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Anomalies, anomalies,...

Many interesting signals about new physics haved emerged during last week and all of could be signatures of the new physics predicted by TGD.

Cosmological principle questioned

One of the many hypes of the last year was that cosmological principle has been validated above some length scale. In other words, beyond certain length scale universe would appear homogenous and isotropic as cosmological principle assumes. From Wikipedia one lears that the scale is about 4 billion years. At that time I commented the announcement only in the comment section of some posting. Unfortunately, I do not remember the posting and could not find from web the appropriate link.

During the erate of hype situations however change very rapidly. Now we learn that cosmological principle is under severe threat: see this. A structure consisting of quasars with gigantic size of 4 billion light years has been discovered.

What says TGD? The notion of many-sheeted space-time means a revolution in cosmology based on TGD. In TGD cosmological principle is replaced by its fractal variant meaning Russian doll cosmology. In large enough scales space-time sheets are approximately Lorentz invariant (cosmological principle) and can be modelled by Robertson-Walker cosmologies. This is of course approximation using some length scale resolution. Furthermore, R-W cosmologies are vacuum extremals of Kähler action and as such non-physical except as models giving average energy momentum tensor via Einstein's equations. Einstein-Maxwell equations hold true for preferred extremals in all length scales- albeit with G and Λ comes as predictions rather than inputs.

Astrophysics and magnetic ropes

Magnetic flux ropes havr been discovered in the atmospheres of various planets, including Earth. Now they are discovered also
around Venus
. They carry superheated plasma gas from the one side of the rope to another one. Earlier I told about magnetic ropes in much longer scales: see Giant dark matter bridge between galaxy clusters discovered. Magnetic flux tubes carrying dark matter would be in question.

Magnetic flux tubes in various scales define a basic prediction of TGD and they would have resulted as gradual thickening of "cosmic" strings predicted to be dominated primordial TGD inspired cosmology. These primordial cosmic strings have strictly 2-D Minkowski space projection. They would be what string model builders should be ore than happy abut but unfortunately they have nothing to do with superstrings.

Looming dark matter announcements

Lubos Motl has a posting summarizing several anomalous findings. For few years ago so called musket-ball galaxy cluster was discovered and the newest analysis of the data has yielded a surprise.

Two colliding galaxy clusters are in question. Scientists believe that the visible stars in these galaxies make up only about 2 percent of the total mass in the cluster. About 12 percent of the mass is found in hot gas, which shines in X-ray wavelengths, while the remaining roughly 86 percent is made of invisible dark matter. Because the galaxies make up so little of the mass of the system and the spaces between them are so large, they don’t really do much of the crashing. Odds are that they will simply sail by one another as the clusters merge. It’s mostly the gas that collides, causing it to slow down and fall behind the galaxies as trails. Same is expected in the case of dark matter which should have only gravitational interactions.

Astronomers were also able to make a maps of dark matter in musket ball galaxy using the bending of light in the field the galaxy as a diagnostic tool. The surprise was however that more precise measurements suggest that the dark matter does not behave as it should! The behaviour seems also now involve aspects similar to that of the gas phase, which is due to the short range forces- basically electromagnetic. Needless to say, this is in direct conflict with the dominating dark matter paradigm. Does this mean that the dark matter has also other than gravitational interactions with itself?!

TGD based view of dark matter differs from standard one. There is entire hierarchy of dark matter phases corresponding to a hierarchy of effective values of Planck constants. Different levels of the hierarchy correspond to different space-time sheets so that Feynman diagram at given space-time sheet can contain only particles with the same value of effective Planck constant. Therefore dark matterparticles in TGD sense can have samemutual interactions as ordinary matter and the particle quantum numbers spectrum can be the same.

A long cosmic string containing galaxies along it like pearls in the necklace is the TGD basec explanation for galactic dark matter manifesting itself as constant velocity spectrum of distant stars. This spectrum follows automatically from the 1-D character of the distribution of magnetic energy of flux tubes identified as dark energy and serving as a source of gravitational field. Also dark matter in the above sense is expected to be present. There are certainly also non-gravitational interactions between the long magnetic strings associated with colliding galactic clusters occurring via Kähler magnetic fields.

