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Crying and screaming cells and magnetic bodies expressing their emotions

By using nanotechnological methods James Gimzewski [3], his student Andrew Pelling and collaborators discovered that the cell walls of bacterium Saccharomyces cerevisiae perform periodic motion with amplitude about 3 nm in the frequency range .8-1.6 kHz (one octave) [2]. Or more concretely, bacteria produce sounds audible to humans with average frequency of 1 kHz in a range of one octave. The frequency has strong temperature dependence, which suggests a metabolic mechanism. From the temperature dependence one deduces the activation energy to be 58 kJ/mol, which is consistent with the cell's metabolism involving molecular motors such as kinesin, dynein, and myosin. The magnitude of the forces observed (10 nN) suggests concerted nanomechanical activity is operative in the cell.

From less formal popular articles [4] one can learn that it is difficult to avoid the impression that intelligent communication is in question. Dying cells produce a characteristic screaming sound. One can also distinguish between normal cells and cancel cells on basis of the sound they produces as well as between mammalian and bacterial cells.

What might be the explanation of these findings in TGD framework?

  1. It is known that the region of frequencies audible to human ear is from about 20 Hz to 2×104 Hz. This is more or less same as the range of frequency range of sferics, the em noise in atmosphere [5]. This suggests a strong coupling between electromagnetic oscillations and sound as also the fact that biological structures are piezo-electrets transforming em oscillations to sounds and vice versa.

  2. The activation energy per mole corresponds to .6 eV per molecule which is at the upper range for the variation range the energy associated with the fundamental metabolic energy quantum identified as the change of zero point kinetic as proton is transferred from atomic space-time sheet to much larger space-time sheet or vice versa.That metabolic energy is needed to produce the sounds supports the view that the sounds are produced intentionally.

  3. If one takes seriously the notion of magnetic body as intentional agent controlling biological body [1], one is led to ask which must sound a totally crazy question in reductionistic ears: could magnetic body express its emotions in terms of frequencies of cyclotron transitions transformed to sound via genetic expression using piezo-electric mechanism? Could it be that the photons involved are dark photons with large value of Planck constant so that their energy is above thermal energy. Could one ask a materialistic scientist to consider anything more irritating that singing and crying magnetic bodies!

  4. Suppose that the homeopathic mechanism is based on replication of pseudomolecules with same magnetic body as that of solvent molecules and that neutral dark nuclear strings realize analogs of DNA, RNA, and aminoacids and realizing genetic code exactly in its vertebrate nuclear form and appearing also in the TGD based model of cold fusion and biological transmutations. If so, then homeopathic mechanism (recognition of molecules) could involve also the transformation of cyclotron radiation to sound at the level of "biological bodies" of molecules.

  5. If this picture makes sense then also our speech as a self expression of the magnetic body might involve genetic code mapping sequences of DNA codons to temporal patterns of cyclotron radiation in turn transformed to speech by above mechanism. This would require a realization of genetic code at level of dark matter: could it be that dark nuclear code could define universal quantum level realization of language? The findings of Peter Gariaev and others and structural resemblance of intronic portion of genome with language and their report that DNA sequences are coded to temporal patterns of the rotation angle of the polarization of laser light (in turn inducing genetic expression).


[1] The chapter The Notion of Wave-Genome and DNA as Topological Quantum Computer of "Genes and Memes".

[2] Pelling et al (2004), Local Nanomechanical Motion of the Cell Wall of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Science 20 August: Vol. 305. no. 5687, pp. 1147 - 1150.
[] [3] James Gimzewski.
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Fore more details the chapter The Notion of Wave-Genome and DNA as Topological Quantum Computer of "Genes and Memes" and the chapter Homeopathy in Many-Sheeted Space-time of "Bio-Systems as Conscious Holograms".


At 3:44 PM, Blogger Ulla said...

You are wonderful. Amazing, a phenomenon. Of course cells are "screaming", using other frequencies than for normal organization. That said already Candace Pert in her "Molecules of Emotions". She has by the way wrote another book now. It is a must to read it.

What is ordinary organization at cell-level if not frequencies of different kinds? It could be sound or light. Sounds are used by the nerves according to the new soliton-model, and light is used by the meridians and acupunctures. That´s the way the body are synchronized. It ought to be by very low frequencies.

But the magnetic body? I had never thought of that possibility. The magnetic field is known to induce frequencies in the body. And emotions? That´s wonderful. Precisely what therapists have always said. But what will control the magnetic body? The electrochemical state in your biological body? Surroundings? Consciousness-level? Memories and thoughts? And emotions?

You think it´s the proton (H+) which is responsible for this? Or the acid level. But wouldn´t that require too much energy? But it would give the proton a fairly good reason to be chased around in the body all the time.

I know almost nothing about dark photons, dark energy genetic codes etc. Sounds rather funny :-).

All good things begin with a crazy idea. The world as we know it today is not the real one. Big changes are to come in our understandings of it. We soon laugh at our naive picture last century. That´s almost sure.

At 9:44 PM, Blogger Matti Pitkanen said...

The frequency range is actually in audible-to-us range so that crying cells is much more than a metaphor. kHz frequency of syncrhonous firing of neurons is the average frequency. Maybe neurons are talking to each other and singing in unisono.

I see magnetic body with fractal onionlike structure as an intentional agent using biological body basically as a motor instrument and sensory receptor.

Exactly what dark matter particles are involved remains open.

*The transfer of protons and also electrons between different space-time-sheets would be responsible for a hierarchy of metabolic quanta.

*Magnetic bodies would contain not only these but dark, possibly exotic variants (large hbar) of all biologically relevant ions.

