Wednesday, October 05, 2011

p-Adic Numbers and Cosmology

In Not-Even-Wrong there is a posting with title p-Adic Numbers and Cosmology. Peter Woit tells that Leonard Susskind has suddenly discovered p-adic numbers and their applicability to cosmology. I glue below my comment on the topic of posting.


Nice to learn that p-adic numbers about which I have been talking for two decades now and written numerous articled and 15 books with practically everyone of them containing applications of p-adic physics and of a more general vision fusing real and p-adic physics for various primes p to single coherent whole.

There are 7 books about TGD proper and all they contain applications of p-adic physics in various length scales. There are 8 books about quantum biology and consciousness acording to TGD and also here p-adic physics plays also a central role.

Here is a sample of links to online books containing some applications ranging from Planck length scale to cosmology. The book

Physics as Generalized Number Theory

in particular the following chapters

The chapters in the book p-Adic length scale hypothesis and dark matter hierarchy about p-adic mass calculations and other particle physics related applications. The basic results are also published in Prespacetime journal - actually quite recently - so that I have at least formal priority to these 15 year old results, whose publication was completely out of question in so called respected journals and in arXiv.

At the age of 61 years and having lived for my whole life as academic out-of-law I would be of course really happy if half of my life work which has taken 35 years of my life would be at least mentioned in the reference lists of future articles applying p-adic notions. I however know that we are living the era of Big Science and on basis of my experiences it seems that research ethics does not to belong to Big Science.


At 1:25 PM, Blogger Ulla said...

The symmetry is rooted in the mathematical properties of trees, p-adic numbers, and ultrametric spaces; and in the physical property of detailed balance. We provide self-contained elementary explanations of the unfamiliar mathematical concepts, which have have also appeared in the study of the p-adic string.
The symmetry acts on a huge collection of very low dimensional "multiverse fields" that are not associated with the usual perturbative degrees of freedom. They are connected with the late-time statistical distribution of bubble-universes in the multiverse.
The conformal symmetry which acts on the multiverse fields is broken by the existence of terminal decays---to hats or crunches---but in a particularly simple way: by a single insertion of the lowest dimensional multiverse field.
The model is used to calculate statistical correlations at late time and to discuss the measure problem. We show that the natural cutoff in the model is the analog of the so-called light-cone-time cutoff.

What Dummers. This is so obvious. What to do? The Book, go public?

At 9:20 PM, Anonymous said...

The application to multiverse as Susskind understands it does not make much sense. When some-one represents the results of p-adic mass calculations as his own discoveries, there are reasons to get irritated.

Same about "independent discovery" of the fusion of real and p-adic physics to larger coherent whole, the connection between p-adic numbers and cognition and intentionality, p-adic entropy and negentropic entanglement, p-adic length scale hypothesis and its applications in various scales include prediction of scaled variants of hadron physics.

This is not all. There is a lot of stuff to independently rediscover!;-)

What makes me worried is that the situation in Big Science reflects the horrible ethical situation in world economy were speculators play games in which entire nations go in bankrupt.

According to reasonable estimates almost 99 percent of shares are sold within a week. Even the notion of "rational bubble" is a standard concept: it means that speculators create bubbles intentionally: the idea is to jump out from the sinking ship just at the right moment of time. The ordinary decent citizens must suffer the heavy costs of this game played by psychopaths.

Lubos sees this kind of psychopathic behavior as something very positive: "Those how are not rich can blame only themselves" is also the conviction of Lubos.

Lubos has talked about non-M-theorists as imbecilles with intelligence quotient of amoeba. The idiotisms like "Those how are not rich can blame only themselves" demonstrate that the ethical inteligence quotient of Lubos himself is comparable to that of amoeba;-).

At 10:15 PM, Blogger Ulla said...

Well, luckily Lubos is completely incompetent to understand anything at all about p-adics, as he so many times has explained. What may he now say when Susskind tries? PeSla had a picture where he (?) tries to learn finnish :) It is perhaps easier?

Stock-market has severe ethical problems, and behind most monetary problems are ethical questions. So, money is about ethics, as many companies has understood, yet not all. Big shares are impossible without stealing, and should be forbidden.

Kea has exactly the same problems now. Suddenly so many papers on non-commutative physics.

