferred via wormhole contacts to the flux tubes of the galactic magnetic field and perturb these communications. Both AC and its anticorrelation with geomagnetic noise would be maximal when the flux tubes of of magnetic fields in question are approximately parallel. Since the flux tubes of BE are approximately vertical, this the case when the galactic center is directly above the head. This would explain the special value of sidereal time. One can say that the magnetic flux tubes of the interstellar magnetic field define kind of cosmic umbilic cord which might serve as a correlate for the tunnel experience associated with NDEs.

  4. If signals to geometric past and back (both are possible in zero energy ontology replacing standard positive energy ontology in the formulation of quantum TGD) are involved the time and length scales would measured using 105 years as unit. The signals themselves would be coded using frequencies characterizing time scales of neural consciousness as kinds of ripples to the very slowly oscillating background signal just as perturbations due to nerve pulses interfere with EEG rhythms. Since remote psychokinesis and anomalous cognition should rely on the same mechanism, the first guess for the time scale involved with these signals is as the time lag of 13 to 17 seconds involved with the remote realization of intentions by Qigong masters : the interpretation as a typical duration of charge entanglement was already proposed. It would not be surprising if the time scale of entanglement would determine also the scale of cyclotron frequencies. This would mean the importance of the frequencies in the range .06 to .08 Hz for anomalous cognition.

For details see the chapter Bio-Systems as Conscious Holograms of the book with the same title.


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