*"Exotic" means that color bonds binding nucleons to nuclear strings can be also charged. What is important that exotic nuclei can be bosons but behave chemically as normal nuclei: for instance, Na+,K+,Cl_- would have bosonic variants forming Bose-Einstein condensates. In an earlier posting I proposed an explanation for the yearly variations of nuclear decay rates correlating with the distance to Sun in terms of exotic nuclei. X rays from Sun would excite ordinary nuclei to exotic states having different decay rates. The proposal is immediately testable by X-ray irradiation of nuclei and could mean a birth of a new branch of nuclear physic: X-ray nuclear physics or something more sexy? There is already evidence that solar flares (involving X-rays) affect nuclear decay rates.

*In another earlier posting I told about that neutral dark exotic baryons (large hbar allows them to be much larger than ordinary nuclei) are in 1-1 correspondene with DNA, RNA, and aminoacids and provide an exact representation of vertebrate genetic code. Dark nuclear strings made of these exotic baryons would provide counterparts for DNA, etc. sequences. The exotic lifeforms would make possible virtual world representation of corresponding bio-molecules and also active evolution of genome by direct experimentation at virtual world level: the basic mechanism of homeopathy and reversal of phantom DNA effect would make possible the transcription of virtual world DNAs to actual ones in germ cells.

Dark worlds are waiting for experimental discovery and TGD predicts how to make this world visible. Dark particles do not appear in the same vertex of Feyman graphs with ordinary particles but interact via particle (say photon-) exchanges and with the mediation of classical fields. It would be possible to photograph dark matter (Gariaev might have already done this, see earlier posting) and even manipulate it.

The problem is the stubborn sticking to materialistic and reductionistic dogmas which during last there decades has led to a dead end in theoretical particle physics. The same dead philosophy is behind market economy dogmatism which has led to the implosion of markets in global scale. Sadly, by looking at physics blogs, one can learn that this philosophy is still equated with a prerequisite of good science.

At 2:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you read Terence Mackenna's
"Quantum Resonance in the Synaptic Field"
I think it has something to do with your comments.

At 6:29 AM, Blogger Matti Pitkanen said...

To Anonymous: I haven't read the book although I am familiar with Kenna's ideas.

In fact, I regard his contributions at the time (around 1980, Esalem) much more to the point than the later contributions as far as quantum nature of consciousness is considered. The reason is that he does not try to force consciousness to the existing wave mechanical or quantum field theoretical frameworks which are quite too simplistic to describe consciousness and doomed to fail since their formalism is based on existing dogmas which one must get rid of to make progress.

At 12:53 PM, Blogger Ulla said...

Materialists have serious problems with consciousness,says Eccles. And I agree. The problem as I see it, doesn´t lie in the synapse, although it is one of the things not easily solved. If you lay the problem in the synapse, you say also that consciousness is an internal problem in the body. The only thing you have to do to see that this assumption is wrong is looking at EEG. It can´t be solved only by internal explanations. Also the environment is important.

You internalize the environment via your senses, but also via your thoughts, intentions, dreams, memories, imaginations, emotions, feelings, creative thinking...

The problem here is f.ex.- how does an intention ewoke an impulse in the nervous system? We already know that thoughts (Damasio) and dreams (Jung) ewoke these peaks. What is a dream? It contains lots of emotions mostly, emotions from where? Memories? What exactly is a memory? It can´t be in the synapse forever, only temporarly. The answer is simply - we don´t know.

What do we know? That those scientists who have dared to ask these questions are ridiculed and deprived of their future too often. Why?

Rupert Sheldrake is one of them. He asked the question - if you stare at someones neck, then the person will notice it? We have perhaps all of us noticed this, but how should it be studied? Do the consciousness of the objects matter? Do your thoughts, learnings and attitudes matter? Svennevig has shown in her thesis that consciousness does matter at least when we talk about therapeutics. A low degree of self-consciousness means bad recovery.

Sheldrake studied dogs. Do they have low consciousness? I´m not so sure. What is consciousness? At least it is sure it is not inherent in brain cortex. From where does consciousness come? Is it possible it may come from outside the body? F.ex. as an intention?

I remember I have read far ago about kirlian studies. And they studied how your intentions gave interactions in a leave of a flower. The reaction was different if you meant to burn the leave than if you meant to water the plant. I have also read about plants screaming of thirst. And if a bug comes with the intention to eat the plant it also screams as a warning to the other plants so they can start manufacturing insecticides. A kind of synchronization. Unfortunately I have no references to this now.

If an intention ewokes an impulse, then by which means? And here is a magnetic body a rather good solution, I think. As in kirlian and homeopatics. But it is a delicate problem. Are there other solutions?

Svennevig H. 2003: Therapies of well-being. The use of touch-based therapies as tools of increasing well-being and understanding the self. Tampere university. Dissertation.

At 11:07 PM, Blogger Matti Pitkanen said...

I find it difficult to understand that the majority of scientists still thinks that intentional action cannot affect gene expression! By raising your hand and recording the gene expression involved with the process one can see how nonsensical this belief is. The power of dogma is incredible.

My own model for intentional action involves negative energy signals to geometric past (phase conjugate laser light). The recent picture relies on the formulation of TGD inspired theory of consciousness within the framework provided by zero energy ontology (see this), which explains the basic mysteries related to the notion of time.

In principle this mechanism allows instantaneous reaction in a changing situation. Libet's finding that neural activities precede conscious decision (with respect to geometric time) provides direct evidence for this mechanism. Note that this means that also gene expression can begin before the conscious decision with respect to geometric time.


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