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Mayan calendar and serious astronomers

Mayan calendar inspires some people and makes many astrophysicists very very angry. If you want to raise the blood pressure of astrophysics, just mention the magic year 2012 when Earth, Sun, and galactic center are aligned along single line and something weird things start to happen.

About this alignment I learned yesterday evening from some web page as I was searching for data about the notion of galactic alignment serving as a direct indication that galaxies might be like pearls in a necklace or bubbles inside very long magnetic flux tubes and therefore strongly correlated. Similar correlations should hold true for stars along same flux tube. For instance, angular momenta would tend to be parallel for nearly straight flux tubes.

Now I must raise the blood pressure of serious astronomers whom I deeply respect. Apologies for All Serious Astronomers.

  1. When Earth, Moon, and Sun are at the same line, weird things happen to the penduli as economy Nobelist Allais demonstrated in heroic experiments during which he had to remain awake for weeks to write down the recordings about the position of pendulum! TGD explanation is in terms of large hbar gravitons which cause large interference effects when Earth, Moon, and Sun are collinearly aligned (see this).

  2. But exactly the same alignment occurs for Earth, Sun, and galactic center in magic year 2012! Could something very weird things indeed happen? Maybe not only penduli but the whole society would behave in very crazy manner. Just by looking what has happened in world economy and theoretical physics during last decades makes anyone in this right mind convinced that world has gone mad. If we believe Mayan calendar we have only to wait only year or so to see how mad the world can become since then Earth, Sun, and galactic center are exactly collinear and the effects maximal. After this we might hope that things will get gradually better or that even something totally new emerges.

Recall, that the posting Cosmic evolution as transformation of dark energy to matter was basically inspired about the precession of equinoxes about which I learned from my friend Pertti Kärkkäinen. This phenomenon was well-known to Mayan astronomers and Mayan calendar relies on it. The situation in which Earth, Sun, and galactic center are at the same line was of very special importance in Mayan calendar and the entire world view behind it. This also explains why the calendar ends at 2012 .

The model for the precession of equinoxes that I develpped (see this) assumes the precession of entire solar system rather than only Earth and it leads to the vision about how galaxies and stars have emerged via a formation of bubbles of ordinary matter inside flux tubes of magnetic energy identifiable as dark energy. Amusing that this idea pops up in the head of some crackpot just when we are approaching year 2012;-)! Kind of cosmic joke?

Dear Respected Astronomers, this is not a conspiracy against good science. I swear that before yesterday evening I didn't have a slightest idea about the role of equinox precession or collinearity of Earth, Sun, and galactic center in Mayan calendar: year 2012 has been for me just something as irritating as it is to every astronomer worth of his monthly salary.

Maybe something great will happen next year! Yes, this is actually true! I remember just now that politicians have promised that during 2012 I will get 120 euros -taxes =about 80 euros more to my monthly income from Kela and social office. This makes a considerable fraction of the minimum outcome thought to be necessary for basic metabolic needs!


At 6:59 AM, Blogger ThePeSla said...


I heard a radio show last night and he guest was Richard Hoagland who talks about the new coment Lenid Elenin.

He calls his stuff hyperdimensional geometry, but I find very little depth in it. He said the comet was an artificial structure tetrahedral in shape and found the 19.5 degrees everywhere in the numerology.

No only have I wasted time this morning trying to make sense of it I find it rank pseudoscience even if we do not trust the mainstream. But worse, I find it rank pseudo-sacred geometry! What may be real in it his view vastly obscures.

Oh, he said its role was to raise our consciousness and that was the reason so many around the world want to talk over wall street.

The Pe Sla

At 8:28 AM, Blogger ThePeSla said...


This was the radio show: but one has to look around a lot to find the idea that the pearls of a comet trailed behind it in two groups of 4 in a line some imagined objects that followed from a brown dwarf or binary star (your linear flux tubes?)
Some see an invasion here of aliens or that all of his is evidence for very ancient civilizations here and in the rest of the solar system.

But I liked your paper on the comets and binaries (a dark matter star perhaps?)

In any case syzygy does have some strange effects on the pendulum.

The PeSla

At 7:32 PM, Anonymous said...

Dear Pesla,

there is a lot of sensationalism in media about science today. I must say that in Finland science programs do not involve this element. On the other hand, new ideas are a taboo. No hope of hearing about TGD in finnish media for a century!

For instance, only now consciousness has become a non-taboo in TV. In other civilized countries they have talked about quantum consciousness for a couple of decades. Maybe quantum consciousness becomes an allowed subject during the next decade!

