Monday, January 04, 2010

A New Year Gift

TGD is now a very precisely formulated mathematical theory making testable physical predictions: consider as an example only predictions for LHC described in one of the earlier postings. Experimental support from various anomalies is accumulating steadily. The last example was the finding of Martin Grusenick providing additional evidence for the deviations of gravitation in the nearby regions of massive objects from those of Einstein's and Newton's theories. TGD explains the deviation and the explanation led to a further understanding concerning the interpretation of quantum TGD. I had excellent reasons for writing a summary about the developments taken place in TGD during the last year.

I had to give up this plan for a very practical reason. First some background. Virus terror has become more and more painful nuisance during years. Two years ago a friend of friend who is a computer professional saved the situation and also found that there is a computer in Helsinki region bombarding my IP address very intensively. Difficulties began again for about year ago. Only a half year ago I had to stop MATLAB calculations when the program went simply mad. This was the first time when my invisible enemy really forced me to give up a project.

Terror has had also other forms. I am continually updating the .tex files associated with the chapters of the 15 online books at my home page. One especially nasty form of terror has been the replacement of updated tex files with old versions: a very effective manner to destroy my credibility! That this happens is revealed by the fact that I have done some updatings during years such as the replacement of manual lists with automatic ones. Suddenly the file is from the time before the operation (even two years in past!) or from the period of updating so that latex translation stops to an error situation when '\end{enumerate}' or something like that which must be added during updating manually is lacking. There has been also a continual cat and mouse game with files. pdf files mysteriously disappear or the names of tex files are permuted.

The endless testing and comparison to see whether the file at home page is what it is meant to be is alone a horrible stressor. I suffer a blood pressure disease and I must tell that this continual terror has become a real life danger (I tell this with a tiny childish hope that the persons behind this activity might read this, might not be total psychopaths, and might feel mercy towards the poor old man).

In New Year Day my invisible enemy managed to make a real breakthough. Difficulties began at Friday and situation became gradually worse. First WinEdt failed to compile tex to pdf. It took two days to find a solution to the problem. Later it became also impossible to print the pdf files and load them from web. I reinstalled WinEdt, MikTex, Adobe Reader. No help. I changed the firewall program to Norton and learned that many of the program folders of the earlier firewall program were empty. After the re-installation the problems seemed to absent. But the happiness did not last longer than one hour.

Yesterday I learned about Free Registry Fix a program that finds and fixes damaged registers. It found roughly 1000 of them and I thought that the situation was cured. As I sat at the computer this morning I found that problems had returned. I run Free Registry Fix for 4 times under various conditions and found that same number (about hundred) damaged registers appears during the run as is found by it so that the situation is hopeless. From this experiment I can however firmly conclude that the virus damages registers always when computer is on irrespective of whether there are net connections. Virus is tailor made as I have suspected from the beginning. Good to know that I am definitely not a paranoid!

Who could be behind this terror? Ordinary firewall programs detect nothing and the activity is so precisely directed to prevent my work with TGD that a random hacker is probably not in question. A computer professional receiving his salary from computerized violence is a more plausible guess. I have no infrastructure supporting me so that I am an easy prey. I have only some friends who try to help. At this moment the change the operating system to Mac seems to be the only hope to get over the situation. This however costs and I have no money! And I do not of course know how long it takes for my enemy to find his way to the operating system of Mac.

A computer professional tailoring the needed viruses probably takes this only as a interesting programming challenge. The question is who could have the motivation for hiring him. I have been for 32 years a victim of academic terror based on the misuse of academic authority and the question is what could serve as the motivation for initiating a much more concrete terror making my working conditions completely intolerable. What could have induced this last step?

