Friday, September 04, 2009

Videos about TGD

I have at my home page videos summarizing both the basic ideas of TGD and the visions behind quantum TGD. My intention is to build a kind of video library about TGD gradually.

The motivations for seeing this trouble are two-fold. The amount of material at my home page is so enormous that many a visitor might leave it in despair. These short information bursts containing only the essentials (because of my laziness!;-)) might help to build an overall view.

There are also selfish motivations. Talking and explaining is very important for anyone making research. For reasons which I do not want to go here, this has not been possible for me. The preparing of the videos help in this respect. This talking to web camera also feeds the theory literally into the spine and allows easier identification of inconsistencies in texts and even some new idea can pop up now and then. I hope my broken English is not an insurmountable difficulty.

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