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A new dark matter anomaly

There is an intense flood of exciting news from both biology, neuroscience, cosmology and particle physics which are very interesting from TGD point of view. Unfortunately, I do not have time and energy to comment all of them. Special thanks for Mark Williams and Ulla for sending links: I try to find time to write comments.

One of the most radical parts of quantum TGD is the view about dark matter as a hierarchy of phases of matter with varying values of Planck constant realized in terms of generalization of the 8-D imbedding space to a book like structure. The latest blow against existing models of dark matter is the discovery of a new strange aspect of dark matter discussed in the popular article Galaxy study hints at cracks in dark matter theories in New Scientist. The original article in Nature is titled as Universality of galactic surface densities within one dark halo scale-length. I glue here a short piece of the New Scientist article.

A galaxy is supposed to sit at the heart of a giant cloud of dark matter and interact with it through gravity alone. The dark matter originally provided enough attraction for the galaxy to form and now keeps it rotating. But observations are not bearing out this simple picture. Since dark matter does not radiate light, astronomers infer its distribution by looking at how a galaxy's gas and stars are moving. Previous studies have suggested that dark matter must be uniformly distributed within a galaxy's central region – a confounding result since the dark matter's gravity should make it progressively denser towards a galaxy's centre. Now, the tale has taken a deeper turn into the unknown, thanks to an analysis of the normal matter at the centres of 28 galaxies of all shapes and sizes. The study shows that there is always five times more dark matter than normal matter where the dark matter density has dropped to one-quarter of its central value.

In TGD framework both dark energy and dark matter are assumed to correspond to dark matter but with widely different values of Planck constant. The point is that very large value of Planck constant for dark matter implies that its density is in an excellent approximation constant as is also the density of dark energy. Planck constant is indeed predicted to be gigantic at the space-time sheets mediating gravitational interaction.

The appearance of number five as a ratio of mass densities sounds mysterious. Why the average mass in a large volume should be proportional to hbar at least if hbar is not too large? Intriguingly, number five appears also in the Bohr model for planetary orbits. The value of the gravitational Planck constant GMm/v0 assignable to the space-time sheets mediating gravitational interaction between planet and star is gigantic: v0/c ∼2-11 holds true inner planes. For outer planets v0/c is by a factor 1/5 smaller so that coresponding gravitational Planck constant is 5 times larger. Do these two fives represent a mere coincidence?

  1. In accordance with TGD inspired cosmology suppose that visible matter and also the matter which is conventionally called dark matter has emerged from the decay and widening of cosmic strings to magnetic flux tubes. Assume that the string tension can be written as k×hbar/G, k a numerical constant.

  2. Suppose that the values of hbar come as pairs hbar=n× hbar0 and 5×hbar. Suppose also that for a given value of hbar the length of the cosmic string (if present at all) inside a sphere or radius R is given by L=x(n)R, x(n) a numerical constant which can depend on the pair but is same for the members of the pair (hbar,5×hbar). This assumption is supported by the velocity curves of distant stars around galaxies.

  3. These assumptions imply that the masses of matter for a pair (hbar,5×hbar) corresponding to a given value of hbar in a volume of size R are given by M(hbar)= k× x(hbar)× hbar×R/G and M(5×hbar)= 5×M(hbar). This would explain the finding if visible matter corresponds to hbar0, and x(n) is much smaller for pairs (n>1,5×n) than for the pair (1,5).

  4. One can explain the pairing in TGD framework. Let us accept the earlier hypothesis that the preferred values of hbar correspond to number theoretically maximally simple quantum phases q= exp(i2π/n) emerging first in the number theoretical evolution having a nice formulation in terms of algebraic extensions of rationals and p-adics and the gradual migration of matter to the pages of the book like structure labelled by large values of Planck constant. These number theoretically simple quantum phases correspond to n-polygons drawable by ruler and compass construction. This predicts that the preferred values of hbar correspond to a power of 2 multiplied by a product of Fermat primes Fk=22k+1. The list of known Fermat primes is short and given by Fk, k=0,1,2,3,4 giving the Fermat primes 3,5,17,257, 216+1. This hypothesis indeed predicts that Planck constants hbar and 5×hbar appear as pairs.