Dark energy alternatives to Einstein are running of of room

It is known that the expansion of the universe is accelerating. Cosmological constant appearing in Einstein's equations as a fundamental constant is a straighforward formal explanation for the accelerated expansion. One can also explain cosmological constant in terms of dark energy - or more precisely, in terms of the energy momentum tensor assignable with dark vacuum energy proportional to metric. This dark energy is often called quintessence. The vacuum expectation values of scalar fields determining the cosmological constant gradually change and so does cosmological constant. Remakably, also proton/eleectron mass ratio depends on the vacuum expectation values.

It has become now possible to perform accurate enough measurements about proton/electron mass ratio and the recent analysis of the data shows that the ratio has not changed at all to one part in then million after a time when the universe was half about its current age, around 7 billion years ago. Huge variety of models for dark energy are excluded and the situation of inflationary scenario is becoming rather gloomy.

What says TGD? In TGD framework p-adic mass calculations in principle predict the proton/electron mass ratio and there are no rolling scalar fields responsible for inflation: there is simply no need for inflation in TGD Universe since quantum criticality explains at general level the flatness of 3-space. Dark energy corresponds to magnetic energy of magnetic flux tubes structures which originate from the primordial cosmology and magnetic tension gives rise to "negative pressure" responsible for accelerated expansion.

As a matter fact, TGD provides several descriptions of the accelerated expansion assignable to different scales of description. Einstein's equations with cosmological term are satisfied by all preferred extremals but G and Λ are now predictions rather than input parameters and depens in principle on space-time sheet. These equations could be called microscopic (the original interpretation was diametrical opposite of this!). Critical cosmology has imbedding as Robertson-Walker cosmology which is unique apart from its duration which is finite and corresponds to accelerated expansion with negative "pressure". Also overcritical cosmologies have finite duration.

D0 of the Tevatron reports a potential particle physics anomaly: new evicence for M89 hadron physics?

D0 of the Tevatron reports a potential new physics anomaly. Below is the abstract of their preprint titled Measurement of the ratio of differential cross sections σ(ppbar → Z +b jet)/σ (ppbar → Z + jet) in ppbar collisions at sqrt(s)=1.96 TeV.

We measure the ratio of cross sections, σ(ppbar → Z +b jet)/σ(ppbar → Z + jet), for associated production of a Z boson with at least one jet. The ratio is also measured as a function of the jet transverse momentum, jet pseudorapidity, Z boson transverse momentum, and the azimuthal angle between the Z boson and the closest jet for events with at least oneb jet. These measurements use data collected by the D0 experiment in Run II of Fermilab's Tevatron ppbar Collider at a center-of-mass energy of 1.96 TeV, and correspond to an integrated luminosity of 9.7 fb-1. The results are compared to predictions from next-to-leading order calculations and various Monte Carlo event generators.

The group reports that they have not been able able to build overall fit for the ratio of differential cross sections with respect to all variables in the entire region studied by using the Monte Carlos programs available.

Also Higgs contributes to the ratio studied via the decays H→ bbar following associated production of Z and H. If Higgs behaves as standard model Higgs the experiment can be seen as a test of perturbative QCD since apart from Z emission the Feynman graphs involve only strong interaction vertices. Therefore the claimed anomaly could be seen as a further indication for M89 hadron physics in TGD framework. Lubos in turn hopes that the anomaly could be seen as evidence for a new Higgs like state predicted by N =1 SUSY in some form.

The Feynman graphs at the second page of W/Z +b jets: discussion of possible improvements and planned/ongoing activities represent the leading QCD contributions for the process ppbar→ W +b jet. By replacing W with Z one has the recent situation. In the first graph quark q and antiquark qbar annihilate to Z and gluon g, which annihilates to bbar. In the second graph incoming quark q emits Z and incoming gluon g decays to bbar. After that b and q exchange gluon.

Suppose that the decay of M89 color magnetic flux tubes representing low energy M89 mesons explains the production of correlated charged particle pairs moving in same or opposite directions. The same model predicts that M89 gluons and quarks move along the flux tube: effectively one has QCD in 2-D Minkowski space if one considers only gluon exchanges parallel to the flux tube. The exchanged gluons could be however also transversal to the flux tube if they have large enough transversal momentum.

