Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Duetting guitarist's brains fire to the same beat

Just a link to a page reporting the finding that duetting guitarist's brains fire to the same beat.

This finding supports TGD based on the notion of collective levels of consciousness predicting coherent gene expression at the level of population and syncronization of EEGs. I have suggested that it might be a good idea to test this prediction. Of course, no one has taken this seriously but this accidental discovery does the job!

For TGD inspired theory of consciousness and quantum biology see my homepage.


Anonymous said...

Thank You for that. Ulla.

Anonymous said...

This seems to support the hundredth monkey phenomenon.

I would love to see a global scale experiment. The free hugs movement seemed to have had profound effects and was quashed due to the effects it was having. Id argue that much more profound effects could be achieved with better synchronization. Imagine a web consortium of linked webpages in various time zones set up to coordinate the recitation of a poem or something of that fasion on a given day/hour/min. Assume its set up months in advance and spread via youtube and google video, linked to the websites for the respective zones. I imagine millions could easily be coodinated for the event. I immagine that something something physical may need to be included or at least something that would manifest the same emmotional response globaly to trancend the language barrier that might complicate the synchronization otherwise.

I wonder
Steve D.

Santeri Satama said...

The acute global scale experiment by default falls into the realm of philosophy of science often called "critical theory", meaning participatory and ethical ("holistic" or "hologrammic")) science instead of merely objective science describing the imagined "world out there" (- excluding the describer).

The experiment for the critical theory in this global crisis of Wiley E. Coyote running of the cliff into overshoot is, will or should naturally be retouching the ground with as little hurting as possible. And then perhaps avoiding the sure-to-fail experiment of next overshoot and staying grounded.

Anonymous said...

very interesting!!!

I guess this experiment is very close or as close as it can come to the idea of synchronization...

Effects of Group Practice of the Transcendental Meditation Program on Preventing Violent Crime in Washington, DC: Results of the National Demonstration Project, June-July 1993
John S. Hagelin, Maxwell V. Rainforth, David W. Orme-Johnson, Kenneth L. Cavanaugh, Charles N. Alexander, Susan F. Shatkin, John L. Davies, Anne O. Hughes, and Emanuel Ross

This study presents the final results of a two-month prospective experiment to reduce violent crime in Washington, DC.