  5. Why the pair (1, F1=5) should be then favored? Could the reason be that n=5 corresponds also to the smallest integer making possible universal topological quantum computer: the quantum phase q=exp(i2π/5) characterizes the braiding coding for the topological quantum computer program. Or is the reason simply that this pair corresponds to the number theoretically simplest pair which must have emerged first in the number theoretic evolution?

  6. This picture supports the view that ordinary matter and what is usually called dark matter are characterized by Planck costants hbar0 and 5×hbar0, and that the space-time sheets mediating gravitational interaction correspond to dark energy because the density of matter at these space-time sheets must be constant in an excellent approximation since Compton lengths are so gigantic.

  7. Using the fact that 4 per cent of matter is visible this means that n=5 corresponds to 20 per cent of dark matter in standard sense. Pairs (n>1,5×n) should contribute the remaining 2 per cent of dark matter. The fractal scaling law

    x(n) proportional to 1/nr

    allowing pairs defined by all Fermat integers not divisible by 5 would give for the mass fraction of conventional dark matter with n>1 the expression

    p = 6× ∑k 2-kr×[2-r+ ∑ nF-r]× (4/100)= (24/100)× (1-2-r)-1×[2-r+ ∑ nF-r] .

    Here nF denotes a Fermat integer which is product of some Fermat primes in the set {3,17,257, 216+1}. The contribution from n=2k, k>0, gives the term not included to the sum over nF. r=4.945 predicts p=2.0035 and that the mass density of dark matter should scale down as 1/hbarr-1= 1/hbar3.945.

  8. The prediction brings in mind the scaling 1/ar-1 for the cosmological mass density. a-4 scaling for the radiation dominated cosmology is very near to this scaling. r=5 would predict p=1.9164 which is of course consistent with the data. This inspires the working hypothesis that the density of dark matter as function of hbar scales just like the density of matter as function of cosmic time at particular epoch. In matter dominated cosmology with mass density behaving as 1/a3 one would have r=4 and p=4.45. In asymptotic cosmology with mass density behaving as 1/a2 (according to TGD) one would have r=3 and p=11.68.
  9. Living systems would represent a deviation from the "fractal thermodynamics" for hbar since for the typical values of hbar associated with the magnetic bodies in living systems (say hbar= 244hbar0 for EEG to guarantee the the energies of EEG photons are above the thermal threshold) the density of the dark matter would be extremely small. Bio-rhythms are assumed to come as powers of 2 in the simplest model for the bio-system: the above considerations raise the question whether these rhythms could be accompanied by 5-multiples and perhaps also by Fermat integer multiples. For instance, the fundamental 10 Hz alpha frequency could be accompanied by 2 Hz frequency and the 40 Hz thalamocortical resonance frequency by 8 Hz frequency.
This model is an oversimplification obtained by assuming only singular coverings of CD. In principle both coverings and factor spaces of both CD and CP2 are possible. If singular covering of both CP2 and CD is involved and if one has n=5 for both then the ratio of mass densities is 1/25 or about 4 per cent. This is not far from the experimental ratio of about 4 per cent of the density of visible matter to the density of ordinary, dark matter and dark energy. I interpret this as an accident: dark energy can correspond to dark matter only if the Planck constant is very large and a natural place for dark energy is at the space-time sheets mediating gravitational interaction.

Some further observations about number five are in order. The angle 2π/5 relates closely to Golden Mean appearing almost everywhere in biology. n=5 makes itself manifest also in the geometry of DNA (the twist per single nucleotide is π/5 and aromatic 5-cycles appear in DNA nucleotides). Could it be that electron pairs associated with aromatic rings correspond to hbar=5×hbar0 as I have proposed? Note that DNA as topological quantum computer hypothesis plays a key role in TGD inspired quantum biology.

For a background see the chapter TGD and Astrophysics of the book "Physics in Many-Sheeted Space-time".


At 7:22 AM, Blogger Kea said...

The Jones universality of n=5 certainly is appealing ... but I would guess that the right mathematical reason goes beyond ordinary quantum computation via braids.

If we think of an associated mass triplet, say (1,5,25), then one could just as easily ask where the 25 comes from, no? Let's see ... 25:1 is the same as 100:4, which is roughly the DM proportion.

At 8:00 AM, Blogger Matti Pitkanen said...