  1. For istance, in 2-D QCD variant of the first diagram could correspond to q and qbar moving in opposite directions along the flux tube and kenooverlineq emitting parallel Z and recoiling in opposite direction and after annihilating with q to gluon decying to bbar.

  2. The 2-D QCD variant of the first diagram would correspond to g and q moving in opposite directions. The decays g→ bbar and q → q+Z take place and a gluon moving parallel to flux tube is exchanged between b and q.

These diagrams would represent M89 contributions to studied process and might explain the claimed discrepancy.


At 11:27 PM, Anonymous ◘Fractality◘ said...


Salvinorin A is a diterpene compound that yields many "anomalies" in consciousness study.

Well regards,


At 7:37 AM, Blogger 11 said...

About the huge Quasar group, I think you are right with the cosmological principle problem.
It look like the start of two or three Lyman Alpha systems.

At 12:17 PM, Blogger Ulla said...

At 1:24 PM, Blogger Ulla said...

At 2:46 AM, Anonymous Matti Pitkanen said...

Comment to Ulla:

Verlinde's idea has been already tested (neutron diffraction in Earth's gravitational field) and failed in the test. Besides this the idea is extremely primitive and confused. I am really astonished that a person working with refined string mathematics can suffer such a regression. Probably Verlinde is a victim of his own fame: if he had patience to wait for a few months before publishing the first preprint, he could have decided to abstain from publishing it at all.

That this kind of idea can receive financial support at all - not so say anything about millions of euros- demonstrates the fatal consequences of name worship in theoretical physics.

We are living very depressing times in theoretical physics. The field is badly in need of young brave intellectuals but continues to be dominated by old farts and their courts.

The posting of Lubos ( is a good example of the ultraconservative attitude that quantum theory is final theory and every problem worth of solving have been solved by super string approach. In particular, consciousness is a pseudo problem which does not deserve scientific study because existing quantum theory says nothing about it. We must be happy with superstrings unless we want to be labelled as idiots.

At 4:54 AM, Blogger Ulla said...

At 8:59 AM, Blogger Ulla said...
Within galaxies, there is a competition of sorts for the available gas; for either the formation of new stars or feeding the central black hole. For more than a decade the leading models and theories have assigned a fixed fraction of the gas to each process, effectively preserving the ratio of black hole mass to galaxy mass. New research to be published in The Astrophysical Journal reveals that this approach needs to be changed. "We now know that each ten-fold increase of a galaxy's stellar mass is associated with a much larger 100-fold increase in its black hole mass," Professor Graham said.

At 2:38 PM, Anonymous Santeri Satama said...

Matti, hopefully this cheers you up and gives some faith in open minded scientific study of consciousness, in cooperation with other traditions:

(Seminar still going on and lot to see...)

At 9:57 PM, Anonymous Matti Pitkanen said...

Thank you. Cheering is indeed needed.

I have again problems with homepage. The worrying signals began already a couple of months ago. I got repeatedly a message that I should pay my yearly net ID and webhotel rent. Strangely, no bank account number was given. Eventually I got a message containing this data bit and I payed the bills: of course so: homepage contains my life work and I do not want to take any risks of losing it. I wrote to the email address and told payment would be there in due date 12.1. 2013. I also checked that this was the case.

I however got no response to any of my messages nor had got any response to the earlier messages. It began to become clear that the young fellow has automatized everything. He has bought few computers to his webhotel and just collects the money without providing absolutely any services: the sales department and technical help in web are just scenery. No responses to emails and no phone number so that the customer is totally helpless and completely at the mercy of this fellow. Understandably my fears began to grow.

Yesterday my worst worries turned out to be true. It became impossible to send anything to my homepage and the homepage itself was replaced with idiotic advertisements. You can see yourself: .

I really do not know what to do: the board for consumer rights answers to enquiries with a lapse of one year as it did last time when similar company told suddenly that it does not continue its services. This organization is totally toothless against these young business psychopaths because it does not get the needed resources: this elimination of consumer rights is is of course a fully conscious political choice by the right wing. They want unrestricted market economy and have got it.

At 6:03 AM, Anonymous Santeri Satama said...