It has been proposed that human civilizations come and go with a period which is the period of precession of solar system as a whole causing the prececssion of equinoxes. Recall that standard model assumes that it is caused by Earth's precession but is just a poor fit to the data. The time scale of period was of order 20,000 years if I remember correctly.

This kind of idea looks rather natural and stimulates crazy questions. How high level the earlier civilizations might have achieved before the market economy stage and Big Crunch;-)? Did they have nuclear power and modern information technology? And so on...

Allais experiments have been repeated. The sign of the effect and its magnitude vary and depend on the geographic position. This allows two interpretations.

*Skeptics interpret this as bad experimentation.

*Non-skeptic interpretation is following. If the effect is macroscopic quantum effect involving interference of dark gravitons it is extremely sensitive to various parameters and non-predictable without a precise model.

Quite generally, if the new physics effect is associated with a critical phenomenon depending sensitively on un-identified parameters, skeptics always win.

At 7:38 PM, Blogger Mitchell said...

We are in the middle of a period, several decades long, in which the December solstice sun is close in the sky to the galactic center. But I am not aware of any calculation which shows that the point of closest approach is in 2012.

At 8:26 PM, Anonymous said...

Good point. That we are in the middle of the period, several decades long etc....... : this is what astronomers agree about. I do not know whether 2012 is exactly the year of maximal alignment but this is not terribly essential for the argument. Also Allais effect begins before complete alignment.

Suppose that one is ready to take seriously the generalization of Allais effect and even its quantum explanation. Suppose also that one can speculate publicly without the fear about the loss of the academic position. In practice this luxury of course means that one does not have any academic position to lose!

In this kind of situation one could publicly wonder -just for fun and to irritate serious scientists- whether the enormous changes in society in both in good and bad during last decades might relate to astroscopic (a nice word, brings in mind astrology!) quantum effects and large fluctuations at quantum criticality.

At 5:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, not too shabby!

At 5:54 PM, Blogger donkerheid said...

Wow. I've wanted to ask you about 2012 for some time but never dared.
The expansion of our consciousness on a massive scale might be the 2012 scenario. Something really momentous and literally a phase-transition. I tend to take it seriously. One year is not too much to wait and see if it really happens.

At 9:07 PM, Anonymous said...

Better to wait and see;-). In any case, during last decades Mother Gaia has got central nervous system so that something very dramatic has already occurred. We have only got accustomed with it.

Nothing very dramatic has happened to human kind: we have remain as stupid as we were decades ago or have become even more stupid as a brief scan of tabloids demonstrates.

I have scanned the finnish tabloid "Iltasanomat" asking myself whether male or female of any color and IQ above 100 could find anything worth of reading in this tabloid and the only possible answer is "No!".

At 12:51 AM, Blogger Ulla said...

I must laugh. No! My newspaper readings tends to be shorter and shorter, also TV-watching time. And I have began to think they only contribute with noise to keep our minds busy thinking at nonsense, like a political tool. The same with the eternally present music everywhere. The best way to prevent enlightment is to keep the senses busy.

I wait with interest for the quantum computer. That must be a very remarcable tool. The consciousness level take a giant jump.

Something HAS already happened. Look at our young people. See how they use their computers, almost entirely with their right brainhalf. The right brainhalf is creeping into schools, a holistic way of thinking. Details no longer seems so important, because they show the uncertainty principle, facts 'spread out' into a probalistic curve. Our left hemisphere is quite helpless against this, and I really think the revolution is here. The Big Truth is relative and absolute at the same time.

Look what happen in the world. What happened in Egypt. The internet was closed down during the intensive days. China tries the same. Information is free, if we just care to look for it.

Another thing is if humans want freedom. It is quite convinient to follow leaders, to just do the own business, look away if you accidently see something unsuitable etc. In a way this is the modern slavery. It needs guts to stay completely free.

Also the climate makes revolution :) Is it really due to humans?

At 1:10 AM, Blogger Ulla said...

What happen with the astrology 2012? Somebody that knows? Maybe the snake is back? The 13'th sign?

Sinse astrological signs chart was made 2000 years back there is a whole one step error today, due to changes in the Earth axis. And scorpions are too many :)

At 1:15 PM, Blogger donkerheid said...