At 11:52 PM, Blogger Matti Pitkanen said...

I just heard that the stocks change now owner many times in second: light velocity determines lower limit for the time for owning a stock: something like .1 seconds if Earth size scale is taken as the distance between speculators.

Speculation with shares has been made completely automatic and robots do the work and decent citizens pay the costs as unemployment and loss of social security.

It makes me sad to think that this insanity was the outcome of an incredible cultural evolution about which individual can get only a minor glimpse during single lifetime.

Information technology has created similar threat for human kind as nuclear power did at last century. Maybe our civilization is reaching its end and will be destroyed because our ethical evolution could not follow the evolution of the technology. What makes me so sad that so many people in my own profession seem to be so near to cavemen. Maybe the continual concentration on the physical prevents personal growth.

At 12:00 AM, Anonymous said...

I do not believe that non-cmmutativity has anything to do with neutrino speed. Finite measurement resolution is a notion crying for elegant mathematization and he non-commutativity emerges naturally.

I do not however believe in non-commutative space-time: this leads to insurmountable difficulties with symmetries. Non-commutative spinors are however a very natural concept and there is nice connection with discretizaton providing a natural correlate for finite measurement resolution.

Here the problem is the completely uncritical and childish Planck length scale mystics. For instance, non-commutativity is assgned with Planck length. Even physicists like Nima Arkani-Hamed, whom I deeply respect, are unable to avoid this magic thinking.

Black hole magic is another curse of recent day physics: very few of us realize that we know about blackholes only what is outside horizon. The interior is an unknown continent. A lot of untestable and un-necessary assumptions are loaded to the theory preventing its development.

At 12:20 AM, Blogger Ulla said...

Maybe the money system has to crash before we understand what a beautiful tool it is if we can handle it right. Especially banks should not be allowed to create bubble-economies. Their stabilizing gold should be sure. Otherwise they let loose enormous forces for change. This follows Einstein.

As is nuclear industry. A incredible beautiful mandala of this cultures end. Of the power of tech combined with incomplete humans. A lesson about what we don't want for our future, that we must do other high priority choices. Maybe this is what is going on now in Egypt, Syria, Wall Street etc. People find this is not what they want and take their mandatory power back. Their leaders have failed.

You really still think physicists should be better folks than other people? What a big illusion, the same as Kea has about math. Does anything else have any worth at all? Math is like money, a fabulous tool, but it can be used wrong. Learn the lesson now. You must have pure gold (rigidity, fix-points, stability) as basements for the math :) Otherwise it is opportunism and nonsense. Just wind.

At 12:27 AM, Blogger Ulla said...

Maybe the continual concentration on the physical prevents personal growth - what about you? I have often noticed that we see own shortages first in other people. This is true at least for myself. I say something, then I must laugh at myself, saying to myself, ye, you see?

At 12:34 AM, Blogger Ulla said...

Todd Murphy said: enlightment doesn't require ethics and a good human being. It should go the opposite way, first ethics, then enlightment.

At 1:49 AM, Anonymous said...

The ruthless competition in science makes scientists too often effective psychopaths. Therefore I have no reason to think that physicists/scientists are somehow better human beings.

They have however much greater responsibility than layman. It is scientists who provide the tools for the psychopaths to play their games with world economy. Here something should happen.

At 1:52 AM, Anonymous said...

I do not believe that enlightment (better to call it expansion of consciousness) and ethics are independent. Expansion of consciousness means necessarily getting rid of ego which means ability to see things from wider, more abstract perspective so that purely selfish goals are replaced by deeper motivations.

At 10:43 AM, Blogger ThePeSla said...


I have read that some say the internal content of black holes is not there- they have no within, only the surface- and that is very thin.

Now there can be a wide inside, or we imagine our universe inside a gigantic one, and so on. But this conception of things is far beyond the concept of Black Holes.

Of course the p-adics are concerned with absolute values so look for something deeper than asymmetry.

While I still cling to a notion similar to your concern of a sort of "prime number space" - not quite sure how it will find a place or fit in- Lubos today has a link where the explanations for such greater than c particles is a deeper mixing of reference frames (this as an adjustment after the fact!) In any case, well, the limited concept of Eternal Inflation seems to me a global limitation and conceptual error if these concepts are not allowed to generalize.