So sorry for your trouble. To give you something else to think, His Holiness asked during the day two morning session, could dark matter have existed before or independent of Big Bang. How would you answer that question?

At 6:31 AM, Anonymous Matti Pitkanen said...

This is the standard new year's carastrophe. Either massive virus attack or necessity to transfer the material to a new page followed by disappearance from web and one month of hard work. This world clearly does not want TGD.

Also social office gave its own new year gift: no support for this month. Even worse: they snipped more than one half 8325 euros) from my unemployment money without giving any reason for this. As results I have roughly minus 100 euros to buy food this month.

To answer the question posed by his Holiness, one must first answer what Big Bang means. In TGD one express the situation by saying that Big Bang is replaced with a silent whisper amplified to a rather big bang. Means that mass per comoving volume vanishes near the boundary of light-cone defining what we call big bang usually.

Also hierarchy of cosmologies within cosmologies is predicted this means Russian doll structure. Before Big Bang means bigger Big Bang containing the smaller one as topologically condesed space-time sheet (or actually pair of them glued together along boundaries: flattened ball instead of disk). Dark matter is present everywhere in 4-D sense.

One must of course be careful with what one means with dark matter. Most of so called galactic dark matter could be Kahler magnetic energy associated with magnetic flux tubes originating from primordial cosmic strings - TGD counterpart for dark energy. This magnetic energy associated with flux tubes would create gravitational fields giving rise to constant velocity spectrum of stars.

What is beautiful that the velocity spectrum comes automatically correctly and their is no need for elaborate fits. Basic prediction is free motion of galaxies along long string along which they are organized.

Dark matter in TGD sense would be these large Planck constant phases and something very different from standard dark matter candidates: one big difference is that dark matter has standard electroweak and strong interactions with itself.

Ordinary and large hbar particles do not however appear in same vertex and my belief is that this is enough for experimental purposes. Recently it has been indeed observed that contrary to the standard beliefs dark matter has self interactions as I told in the posting.

Evidence for TGD view is slowly but steadily accumulating. Therefore it would be wonderful if communication with academic colleagues were possible. The problem of recent day physics is that only names and power matter instead of content.

At 6:34 AM, Anonymous Matti Pitkanen said...

Sorry, I exaggarated a little bit my monthly unemployment money as I mentioned the action of social office on my unemployment money: 325 euros or more than one half. Not 8325 euros!!

By the way, I just heard from radio that with the income of 100 richest people of the world poverty could be removed from world.

At 8:17 AM, Anonymous Santeri Satama said...

To clarify, are the Russian Doll Dosmologies characterized by different values of hbar, larger inclusive cosmologies with larger values than the smaller smaller topologically condensed space-time sheet pairs? Or is each level of cosmology characterized by some spectrum of hbar? Or is this question total misunderstanding of your hypothesis?

At 10:54 AM, Blogger Ulla said...

But you have the backup copies in order?

This actually happened to my friend too, suddenly the homepage was sold and blanked.

At 3:35 AM, Anonymous Matti Pitkanen said...

To Santeri:

There are three hierarchies involved. Hierarchy of space-time sheets labelled by selected p-adic primes charactering their size scales. At imbedding space level the hierarchy of CD with size scale defined by what I call secondary p-adic length scale. And dark matter hierarchy with levels labelled by positive integers defining the multiple of effective Planck constant.

All are present and cosmology in given scale would involve all these three hierarchy levels. Those associated with CD and space-time sheets with ordinary hbar being our cosmology (space-time sheets and its field body). Non-standard values of effective Planck constant would correspond to dark worlds to us. Do not ask about further details;-).

To Ulla:

The situation was resolved. I threated with court-room and the homepage returned back within few hours. I do not know whether this was the real reason. It is quite possible that this fellow has adopted the principle avoiding all contacts with clients and has computerized everything. He must feel himself lonely in the world in which the purpose of the rest of humankind is to feed money to his bank account.

I have done a lot of automatization in the handling of large numbers of files. Saves work enormously but the unavoidable outcome is a big blunder now and then. Human factor.

At 8:33 AM, Anonymous Santeri Satama said...

Matti: "Do not ask about further details;-)."