The situation in theoretical physics has become extremely critical. No colleague in his right mind can deny that TGD satisfies the basic criteria for a respectable candidate for a unified theory. Everyone also knows the sad situation of super string models and M-theory - basically the outcome of the silencing of the bottleneck idea that served as the starting point of TGD for 32 years ago and published already around 1982, two years before the super string revolution. It is only a matter of time when the breakthrough of TGD comes since no one can fight endlessly against experimental facts. From the point of view of big audience the breakthrough would be not only a sensation but also a scandal. The treatment that I have received in Finland during these decades is simply something totally incredible taking into account that Finland is a country where cannibalism is criminalized and literacy per cent is quite high. The breakthrough can be postponed by a censorship and blackmailing and trying to make my working conditions completely intolerable. And I would not be totally surprised if some of the fellow human beings with common interests (inducing this little nasty green feeling) would want just a revenge.

So: who is the payer? I do not propose any answer. I just tell what happens and the possible motivations. Reader can use his own heart and brains and facts about the history of science. Also hints for how to get over the hopeless looking situation are well-come.


At 3:23 AM, Blogger janne said...

You should contact the police, maybe Lex Nokia is good for something after all.

Anyway MATLAB can easily choke on it's own memory management mess, especially if you run it on Windows.

At 7:19 AM, Blogger Ulla said...

I am a victim of a hacker too, for some reasons. It came through my mailing list in dec. When I talked to a friend I got a mail in her name, so I opened it up. So easily:-) According to the letter I should be in Malaysia without money, and needed immediate support, money. Then I could just look when those letters run out in my name. Disgusting.

I didn't get lost of the virus, so I had to reinstall my windows and change my adress. It was not in my computer, but in my port. Looks like yours is in the computer.

I really hope it is not the same virus. Do not sound so. Maybe it is a worm? Try to empty your cache.

This explains my feelings of 'high dissipation', when I think of you. No capacity at all to work. It is not my fault. I beg the angels will care for you and the white light shelter you. What else can I do?

I suppose this letter is a preying, a sending of negative energy. The answer will come, but then you must be capable to open up and recieve the answer too. You must accept gifts. You know that, of course you know that. It is written in TGD.

The self is unentangled, isn't it? So you can receive gifts, and still be the same. You receive no debt. Only a gift. The debt is to the Universe. Or God.

Perhaps this is a way of 'him' to say that the popular book should be written:-) That it is important.

At 2:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I've enjoyed reading among your comments and pdf's that I have successfully downloaded and would like to suggest a connection with Rupert Sheldrake formerly of Cambridge, currently Director of the Perrott-Warrick project, who also investigates biological organization and consciousness in terms of formative fields, the theoretical characterization of which he is seeking from others such as yourself. Perhaps he can provide resources more secure and isolated from interference in future.

At 2:08 AM, Blogger Matti Pitkanen said...

To Janne,

you might be right about instability of MATLAB in Windows. I have been trying to invent "rational" explanations for the damage of registers. The only one that I can think of is that the rotating computer disk could be damaged by some kind of resonance so that the bits in registers are gradually changed. This does not explain the earlier similar catastrophe.

To Anonymous. Thank you for a suggestion. I think highly about the work of Rupert Sheldrake. He is one of the individuals showing the path to new science of life. I am however quite too shy to contact anyone with name;-).

I would not need much. Just a minimum income and computer and freedom to work without virus terror and the active attempts of the society to force me to stop working (I told previously about the attempt of employment office to "activate" me by forcing me to waste my time doing something totally unrelated to my work). It is ironic that human kind cannot afford this ridiculously small sum of money and at the same time many people swim in money.

To Ulla. Certainly this is not any standard virus. The usual firewall programs are not able to identify it. Many people have repeatedly told that it would be safer to use Mac but I have been too lazy. The time is ripe now. I try my best stay calm and to take this as a winter vacation;-).

At 2:51 AM, Blogger Ulla said...

You are not that shy. Not any more. Of course you can take contact. Or can someone else do it for you? I'll try with Tiller.

My suggestion: Take the vacation as a time to write the book:-) Videos are good, but I don't believe in them.
You see, I'm stubborn too:-)

At 8:14 AM, Blogger Matti Pitkanen said...