In fact your take on biology involving wormholes and the like, would explain a lot if we saw the system inverted into internal symmetries and not to general external space. There is no outside! Such inversion by the way are conceptually things people have done to justify reversed views as the pendulum swings for say the justification of a totalitarian state.

For me the primes are best we have for some stability as to what is unique, and what unique is the scaffolding for what is a sound theory evidently. The numbers are unique but not as much as their expression in a biological like system- the good part of information technology to come.

Part of the general idea of applying this idea of numbers (indeed the very question of what can be independent egos or discoveries) is inadequately stated as we pass the event horizon of discovery by the idea of quantum results as in Lubos post that considers 1+1 pr 2+1 and so on without a better M like theory.

From one view, if we accept the facts of what a living form such as a paramecium or amoeba can do, we are not that far away actually. So any just claims you have for arrogance of these noble and a little better people, the scientists, is if they are the only ones that think their consciousness can spin a little faster than the speed of light :-)

In a self contained system can an entity know itself and still be invisible to all others? Is there but one electron or monopole or mind and how is it we observe the difference? Does the general tree of p-adic numbers not contain the same information as the ones and zeros of the canopy in any given state of growth down a unique branching?

The PeSla

At 12:45 PM, Blogger Ulla said...

Multiverses must also be imbedded in a matrix? Light is inbedded in a geometry too.

Ego can be defined in different ways, and I have thought much on this. The only reasonable way to think about ego is as an analogy of clothes. They are environmental clues (the 'others') that we can hide our self in, like make-up, or borrow something we think are better than our self, also worse sometimes. We use this ego as a tool to achieve something. It can be something good or bad, give advantage to the self independent of the group (illoyality, traitors) or give advantages to the group (althruism). The important thing is the self relative to the group, where the group in this case seems to accept robbery and illoyality. There must be more selves that want to keep the stability made by ethics and consciousness, as the insight humans are everybody entangled and dependent on each other and we make the best success together. This is reality today, no religious nonsense. Can we change the spin or not? What do we want? We know everyone we have no real choice anymore. Shall we let the clothes determine, or shall we determine ourselves?

Murphy had explicitly done experiment showing no relation between enlightment/expanded consciousness and ethics. The sheep-analogy tells the mass determine. So, what do we want? Is this robbery accepted? Can you say NO loudly?

At 7:41 PM, Anonymous said...

Dear Pesla,

the claim that blackholes do not have any interior does not make sense in TGD. A weaker statement however holds true.

*The data assigned with the definition of quantum states is contained by the light-like 3-surfaces at which the induced metric changes its signature from Euclidian to Minkowskian.

*Even stronger statement holds true: partonic 2-surfaces contain the needed data in given scale and measurement resolution. Resolution is the key word.

These light-like 3-surfaces implicitly contains data from both Euclidian interior and Minkowskian exterior.

*The Kahler action from Euclidian interior codes for Kahler function and its real exponent defining vacuum functional. This is absolutely essential for the cancellation of infinities and mathematical existence of the theory.

*The Kahler action from Minkowskian exterior defines Morse function whose imaginary exponent codes for the interference effects analogous to those assigned to path integral.

In pure QFT one would have only the Morse function and imaginary exponent and path integral which does not exist in mathematical sense and is calculated using tricks. Exponent of Kahler function is analogous the exponent of Hamiltonian in thermodynamics.

The overall outcome is fusion of Kahler and Morse functions, which both play deep physical role. For instance in topological QFTs Morse function plays a fundamental role.

A strong mathematical justification for this comes from Reissner Nordstrom solution.

*The GRT limit of TGD is naturally Einstein-Maxwell system with cosmological constant assigned with Euclidian regions: its spacetime average gives the observed cosmological constant.

*The condition that g_rr component of metric is finite instead of being infinite at horizon implies the light-likeness of horizon. This in turn makes very natural Euclidian signature inside the horizon.

At 7:57 PM, Anonymous said...

Dear Ulla,

I can say NO loudly. Unfortunately It does not help at all. Only if the science community says NO loudly as some psychopath decides to destroy an individual whom he experiences as a Nobel threat, something can happen. World is full of potential despots and only the ethically healthy communities can prevent them from taking the power.