Would it be possible in any way for the Earth to go through a phase-transition changing hbar to somehow get into a state of a more evolved consciousness?
If so, it would resonate very much with the general 2012 scenario.
And most of this information is coming through similar channels that I told you about concerning discarnate people, magnetic bodies, whatever we call them. So at least the genuine nature of the sources could/should be accepted, though it would be more difficult to prove without doubt.
All in all, there MIGHT be something in it, don't you think? :)
You wrote that Gods must exist in the dark matter worlds of the TGD-Universe.
Well, I think - and I hope that I'm not overly credulous - they're even talking to us if provided with the right instruments (biological bodies) to speak through.

At 7:12 PM, Anonymous said...

A profound change might be taking place but so called "scientific" thinking might make it impossible for us to realize this although many of us remember that at seventies we did not have net and our society was very different. Life is for us processing of information, not matter as it was for preceding generations.

A a crackpot I can however as publically questions without losing my reputation. Could this possibly occurring transition mean the emergence of new level of conscious existence with higher value of hbar? Do we change too? Does this transition takes also in our brains: do we get neurons with magnetic bodies with new and bigger hbar (for instane)? Or is really we as a collective rather than individuals or both? Could we change without noticing it at all?

At 12:10 AM, Blogger Ulla said...

I would say we do not notice = are aware of, a change in consciousness level at once. Most of it goes on unnoticed. Nevertheless something very deep has already happened.

Jill Bolte Taylor told of an important observation after her stroke. She struggled with puzzles to grasp the reality, because she had to learn everything again, numbers, letters, writings, pictures. She noticed that those things were in 'pockets' saved, and she needed a key (of consciousness?) to open them up. She had no dreams first, her world was in black and white. When the difficulties with the puzzles gradually grew, one day her mother told her, "why don't you use colors as a clue?". Colors? Jill was perplexed. Colors, what is that? Suddenly she SAW those colors.

The same with aura-reading. You need some consciousness of them before you can see them, but for some they open up effortless. Not for me yet, sadly. But I can feel them. Sometimes there are grey 'pouches'.

I hope next step would be that we realize how illusionary matter and especially money is, so it would become collective. Mother Earth is the home of us everyone.

At 12:14 AM, Blogger Ulla said...

The evolution is about possibilities, to realize and predict them. Possibilities are about consciousness, computation?

At 7:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, the magnetic body is real, and the I've discovered the more you learn about how it works the stronger the magnetism becomes. It is amazing yes... very worryingly, I've discovered that the magnetic body of biological beings (like us) competes with all other magnetic and electrical sources and this competition is *extremely uneven* and contributes to all manners of what we would call negative consequences. I literally feel as if every mobile phone tower, radar transmitters, power-lines, are pushing and pulling on my being. I've developed tremendous resistance to this so I can pin-point it and mentally resist it but it is extraordinary to say the least. Of course beings of lesser consciousness or as a defense mechanism dismiss these claims as mere crackpottery or tinfoil hat conspiracy theorizing but that is because they don't want to acknowledge the same could happen to them. I don't think it's a conspiracy as such, more like unintended consequences... man built all this stuff before man knew the brain could directly interface...

At 7:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I shouldn't say "lesser consciousness", that sounds egotistical or haughty, and that's not what I intend. Perhaps the people do not have the same chemicals in their brain which effects these levels of sensitivity... these elements build up in body over a lifetime and also instantly starting at the moment of ingestion... so many time-scales involved!

At 7:06 PM, Anonymous said...

If one accepts the notion of magnetic body, then one is almost inevitably led to ask whether it has motor activities, whether it has sensory system, whether it has immune system, whether the body has body parts and organs and organelles as biological bodies have, whether this structure reflects the body structure of biological body, whether there is evolution of magnetic bodies, whether magnetic bodies act like Darwinian creatures or whether they learn to co-operate, etc...

It is interesting to play with the thought that varies groups acting in society are magnetic competing for resources and also able to co-operate.

Also the big revolution in information processing might be seen from this point of view: we usually think that all these discoveries were made by independent individuals but is this really the correct view? Could it be that all these bit virtuosos who built the modern information society within few decades made all these little discoveries like sleep-walkers?

I know from my experience that every new idea initiates a process lasting for few weeks. It is kind of half-conscious state: I have talked about semi-trance. I just write what comes out and am surprised: how did I discover this. Very much like receiving information instead of actively solving a problem.

My contribution is just a decade of two of very intense consciousness about unsolved problem which I should solve.

Sounds of course romantic and skeptic can blame that I am a madman imagining myself to be some-one between gods and humans. Maybe they are right but this is my sincere description about the situation. At this age when one realizes that biological death is real, it does not matter much what other people think. I believe that all of us can be in this kind of position: it however requires sacrifices, no hope of monthly salary.


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