Still a comment to Janne. I take the hat of skeptic and try to prove that I am a paranoid and the world is quite a nice place apart from harmful effects caused by spontaneous magnetization;-).

1. About difficulties with MATLAB

Buffer overflow could explain the difficulties with MATLAB when calculations are extensive and also the difficulties with WinEdt when the number of the files is large.

In the recent situation however the number of files was not large and registers are damaged even when no applications are on.

2. Saturation in the number of damaged registers

I found that there is saturation in the number of damaged registers. The new damaged sectors appear rapidly, during the run of Free Registry Fix. For instance, the number of damaged registers in ActiveX,OLE,COM is 120 or 121 and appear always in the end of the run. A longer period is required to increase this number.

This suggests that for some reason the program does not actually fix the registers! Why this could be so?

3. Spontaneous magnetization as explanation?

Bits inside registers correspond to magnetized regions. Maybe for some reason a larger block with magnetization in a fixed region forms so that bits are in the same direction.

What could then cause this kind of spontaneous magnetization tendency for bits? If a critical number of bits is in the same direction with too strong a magnetization then all turn in the same direction just as atom sized magnets turn in spontaneous magnetization. Is this the explanation?

What could have increased the strength of magnetization of the bits in these regions of hard disk in this unhappy New Year's Day or Night?

If this explains the difficulties I must conclude that I am a paranoid after all;-) and the world is not quite so horrible place as it sometimes looks like!

At 5:40 PM, Blogger Matti Pitkanen said...

Still a note. The spontaneous magnetization explanation of the register damage might make sense.

Weather became very cold around new year. My computer is near window and this place is quite cool now. Lower temperature increases magnetization strength and this in turn could cause with a higher probability spontaneous magnetization for bits in some regions of the hard disk.

I also learned from Wikipedia that low temperature leads to hard disk problems contrary to the naive expectation that higher temperature causes this.

At 7:45 PM, Blogger janne said...

I think the drives are build to handle these sort of problems associated with magnetization. Maybe the drive is starting to give in, who knows. It could also be that your memory modules are dying, that could explain the problems with the registry. This stuff isn't built to last. Windows installs just go sour with time too.

At 8:21 PM, Blogger Viorel said...


I don't trust Free Registry Fix - most of the comments at report it as a scam, that basically makes up "damaged registers" and "fixes" them. I've encountered similar programs a while ago, so this one may be just another clone. Please try to save your work on a USB stick or an external hard disk - maybe your internal hard drive is aging (I think I read somewhere that after 5 years of use you should be ready to change it). Good luck!

At 12:08 AM, Blogger Matti Pitkanen said...

Thank you Viorel. You might be right.

First of all, this program should have been free. I however told that the free version cannot fix more than 100 registers! Very strange. An extended version (which turned out to have exactly the same length!) can do more! In the desperate situation I saw no other choice than to pay the 20 euros! It is sad that one cannot trust anyone.

The disk is only two years old Hitachi and should be in a good shape. Maybe I am a victim of virus after all.

At 2:50 PM, Blogger Santeri Satama said...

Dear Matti,

Rupert Sheldrake has been made aware of your work long time ago and he has been responsive and interested, but like most of us also Rupert lacks the scientific expertice in contemporary physical jargon to fully understand and appreciate your work. So in tune with Ulla perhaps you could find some time to present your theory in laymannish enough for at least Rupert to be able to understand it better? But by all means, first contact Rupert personally and have an email dialogue with him, I'm sure he won't mind, au contraire! :)

At 10:53 PM, Blogger Matti Pitkanen said...

I must think of it.

I have spent last weeks with activities having not very much to do with the science. New Windows 7 and new machine did not help at all. Just the contrary. Working with WinEdt is impossible but virus still programs find nothing. Probably my tex files have been infected in some very clever manner. This is a work of a top computer professional. I am not a paranoid, it is only that science at the top has become a warfare.

At 10:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Matti,

as a lay reader of your blog I would highly suggest and encourage you to write to Sheldrake and find out if your work can get some fuel from that contact.

All the best,



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