Think of North Africa and Arabic countries as example. For decades nothing happened since individuals NOs did not matter at all. Only a collective reaction changed the situation. Rebelling people had to trust each other.

The situation is same in theoretical physics in Finland (and also in theoretical physics quite generally). For decades a Franco like hegemony has kept the power by creating an atmosphere of fear and mutual distrust. No-one has had courage to say NO because there have been no guarantee that anyone else does the same. In this kind of situation opportunist finds it much easier to just ridicule those individuals who have become victims of the terror.

At 4:38 AM, Blogger Ulla said...

Actually I didn't mean you, but the reader, the ordinary physicist with an employment. They are usually not reading this blog. So the No must sound elsewhere.

Pity that you and Kea disagree to communicate. Maybe because of the non-commutative theory:) The group 'non-stringers' must hold togeter and not get split. Who is right about history is not up to neither of you, so why this? Kea is tired and bitter and that is understandable. A real 'siili'. Her situation is not easy.

Can you e-mail/write arxive and Susskind as a first step? And stop the circular complaint. Stop behave like a victim. You said once you were no victim.

I know you can say NO :) loudly. Is my nose too long?

At 7:40 AM, Anonymous said...

This positive-thinking based pseudo-psychologization is one of the most disgusting products of the market economy. The claim that victims are only persons behaving like a victim is only a clever attempt to reduce all violence in society to personal problems. No one in his right mind argues that the victim of car accident is only in need of psychiatric help. Why a victim of academic terror should be something different?

Susskind cares absolutely nothing from my emails. Science community is extremely feudal and as a NAME he has the first night privilege to the bride;-).

The only thing I can make in the recent situation is a web documentary about what is happening. This kind of publicity is something new and very powerful tool as we have already seen: think only the events in North Africa and arabic countries. No doubt also science elite has to learn sooner or later that they cannot do anything they want anymore. I hope that also I will see that day.

I do not believe that we have much to communicate with Kea. There is no point in pretending agreement just because we both have been labelled as crackpots. Physicists like Witten are my intellectual soul mates.

At 1:39 PM, Anonymous Satama said...

A poem came to mind:

Che fece .... il gran rifiuto

To certain people there comes a day
when they must say the great Yes or the great No.
He who has the Yes ready within him
immediately reveals himself, and saying it he goes

against his honor and his own conviction.
He who refuses does not repent. Should he be asked again,
he would say no again. And yet that no --
the right no -- crushes him for the rest of his life.

- Cavafy

There is also something to be said for the "a-dialectical" great Acceptance, undefined by any codependent opposite. Perhaps zero-energy acceptance of infinite possibilities. Jiddu Krishnamurti once said that he just accepts.

The global popular movement of these days (Arab Spring, Indignados, Occupy Wall St. evolved into Occupytogether etc.) has one very encouraging and interesting graphic slogan: rEvolution!

Participant (r)Evolution means creative adaptation which means acceptance - including acceptance of the great No that the chorus of people on the streets say to the oligarchy of banksters. Acceptance that we are all in the same boat, spaceship Mother Earth, acceptance that we suffer from collective mental disorder, acceptance that to survive these Interesting Times demands that we must adapt and evolve.

One remarkable sign of evolution is the observation that placebo effect is getting stronger - very frustrating to the Big Pharma trying to sell double blind tested happy pills. What else is "placebo" than the potential ability of the bodymindwhole to self-heal, to recohere...

At 3:25 PM, Blogger Ulla said...

What other word than victim can be used? I know your antagonism against it, still I used it.

Acceptance, to let the wind blow, but also to follow in the dance, making the tension higher, higher.

Those in the streets are not accepting. They are acting. If you don't let up your voice, then... what else can you wait for? Use the Great NO. Is the wind too strong, then accept. At least you must try.

At 4:17 PM, Anonymous Satama said...

We can accept the words of a Hopi Elders: We are the ones we have been waiting for.

I would also like to share this riddle I recently learned: How do you capture a beautiful bird without killing its spirit?

I'm not telling the answer yet, but hint that it's TGD and hbar related, kinda ;).

At 8:52 PM, Anonymous said...

To Satama:

For me the question has been should one just accept or should one react.

I resonated strongly with the idea of acceptance as I encountered Krishnamurti. Unfortunately it seems that this vision does not work in practice. By just accepting everything they walk over you again and again and eventually do not even notice that they are doing this.