Why, isn't that where the devil lurks? ;)

The presentations with Dalai Lama have been fun and interesting. Someone said that QM is very simple, just Schrödinger equation and that's it, no need to presuppose or demand any world view behind it (as any such attempt leads to paradoxes). And it also seems that the galilean view of time as isochronic pendulum is also already contained in that wave function. Wiki gave a nice Feynmann quote:
"Where did we get that (equation) from? Nowhere. It is not possible to derive it from anything you know. It came out of the mind of Schrödinger."

Speaking of Wiki, if you ever consider rewriting or reformatting your texts, a single hypertext file (e.g. Wiki-format) would be in many ways preferable to several pdf's.

At 9:34 PM, Anonymous Matti Pitkanen said...

You are asking too much! I simply cannot give details! This is like asking Columbus to give a detailed satellite map of the new contintent or whatever he thought it to be!

Filling them would be a collective effort of theorists and experimentalists. Consider only the understanding of single scalar particle: Higgs. Still the situation is experimentally and theoretical half open! Despite enormous theoretical and experimental work done for for decades.

At 9:43 PM, Anonymous Matti Pitkanen said...

To Santeri:

Thank you for nice questions.

Wave mechanics is very simple if you forget the problems of quantum measurement theory as good Copenhagenist is taught to do. Lubos has been an excellent pupil: maybe because of his childhood background in authoritative political system has made him so good a student;-) who has now become Prussian Schulemeister for new generations;-). This belief has led to a stagnation of theoretical physics lasted almost century.

I do not agree with Feynman about Schrodinger equation. Times have changed when Feynman mystified Schrodinger equation.

*Already Feynman knew that Schrodinger equation can be derived from Dirac equation at non-relativistic limit and this in turn follows naturally from QFT, where spinor structure has geometric interpretation: maybe the geometric aspect was perhaps not too familiar for Feynman who wanted also to see gravitaty in erms of interactions of matter and spin two particles in Minkowski space rather than as curvature of space time.

*When one replaces point like particles with 3-surfaces - about this Feynman knew nothing. With all respect, same is regrettably true about most of my colleagues in their ivory towers;-) - one is forced to construct Kahler geometry and spinor structure of "world of classical worlds" (WCW).

*Spinor structure for WCW in turn requires second quantized spinor fields- a purely geometric structure -at space-time level. This means geometrization of Fermi statistics and fermions: not possible in standard QFT. Suddenly the mysteries disappear: what resolves them is the realization that particles are not mathematical points.

*By infinite-dimensionality of WCW the basic rules of quantum theory are unique (probabilities as squares of inner products bilinear in quantum states). They cannot have any other than standard form because more complex expressions are mathematically ill-defined. This is the magic of infinite-D geometry where wrong mathematical form automatically leads to the appearance of infinities: the functional integral over WCW simply cease to exist. Infinite-D calculus is enormously restrictive discipline as compared to its finite-D counterpart. This is the reason why it took so long to find first candidates for QFTs free of infinities.

At 9:50 PM, Anonymous Matti Pitkanen said...

To Santeri:

The core of the above arguments was that the basic formalism of QFT is forced by infinite-dimensionality of WCW.

This is however only one half of the story. Quantum measurement theory and its mysteries remain. Copenhagen interpretation would mean givng up the idea that WCW spinor fields represent something real. Taking into account the beauty and elegance of this notion, this would be simply idiotic.

In zero energy ontology WCW spinor fields correspond to zero energy states and are analogs of physical events in the usual positive energy ontology - something very real and geometric. No mystics involved.

The identification of quantum jump as moment of consciousness is what removes the paradoxes revolving around the notion of state function reduction.

The new ontological element is that single object reality as quantum state of the universe is replaced with an infinite number of possible and in principle reachable realities- zero energy states. Evolution as quantum jumps - moments of recreation - replacing zero energy state with a new one, emerges automatically and connections to biology and consciousness are obvious.

One can also resolve the paradoxes produced to the wrong identification of subjective time with geometric time, and a radically view about time ("times" to be precise) emerges.

To me this option is much more attractive than sticking to century old dogma giving up completely the idea of physical reality (realities in TGD framework) and taking physical theory as a mere collection of rules.

At 1:01 AM, Blogger Ulla said...

Look here, maybe the reason why TGD is an interesting domain?


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