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A model for remote gene expression

If one accepts the notion of magnetic body as intentional agent, the basic challenge is to understand how magnetic body realizes its intents as remote mental interactions on biological body. This model must of course apply also to the more conventional remote mental interactions such as remote realization of intent.

The hypothesis is that electromagnetic and possibly also other massless classical fields assignable to so called massless extremals are in a key role. Also cyclotron frequencies characterizing magnetic bodies play a key role. The vision is that magnetic flux sheets traverse many-sheeted DNA in various scales giving rise to a hierarchy of genomes and coherent gene expression in scales of cell, organelles, organism, and even population, and species. Hierarchy of Planck constants is in an essential role in realizing this hierarchy in terms of photons with energies above the thermal energy at physiological temperature and having spectrum of wavelengths coming as multiples λ=nλ0, n=hbar/hbar0.

The findings of Benveniste and followers relating to water memory and homeopathy, the recent work of group led by HIV Nobelist Luc Montagnier coupling the findings with genetics and suggesting a new nanoscale realization of genetic code (see this, the work of the group of Popp with biophotons identified as decay produces of large hbar photons with visible energies (in particular dark EEG photons), and the work of Peter Gariaev and collaborators supporting remote gene expression and replication discussed here suggest that electromagnetic radiation is indeed involved. In the case of water memory and homeopathy the spectrum of cyclotron frequencies for the chemical invader characterizes it and induces immune response trying to eliminate it.

I have also proposed a model for how genes coding for proteins eliminating the invader could be generated almost automatically: the model is based on the predicted realization of vertebrate genetic code in terms of dark proton states (see this). DNA would like an animal which sniffs the invaders magnetic body and automatically reacts to the smell.

The discussions with Lian Sidorov and people who have realized that new era is beginning in biology have served as a driving force in the attempts to formulate in more detail TGD inspired view about how remote mental interactions - which are basic element of the model in TGD framework - might be realized. As a matter fact, I have added to my homepage a new book summarizing briefly the recent view about quantum TGD and its applications to quantum consciousness, quantum biology, to quantum neuroscience, and to remote mental interactions with some proposals for possible tests (see this) .

To start with, suppose that in the case of biological target realization of intent in the simplest situation reduces to expression of genes. This is of course a strong limitation to the type of remote mental interactions. The challenge is to develop a model for remote realization of genetic activities like replication, and transcription. For some time ago I proposed a model with Peter Gariaev but it was still too clumsy since it required too much of information transfer between the genomes of sender and receiver. Much simpler model involving only sending of simple non-targeted commands initiating genetic programs suggests itself. The following proposal tries to achieve this and involves three basic ideas.

  1. The idea of password and addressing is familiar from ordinary computers. Collection of frequencies as password/address allows to reach tuned targets without specific targeting of the command. This is a dramatic improvement to the previous model.

  2. Password and fractal addressing realized in terms of frequencies coupling resonantly (already in the original model: I did not however realize the implications of resonant coupling!) and the hierarchy of Planck constants to realize the hierachical addressing. I have discussed analogous addressing based on information molecules and their receptors at the biochemical level to realize magnetic flux tube connections between sender and target inside organism (hormonal action would be very analogous to what I am proposing here).

  3. Becker's DC currents as supra currents flowing along DNA and activated optimally when the incoming laser light has polarization parallel to DNA's local direction, activation of super currents would mean activation of the gene. This is second new element to the original model. The basic prediction is that the biological activity is stimulated only at the second half of the cycle of the radiation. For low frequencies this could well be testable.
In the following I discuss this with more details.

The analogy with ordinary computer

Consider first the analog of remote mental interactions for ordinary computer. Computer sends a password to the other computer and after that it can use it to run programs of the other computer. Whisling to a dog is another example: extremely simple command activates arbitrary complex programs.

In the recent case electromagnetic radiation with a given frequency coupling resonantly like radio signal to a tuned radio receiver would be the simplest command activating the target. There would no need to specify the direction or distance of the target precisely since essentially mass communications would be in question: intent would be enough. Password could consist of several frequencies which must be received simultaneously by the target before it would activate and tunes to receive more frequencies representing simple commands - perhaps acting on the intronic portion of DNA and activating the genome to remote gene expression or something else such as activating DNAs of other cells by sending similar em addresses!