Now I am trying second option: I react. This does not mean getting highly emotional: I have learned to keep distance to it. I just try just to reveal what is happening as an outsider. Ironic or satiric attitude is perhaps the best attitude. Laugh makes even dictator to feel fear.

I also believe that the sheer weight of my work will force a change: if they want to get funding for experimental physics, TGD must be accepted. Experimental physics is not possible without a working theory able to make predictions and guide experimenters. I can safely conclude that TGD is the only way to get through the bottle neck they have created.

And once again: this is not any personal problem. The science community must face a big transformation: from a feudal society were Big Boys are the noblemen who can do anything they want to a more democratic one in which people like me get human rights.

Web will drive this change because it brings in openness. It is not anymore possible to silence dissidents since web is full of online journals and archives not under the control of the academic power hegemony. There are also numerous blogs and home pages.

For instance, a considerable portion of TGD is now published in journals founded by Huping Hu. And books and articles are in viXra org. In web there is also a mechanism storing regularly copies of web pages so that the history gets written in real time. Sooner or later science thieves are bound to get caught be be they NAMEs or not.

At 8:57 PM, Anonymous said...

To Satama:

I do not believe that it is possible to catch a beautiful bird without killing it;-). It would be like storing a moment of re-creation. Impossible. It is possible to store only dead things.

I can store something which can create the experience of the re-creation to some degree but that's all. I can re-experience something about my first love but the experience of first love itself: NO;-).

At 9:03 PM, Anonymous said...

To Ulla:

I am doing just the same as people in the street. They do it by participating in demonstration. I express myself by writing, by telling what is really happening instead of trying to build just my personal career by writing emails to people who have "independently rediscovered" ideas which they have copied from my homepage.

This is not so ineffective as one might think: for instance, Beforeitsnews automatically takes copy of my blog writings so that these documents in principle have quite a big audience.

At 2:11 AM, Blogger Ulla said...

The e-mails would only be a rememberance so they would notice when they walk over you. They are surely not enough.

No, I don't think Krishnamurtis attitude is enough. Jesus tried the same, but I don't think he meant it literally. Just look at what he did. He could be quite angry, not to say violent. We have the right and demand to protect our Self (inner diamond). This is not the Ego (clothes). Very often it doesn't matter who is right, and you can practice acceptance, but sometimes it matters, and you must say NO. Distortion of the diamond (TGD?), common wealth, group identity etc. are such things that matters?

One of the duties parents have is to protect their children. Let them go, but still continue protecting them at distance. The Boy has gone, Matti :) It was time for that now.

To Santeri,
How do you capture a beautiful bird without killing its spirit?

This is the butterfly-analogy. By letting it be free, and make it chose you again, and again, and again, by free will. It goes and it comes back. Like children do, lovers do, curiosity do. The spirit must be free. Love and freedom is the bigger diamond, that attracts?

At 3:01 AM, Blogger Ulla said...

Don't forget these

At 12:00 PM, Blogger Ulla said...

Maybe this can give some ideas? The future of science. Michael Nielsen.

At 7:30 PM, Anonymous Satama said...

Matti and Ulla,

Sorry, wrong answers, the correct answer to the riddle is:

By becoming the sky.

The scalable hbar hint of jumping to inclusive higher level "Russian doll" was brilliantly missed by both... :)

At 9:00 PM, Anonymous said...

We would not have extremely complex machinery of emotional expression and emotions -also negative- if it would not have a deep purpose. Kill the Buddha if you meet him at the road: this eastern teaching is very useful for those tending to take eastern teachings too seriously;-).

The solutions to the problem of Santeri depends on what one means with the problem. Seems that everyone of us is right.

Ulla talks about negentropic entanglement as a binding which does not mean jail.

I was talking about the basic characteristic of moment of consciousness identified as re-creation and there is no storage for re-creations of the universe;-).

Santeri talks about hierarchy of hbars: the bird becomes part of you, your "cell" as you manage to make what Krishnamurti did while walkign along some Indian village road: suddenly he *was*- just was- the women coming along road towards him. You experience the bird as part of you.

But this mental image is not exactly the same as the experience of the bird: some kind of averaging and abstraction takes place already at this step since the bird is part of you.

