Saturday, February 09, 2013

Matter-antimatter asymmetry, baryo-genesis, lepto-genesis, and TGD

The generation of matter-antimatter asymmetry is still poorly understood. There exists a multitude of models but no convincing one. In TGD framework the generation of matter-antimatter asymmetry can be explained in terms of cosmic strings carrying dark energy identified as Kähler magnetic energy (see this). Their decay to ordinary and dark matter would be the analog for the decay of the inflaton field to matter and the asymmetry would be generated in this process. The details of the process have not been considered hitherto.

The stimulus for constructing a general model for this process came from attempt to understand the notion of sphaleron claimed to allow a non-perturbative description for a separate non-conservation of baryon and lepton numbers in standard model. The separate non-conservation of B and L would make possible models of baryo-genesis and even lepto-genesis assuming that in the primordial situation only right-handed inert neutrinos are present. To my opinion these models however fail mathematically because they equate the non-conservation of axial fermion numbers - which is on a mathematically sound basis - with the non-conservation of fermion numbers. This kind of assumption is unjustified and to my opinion is misuse of the attribute "non-perturbative".

The basic vision about lepto-genesis followed by baryo-genesis is however very attractive. This even more so because right-handed neutrino is in a completely unique role in TGD Universe. The obvious question therefore is whether this vision could make sense also in TGD framework. It would be wonderful if cosmic strings - infinitely thin Kähler magnetic flux tubes carrying magnetic monopole field, which later develop finite sized and expanding M4 projection - carrying only right-handed neutrinos were the fundamental objects from which matter would have emerged in a manner analogous to the decay of vacuum expectations of instanton fields (see this). Even better, Kähler magnetic energy has interpretation as dark energy and magnetic tension gives rise to the negative "pressure" inducing accelerated expansion of the Universe.

The basic question is whether B and L are conserved separately or not. In TGD Universe one can consider two options depending on the answer to this question. For option I - the "official" version of TGD - quarks and leptons correspond to opposite 8-D chiralities of the induced spinor fields and B and L are conserved separately. For option II (see this) only leptonic spinor fields would be fundamental, and the idea is that quarks could be fractionally charged leptons. This option could lead to genuine baryo-genesis, and in the simplest model baryons would be generated from 3-leptons as 3-sheeted structures for which fractionization of color hyper-charge occurs. Leptonic imbedding space spinors moving in triality zero color partial waves would be replaced with triality +/- 1 partial waves assigned with quarks. Whether this replacement is on a mathematically sound basis, is far from obvious since induced spinor fields at space-time level would couple to induced spinor fields with leptonic couplings.

In any case, one can check whether leptogenesis, baryogenesis, and matter antimatter asymmetry are possible for either of both of these options. It turns out that for both option I and II one can construct simple model in terms for the generation of quarks from leptons via emission of lepto-quarks analogous to gauge bosons but differing from their counterparts in GUTs. Option II allows also genuine baryogenesis from leptons. The conclusion is that the "official" version of TGD predicting separate conservation of B and L allows an elegant vision about the generation of matter from cosmic strings containing only right-handed neutrinos in the initial states.

For details see the article Matter-antimatter asymmetry, baryo-genesis, lepto-genesis, and TGD of the chapter TGD and Astrophysics of "Physics in Many-Sheeted Space-time".


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How is the TGD universe treating you Matti? I wish I was smart enough to follow the latest posts.


Matti Pitkanen said...

Thank you for asking. I have the feeling that my health condition is now much better. Probably because I am in flow state.Working with recent articles of Persinger providing a considerable support for TGD view about living matter.

For Persinger et al see

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