Thursday, February 03, 2005

Thoughts of a Newcomer

Just starting to learn how to write blog posts. My motivations for seeing this trouble are simple. I want to give some impression about how abstract mathematical and physical ideas develop. The potential readers are those few among us who might be possibly interested on such things. I could imagine that theoretical physicist or mathematician might find these ponderings interesting. My sincere attempt is to be comprehensible also to laymen but I know that this is a challenge that I hardly can cope with my limited time resources. The musings will mostly relate to Topological GeometroDynamics, just TGD, among friends. This is one of the many theories of everything (TOEs). I started to develop TGD for 26 years ago (26 is by the way one of the mystery numbers for theoreticians of everything!). I will try to articulate half baked theoretical ideas to an imagined audience making critical questions. These musings should be taken as improvisations of an artist for an audience consisting of good friends rather than lectures. Alert reader (I hope that there alert readers) will soon learn that the evolution ideas is far from being a logical and rational process although every thinker does the best to create this impression. Various anomalies of physics ranging from cosmology to elementary particle physics have been continual source of inspiration during these years and I will talk about these. I will also muse about TGD inspired theory of consciousness, which has a rather intimate relation to TGD itself, being in fact part of it now. Not so surprisingly since consciousness is obviously also included in everything (I know that the reaction of many colleagues to this idea is outrageous!). I have not worked much with consciousness theory during last year but hope to return to this topic after I have finished the last revision of the TGD proper. As all TOEmakers, I have also a habit of making salty comments about competing TOEs, in particular M theory, known among colleagues as theory of even more than everything which, rather paradoxically, cannot predict anything. More seriously, M theorists (former super string theorists) have developed extremely abstract mathematical machinery, which could be very useful also in TGD framework. My dream is that some young brilliant brain would some day start to apply these tools in TGD framework.


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