I have discussed topological quantum computer programs based on braiding could look like in this framework. Also here addressing but now realized as information molecule-receptor pair would play a key role.

Hierarchy of Planck constants and hierarchical addressing

Fractal hierarchy of frequencies (in Peter's experiment laser light induced generation of radiation at frequencies down to about 10 kHz) would allow to transform passwording to addressing. Very naively, the longest wavelengths: about 104 meters would reach the tuned receivers in nearly the same phase in a region of this size. One would have some subregions in tune. The shorter wavelengths would allow to pinpoint the tuned receivers inside each of these subregions and so on. This would be fractal addressing with most significant bits correspond to the longest wavelengths. Only those receivers which would be tuned to all frequencies would start to express the gene in the case of AND logic. Of course, also other Boolean functions of tuned-not tuned bits can be considered.

A good guess is that all photons correspond to same energy of visible photon and only Planck constant varies. For ordinary value of Planck constant one would have a photon with wavelength of order size scale of single cell, and the frequencies in this range would select single gene in the genome ofa particular kind of cell, say neuron within particular region of brain.

In Peter Gariaev's experiment involving 2 eV incoming red laser light the outgoing photons would have same energy but larger Planck constant so that also wavelengths would be longer and range down to at least 3× 104 meters corresponding to radiofrequency scale of 10 kHz. What is interesting that 2 eV is 4 times the nominal value of the metabolic energy quantum of .5 eV identifiable as zero point kinetic energy of electron or proton for the p-adic length scale L(151) corresponding to cell membrane thickness and Gaussian Mersenne M151= (1+i)151-1. Could it be that 2 eV could be preferred photon energy or is its use simply due to the unavailability of continuous frequency spectrum for laser light. And why the laser light induces the generation of the command inducing remote gene expression?

This picture conforms with Peter's experiment and with the reports of Benveniste and followers about the possibility of representing homeopathic remedy using very low frequency spectrum - presumably cyclotron frequencies - assignable to remedy. These frequencies would be addresses for genes activating genes transcribing building bricks of biomolecules of immune response eliminating the substance from the organism. The proposal could be seen as a generalization of Benveniste's observation and realization of wave DNA proposal.

DNA supra currents and activation of genes by Becker mechanism

The third bulding brick of the model would be quantum model for Becker currents as supra currents or quantal DC currents: also this element is new. Assume - in accordance with the general vision - that these supra currents can flow also along the strands of many-sheeted DNA (flux sheets associated with the strand, entire hierarchy labelled by the values of hbar). Assume also that the interaction of polarized photons addressing for genes with DNA is such that the electric fields of DNA flux tube and "massless extremal" representing laser beam superpose and charges (electrons) experience the superposition of field already present and the field of ME. If the net electric field is near criticality originally (think as analog neuronal membrane) and becomes over-critical, quantal Becker current starts to flow and the machinery responsible for gene activation is activated.

This means also the activation of metabolic machinery since the acceleration of electrons in the electric field gives them energy making possible a transfer to smaller space-time sheets where they form Cooper pair like states with negentropic entanglement. Metabolic energy corresponds to zero point kinetic energy and negentropic entanglement is relevant from the point of view of consciousness: in the case of healing understood as a regeneration of negentropic resources this aspect is especially important. This mechanism generates high energy phosphate bonds in ATP and the decay ATP → ADP liberates the metabolic energy and destroys the negentropic entanglement so that the second law in generalized form allowing local generation of genuine negentropy (but assigned to information carried by entanglement defining a quantum rule) wins after all.

This text can be found at my homepage from an article with title Quantum Model for the Direct Currents of Becker. See also the chapter Quantum Mind, Magnetic Body, and Biological Body of the new book "TGD based view about living matter and remote mental interactions".

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Ulla said...

his is a link that could be of interest for you. tRNA is analog to mitochondrions? old, yes,

Andachi Y, Yamao F, Muto A, Osawa S (1989) Codon recognition patterns as deduced from sequences of the complete set of transfer RNA species in Mycoplasma capricolum. Resemblance to mitochondria. J Mol Biol 209: 37–54. [PubMed]

Hairpin loops in DNA is interesting. Hole transfer, and pi-stacking for electron transfer. They form a red-ox pair (extension-compression, or entropy-negentropy) which in fact forms the genetic code, which then contains the information for start of the folding