Saturday, June 04, 2011

ATLAS continues to exclude standard SUSY

ATLAS has tightened also the limits on SUSY parameters. Gluino mass should be above 1 GeV and squark masses above 725 GeV. Lubos does not give up and puts his remaining hopes on what he calls Indian supersymmetric island. Everyone has his own background and with my background it is clear that standard SUSY with R-parity invariance is dead.

Even if standard SUSY managed to survive in some corner of the parameter space it would not solve the problems which (at least could have) motivated its proposal (say anomalous g-2 for muon and little Higgs problem). Standard SUSY is already now a mere trouble maker. Lubos did not have this in mind when he compared standard SUSY to Osama Bin Laden lurking in some cave: probably Lubos is forced to take the analogy with Osama to its bitter end.

It might be interesting for a SUSY professional to imagine what the situation could be if the SUSY to be tested at LHC would be TGD variant of it it. Right-handed neutrino would be the generator of the weakest broken supersymmetry and R-parity invariance would be broken by its mixing with left handed neutrino so that the decays sparticle → particle +neutrino (perhaps also to particle+ lepton) would serve as the signatures of sparticles. What would be the bounds of squark, gluino and slepton masses and on the couplings determining mixing rate and decay rate in this kind of situation? Neutrino mass scale would be the characterizer of mixing rate so that one could expect relatively long life times of spartners (here I should be very cautious: p-adic scaling of neutrino mass scale by a multiple of half-octave is possible always).

One could have ended TGD variant of SUSY from a real physical problem of standard model. What is the physical role of the mysterious right handed neutrino not belonging to the standard model spectrum? Is it there or is it not? Neutrino massivation forces to answer "Yes". But why it is so different? Why does it have only gravitational interactions and why it is mixed with left handed neutrino? What causes this mixing and at the same time massivation? How this mixing relates to the more general problem of particle massivation? Unfortunately, M-theorists had enough to do with their landscape and brane constructions and did not have time for details like tiny little right-handed neutrino. In this mental frame theoreticians relying on problem-based approach are crackpot-slash- geniuses as Lubos would put it.


At 1:17 AM, Blogger Ulla said...

Lubos cannot free his mind from all the wrong assumptions in standard science, and he feel the ground is burning. So he start reacting chaotically, with a little panic. He becomes unpredictable.

With all the anomalies conserved in regular, standard natural sciences it is almost impossible to surpass this phase andfindout something new. To do that is the mark of a genius. What Lubos do is just repetitions.


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