At 9:57 PM, Blogger Ulla said...

Well, if two people are entangled they create a new, bigger diamond, and in that way they become bigger than their own self. If a group is entangled in a positive way (must be added) they create a bigger diamond. Maybe this is not exactly the hbar, but in essence you can experience the other as yourself (a doubling), read their minds through superposition. This require that the partner is open, receptive, otherwise it bumps back to yourself. I have felt it in a quite painful way. I once read an explanation why therapists fall asleep without reason sometimes, as the clients refusement to recieve the energy sent.

The group can also go through a regression and become smaller. In evolution the superorganisms are important, because they create a diamond that is bigger.

In this situation there is very little reception for the idea of TGD, so this will only hurt. An openness must be created, a request for information. Compare to a discussion forum where everyone tries to convince the other without really listening. All are missionairs, but nobody change their opinions. This is a fruitless situation.

Nielsen talks of open science and its miracles. This is superpositions?

At 10:04 PM, Blogger Ulla said...

Sky is reached through the heart. You become Nut, that spread out her wings over the Earth. See the pharaonic emblem and the wings. They are placed at the heart chakra. :-)
The scarabe' is reincarnation. Heart is the biggest diamond of the body in EMG-frequencies. See heart transplantations.

At 10:07 PM, Blogger Ulla said...

This is very much about enlarged consciousness.

Sry for my many comments.

At 10:20 PM, Blogger Ulla said...

I have to say this too.

In this way Susskind can really help. He has the authority and resources to develope the idea, and create the openness. Many on the top has abandoned string theory as explanation quite long ago and they search for a new model. Knots and twistors are there, Feynman is out because of the 'dark worlds' in 'negativity space',the back of matter. But they miss the essential difference, the initution and consciousness, although the observer-effect is the clue.

They need also recognize your efforts to explain where this initution comes from.

At 2:35 PM, Anonymous Santeri Satama said...

Thanks for the correction. Of course all the answers were correct, the literally correct I gave was just the one I copied from the book where I read the riddle and the answer given there.

So if I may, also I would like to add also my own (politically?) correct answer to the riddle, which speaks best for me:

How do you capture a beautiful bird without killing its spirit?
You talk the talk and walk the walk with your fly open.

At 9:02 PM, Anonymous said...

It was not a correction. I just wanted to point out that even when one stays in the very narrow TGD framework, the riddle can have at least three different interpretations and all answers are (politically) correct.

I would be happy if I had energy and time to repeatedly underline and emphasize that I am not interested in demanding any kind of political correctness. I just express my own arguments and try to identify mistakes in arguments of others or even worse, the total lack of arguments. That's what good scientific discussion is.

By the way, Lubos had a poll about whether Higgs exists and what might be its mass. Surprise-surprise: Lubos told only after the poll what were the correct answers and that those who had answered wrong had intelligence quotient of a monocellular;-). I expected that he would do this before the poll;-).

At 9:17 PM, Anonymous said...

To Ulla:

a particle physics professor in contact with higher levels in the hierarchy extending up to heavens and having Witten at the top told already around 1995 in face-to-face discussion that string model was dead. I could not but agree since I had known this from the beginning. We had however suffer all this M-theory hype after that.

Amusingly, the same professor told in a public lecture years later that M-theory is the only known quantum theory of gravitation and created in the listeners the impression that everything is ok.

When science funding comes in, intellectual honesty leaves. Never trust the professor. If you could do so he would not be a professor;-).

At 10:43 PM, Blogger Ulla said...

After all, success is measured in money, status, and it require also the opposite. This is the mobs-victim play. Social group-individ.

Jill Bolte Taylor had an interesting picture of the right brain-left brain dichotomy. Right brain is what we call 'heart' and it see the total picture, the beauty and harmony of the landscape. Left brain see the details, what 'sticks out'. Remember all these pictures where you should find the difference? Left brain talks. As in our society as a whole. We find what 'sticks out' and try to make it vanish, but at the same time it will always be there, cause the system is so built. Our left brain looks for the most negentropic thing.

Left brainers and money is a bad combination. How make a left brainer see the total picture? By taking away sensory inputs, silence the brain. And how do that to society? Create artificial infarct? A big enough chaos?

