Monday, April 05, 2010

What quark masses have to do with biology?

The latest estimates for the of u and d quarks have emerged. The masses are 2 +/- .12 MeV for u quark and 4.79+/-.16 MeV for quark.

In TGD inspired neuroscience and biology elementary particle mass scales play a fundamental role since the time scale of causal diamond associated with the elementary particle (CD is defined as intersection of future and past directed light-cones, for details see previous postings) coming as an octave of the fundamental CP2 is an additional characteristic of elementary particle in zero energy ontology. The amazing prediction is that these secondary p-adic time scales are macroscopic. An equally amazing observation is that these time scales are highly interesting biologically.

For electron which corresponds to k=127 by p-adic length scale hypothesis the time scale is .1 seconds defining the fundamental 10 Hz biorhythm. For d quark with mass 5 MeV the time scale corresponds to k=120 and the time scale is 1/1.128 ms and corresponds to 1280 Hz (kHz cortical synchrony and duration of action potential). The mass of u quark is 2 MeV and 4 times the mass of electron so that the mass of p-adic time scale 6.25 ms corresponds to k=123 and is 16 times shorter and corresponds to 160 Hz frequency. Also this frequency should be interesting biologically.

Clicking 160 Hz in Google brought the following Journal of Neuroscience article Inactivation of Calcium-Binding Protein Genes Induces 160 Hz Oscillations in the Cerebellar Cortex of Alert Mice. Could it be that this oscillation is analog of 40 Hz oscillation in cortex?


At 12:24 PM, Blogger Ulla said...

Any vibration as in a sound tone will give rise to its octave harmonics, as sub- or superharmonics. Any real number has its harmoies, as p-adics? Also real numbers 3,5,7 etc. 1 is the fundamental unity. Interacting aritmethically, among themselves and with the fundamental

Add and subtract in a perfect order in higher harmonics. Very powerful are beatfrequencies and enharmonic (like infrasound). Aritmetically derived harmonics are coherent aggregates, and constitute centers of vibration, bearing relation to the fundamental pitch not multiples of the harmonic pitch and the production of secondary unions between themselves generates pitches that are discords. From harmony is sometimes generated discords, the cause of perpetual transformation.

The musical note C = 256 Hz * 2 = superharmonic 512 Hz, Subharmonic 128, 64 etc.

Degrees of relativity:
C-1 = 256
C-2 = 512 (C^2)
C-3 = 768 768:512 = perfect fifth
C-4 = 1280 768+512
etc. The Fibonacci series emerge.

Sympathetic Vibratory Physics,

Observe this is real numbers. But it can also be prime numbers. Both ways. The Golden Mean are real numbers. p-adics use another way? The result is equal, if the real numbers are prime numbers too? This is the baseline that holds the p-adic world and the real world together?

What do you think of this?

The number 1280 can be reached many ways.

At 8:20 PM, Blogger Matti Pitkanen said...

When one speak about harmonics, one can think in terms of real or p-adics since rationals are common to reals and p-adics. When one speaks about frequencies, the numbers can have deeper meaning only if one speaks about ratios of frequencies since Hz as unit is just a convention. For instance, 1280 Hz is 128 multiple of 10 Hz which is fundamental frequency assignable to electron CD and therefore 128=2^7 has deeper meaning.

At 1:03 AM, Blogger Ulla said...

This was about music scales, cps.

look at a very interesting blogpost of Stuart Kauffman.

and especially at the comments :)

What about:
A further implication of the hoped for New Physics that allows Mind, is that the behavior of the mind-brain cohering-decohering-recohering system in the rest of the universe as environment, is that the bahvior of the mind-brain in this poised realm really is "lawless". If so, it is NOT COMPUTABLE. This obviously feeds back to my earlier posts on "Is The Mind Algorithmic?" and "Towards A Responsible Free Will." If the behavior of the mind-brain system in the universe is NOT COMPUTABLE, THEN THE MIND IS NOT ALGORITHMIC. And if the mind-brain system poised in the Poised Realm is lawless, then that lawlessness underpins free will. Nevertheless, as I've argued in that post, the total system can, by tuning the extent of decohrence and recoherence in specific regions of the brain, like neurotransmitter receptors or dendrite transmembrane ion channels,ACAUSALLY block or allow receptor or channel functioning.

Sounds good :) He has not seen p-aics yet? Someone ought to tell him.

This comment is surely very irrelevant.

At 1:17 AM, Blogger Ulla said...

here is the math.


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