Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Is CDF anomaly real or not?

Tommaso Dorigo told about in this posting DZERO refutes CDF’s multimuon signal… Or does it ? about refutation of dimuons signal reported by CDF collaboration and took a critical attitude towards the claim of D0 collaboration.

Lubos in turn wrote a highly emotional posting D0 debunks the lepton jets of CDF. The problem of Lubos is that he cannot avoid strong negative emotions which spoil his ability to make rational judgements. At this time the highly emotional tone was probably because Tommaso demonstrated in the debate raised by CDF finding that Lubos was simply wrong in his strongly ad hominem argument challenging the professional skills of CDF collaboration. Some people do not seem to learn that scientific debate is not a bloody rhetoric battle but exchange of ideas meant to gain new understanding.

If the findings of CDF were true they would provide a support for the prediction of TGD made already 1990 that leptons have color excitations. There is evidence for the color excitations of electron already from seventies but they have been put under the rug since standard model does not allow them: for instance, intermediate gauge boson decay widths do not allow new light particles in the conceptual framework of standard model. For year ago also evidence for excitations of muons emerged and CDF giving support for colored excitations of tau lepton was the last link in the chain. I refer to earlier postings such as this.

I take the results of CDF seriously, not as an experimentalist, but because the findings fit nicely a much more general predicted pattern having independent support from several anomalies. Basic findings of brain science is that we perceive what our world model allows us to perceive and the history of science is a documentary about this. Even most obvious facts are denied if they are in conflict with beliefs. Let us however hope that the finding of CDF will not suffer the fate of other similar anomalies and that more testing will be carried out.

For details and background see the updated chapter The recent status of leptohadron physics of "p-Adic Length Scale Hypothesis and Dark Matter Hierarchy".


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