Wall street? Change go through chaos. We create and we disturb. Matter is illusory, really. And most of all virtual money that do not even have gold to stabilize its value. Just a number on a plastic card. For that we can kill.

At 11:31 AM, Blogger Ulla said...

Joe Kapusta has also an article about p-adic non-local duality on his reference page
This is maybe common knowledge? He finds the ZEO?

T. Biswas, J. A. R. Cembranos, and J. I. Kapusta, “Thermal Duality and Hagedorn Transition from p-adic Strings”, Phys. Rev. Lett. 104, 021601 (2010)

At 8:21 PM, Anonymous said...

p-Adic strings as such defines a rather non-physical approach based on purely formal generalization of real strings.

Similar generalizations were proposed for Feynman rules. This activity peaked around 199X, (X=4?) or so when I spent a year in the place were I was born after these two young idiots who had become professors had labeled me a crackpot as I applied for a docenture.

My own p-adic mass calculations attracted a lot of attention at that time: people still requested for preprints and it was nice to receive handful of preprint requests per day! Best moments of my career;-). I even saw dreams about post box contain a handful of preprint requests;-).

After that the topic was forgotten since the standard formal approach only replicated the divergence problems of QFTs. Much deeper thinking than just a formal generalization of formalism was needed and this challenge became part of my fate.

At 10:33 PM, Blogger Ulla said...

Thanks for this historical and dreamworld review :-)

I have read at finnish discussion forums about the hate. Also other are dammed that has been in connection with you. Awful propaganda.

At 4:25 PM, Anonymous Satama said...


I'm reading Feynman's QED, and after reading Feynman on "Feynman's mystery" I googled 137,03597 and nearly the first hit was this: T-Quark Mass and Hyperfinite II1 von Neumann factor ( The paper predicts Higgs at 145! A kindred soul? :)

I just also found out that Pauli had collaborated with Jung in search of the meaning of fine structure constant:

What Feynman himself said about the problem seemed to clearly point towards p-adic solution, so what is it terms of TGD?

At 8:01 PM, Anonymous said...

To Santeri:

I know Tony Smith: we have had some email exchanges years ago. He has talked also about CP_2. Our interpretations are very different since he seems to have GUT type approach in which CP_2 spinor structure already coding for standard model symmetries is not used byt they are brought in by hand. One has double representation for single thing and this I cannot accept.

Unfortunately the hyperfinite factor link gave something nonsensical. A list of commercials.

Hyperfinite factors are crucial element of quantum TGD since the spinors of world of classical worlds define hyper-finite factor of type II_1. Hyperfinite factors of type I are used in wave mechanics-something very simple. Hyperfinite factors of type III_1 in quantum field theory- something very problematic because of divergence problems: they can have place also in TGD.

At 8:04 PM, Anonymous said...

More to Santeri:

Tony talks also about the idea that fine structure constant has unique value near to 1/137: not exactly 1/137: and this value at electron length scale. This is the problem, a lot of the attraction of numerology is lost.

Gauge couplings strengths, in particular fine structure constant, are not actually constants but depend on the length scale of resolution. The challenge of theorists is to understand these length scale evolutions of coupling constant strength, not only single value at particular length scale.

In TGD framwork the situation however changes more pleasant from the point of view of numerology. In TGD framework continually varying resolution length scale is replaced with p-adic length scale and is discrete coming as half octaves of CP_2 scale.

In TGD quantum criticality predicts the Kahler coupling strength as a mathematical analog of critical temperature: at criticality system is analogous to a system at temperature which it makes phase transition and has exceptionally rich structure. The evolution of other coupling constants is predicted from this.

And now comes the good numerological news! Kahler coupling constant does not evolve: it is really constant and surprise-surprise: very near- maybe equal- to the fine structure constant at electron length scale. 1/137 in the first approximation.

A second amusing cosmic joke of TGD Universe is that the p-adic length scale corresponding to hydrogen atom corresponds to p=about 2^137. Yes: 137 which emerged via the discovery of quantization of hydrogen atom!

At 8:08 PM, Anonymous said...

To Santeri:

the numerology made me to remember Mayan calendar loved by New Age people and bitterly hated by serious astronomers. I wrote an irritating comment about this to the posting Cosmic evolution as transformation of dark energy to matter since its natural place is here.


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