Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I accidentally learned that the host providing the computer storage finishes all this kind of activity. Accidentally because the finnish enterprises behind Wippie - Saunalahti and Elisa - had decided to do the whole thing in complete secrecy and had cut both phone and email connections related to wippie-space.

In trying to contact the only response was that your password is wrong. Many extremely frustrated and irritated people in web told about this. The big bosses have however calculated that the people practically losing their how life work in this manner are a minority which they need not care of.

It was extremely difficult to find what is happening and what I should do. It turned out that I cannot use the old addresses.

The old web addresses

tgd.wippiespace. com



will be replaced by


For some time I will disappear from web just as I did for three years ago when Helsinki University decided to get rid of my web presence and also managed quite well.

I will do best to update the web addresses appearing in the books and articles in home page and also in viXra.org but this will take time. Apologies. The new web page should be at use within few days.

Any concrete ideas to help in the situation are welcome!! In particular, there should be manners to communicate search engines about the change of the address.


At 11:42 AM, Blogger ThePeSla said...


We should have our own domain and server at least a mirroring. Maybe a Forum- but backups on discs and such is the only place I have that is not as vulnerable.

Been there, done that... it is as if you are delayed in your creative experience (or in some ways I am delayed to you) same for the nations developing on the web.

From the coffee shop and in the cloud only- LoversOfWisdom@yahoo.com

The PeSla

At 6:53 PM, Anonymous matpitka@luukku.com said...


I found that I know nothing about the recent situation concerning web addresses. Words like could and coffee shop mean certainly something deep but not for me;-).

Those who know better have told me that the search machines are rather developed nowadays and rapidly record changed addresses.


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