Sunday, March 05, 2023

Tukdam and TGD

Yesterday I saw a document (see this) about a strange phenomenon known as Tukdam. What happens is that in Tukdam the person is physically dead: there is no EEG, the heart does not beat, and there is no normal metabolism. However, the decomposition processes do not start. The condition can last up to a couple of weeks. Similar longer-lasting ones have been reported: a yogi can be buried underground for months in an oxygen-free state and then wake up.

This challenges neuroscience's view of the brain as the seat of consciousness. According to reports there could be awareness and a sensory experience consisting of different light sensations. The Tibetan Book of the Dead describes these experiences. Near-death experiences have many similar features.

In the body in Tukdam, the area of the heart feels warmer to the touch than the rest of the body, but the thermometer does not detect this difference. This would indicate that the body receives metabolic energy at the cellular level from some other source than in the normal metabolism, and that living matter can detect what measuring devices based on the recent knowledge provided by modern physics cannot detect.

Where would this energy come from? If you want to answer this, of course you have to ask what happens in death and what is consciousness and what is life.

Dark energy and matter are the two basic puzzles of recent day physics. In the TGD approach, I have identified dark matter as a phase of ordinary matter, for which the effective Planck constant h_eff is much larger than normally. In particular, the Planck constant related to gravitation can be very large and makes quantum coherence possible even on astrophysical scales. Large Planck constants would be associated with the dark matter magnetic body, which would be the TGD counterpart to the magnetic field of Maxwell's theory, but would differ from it in many respects. As a quantum coherent unit, this magnetic body would control the ordinary biological body and induce its coherence. The classical energy of a magnetic body, consisting of volume energy and magnetic energy, would be dark energy.

In Tukdam, the biological body would be dead, but the magnetic body would still be alive and prevent the biological decay from starting. The disintegration of the magnetic body would start in Tukdam much later than normally, and initiate the disintegration of the biological body. The content of the conscious experience in Tukdam, light sensations and deep peace, would come from the magnetic body. The dead biological body would not provide contribution from sensory input, motor activity, and cognition.

In the TGD universe, consciousness is a universal phenomenon and present on all scales, from elementary particles to the level of the cosmos. Even galaxies, stars and planets would be conscious beings. Also life and death would be universal phenomena. Likewise, the biological decomposition process associated with death would correspond to the universal decomposition process, which would essentially correspond to the decomposition of magnetic monopole flux tubes (magnetic catabolism), which would induce the catabolism of the breakdown of biomolecules. Its time-reversed version would be magnetic anabolism and induce the building of bio-structures such as molecules.

I just wrote an article (see this) about a seemingly completely unrelated topic, solar flares related to the reversal of the direction of the sun's magnetic field in the solar cycle, which has a period of 11+11 years. The model unexpectedly leads to a biological analogy. The reversal of the Sun's magnetic field would correspond to magnetic catabolism as the breakdown of long monopole flux tubes into very short parts. It would be followed by magnetic anabolism as their re-fusion into long flux tubes. The solar cycle would correspond to the sleep-wake cycle, or more precisely: a series of lives in different directions of time. Death would only be a change of time's arrow, nothing final.

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