Dear Kea,

only first powers of Fermat primes are allowed in the product defining ruler and compass integer besides arbitrary power of 2. Therefore 25 does not correspond Fermat polygon for the model considered.

I must however add that I considered only singular coverings of causal diamonds. Also singular coverings and factor spaces of CP_2 are possible. Singular CP_2 coverings would give second Fermat integer so that second powers of Fermat primes, in particular 25, could appear in hbar. Also ratios of Fermat integers are possible (for say singular coverings of CD and singular factor spaces of CP_2).

To me the idea about number theoretic evolution meaning the emergence of algebraically more and more complex structures is a good candidate for a deeper reason. Evolution as a migration of matter to algebraically more and more complex regions of the world of classical worlds.

This leaves a lot of room for imagination. n-sheeted coverings is one manner to obtain increasingly complex algebraic extensions through the quantum phases. One can consider also partonic 2-surfaces defined in terms of polynomials with coefficients which are increasingly complex algebraically.

At 5:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I couldn't find your email, so I figured I'd post my question on your blog... Please forgive the fact that my post doesn't directly relate to your blog entry.

In my experience, (14 years of meditation and working heavily with hands on healing techniques) there seems to be "energetic constructs" or "thought forms" in and around human beings that cause and/or contribute to pathological conditions. When healing takes place these constructs collapse with the release of a large amount of heat energy--the person sweats profusely and many times they twitch or even convulse during a healing session.

Is it possible that these energetic forms are massless externals as described by TGD theory and if so, is there some type of field (magnetic, electric or some other type) that could be created to help release the energy of pathological ME's or make an "opening" in them in order to help redefine them? I've been playing with magnetic fields with some interesting results, but am still looking for a more solid theoretical framework.

All the Best!

At 8:42 PM, Blogger Matti Pitkanen said...

Dear Scott,

I would not identify these energetic constructs as massless extremals: I assign MEs to communication and control signals.

I would compare body and its parts to a system characterized by fractal energy landscape in which there are valleys inside valleys. The healing pumps energy to this kind of system and makes it possible to overcome the barrier separating the valleys from each other. In this manner the healed can end up to a deeper valley. In this process energy is liberated (this energy could correspond to muscle tensions causing pain, etc...).

In metallurgy the analogous process is known as annealing. One heats the metal to a high temperature and puts it into a cold environment such as water. This makes it possible for the system to radiate the heat rapidly and end up to a bottom of a new and deeper valley and become therefore more stable.

If this picture is correct then healer provides the needed metabolic energy or induces the liberation of metabolic energy in patient needed to kick out the system from the valley. The sweating, convulsions, etc... would relate to the liberation of energy as the body of patient ends up to a deeper valley in energy landscape.

One can criticize this model. Body is actually not a closed system and there is continual feed of metabolic energy into it. An improved version of the model would be following.

a) In TGD quantum states are replaced with zero energy states which are more like events/ processes/self-organization patters/habits/"thought forms"/... In this picture energy valleys are replaced by self organization patterns. Bad valleys would correspond to deep-rooted detrimental habits wasting metabolic energy, negative emotions, hatred, muscle tensions, etc...

b) In TGD framework 3-D energy landscape is replaced with its 4-dimensional generalization and this 4-D spin-glass energy landscape allows to use same description in case of self-organization patterns.

Concerning your question about how to induce the release pathological energy.

a) In TGD based models for the interaction of magnetic body with biological body magnetic flux quanta and MEs attached to them are in key role. Magnetic body controls biological body by negative energy signals (MEs attached to flux tubes) to the genome to induce gene expression and receives information from cell membrane as positive energy signals in similar manner.

b) The same mechanism would apply in the case of healing and remote mental interactions in general. Healer (remote mental actor) has the ability to communicate and control also the biological body of the healed subject or even with "dead" material system. Tiller's experiments support this picture.

Just few days ago I read from some source (unfortunately I did not find it now) that most of the metabolic energy of brain does not go to the neural activity but to something else. This is in accordance earlier findings that cell can continue functioning in the absence of metabolic energy feed and can be understood if ionic currents through membrane runs as supra currents or dissipate very little (large hbar).

The metabolic energy would go to the generation of these signals between biological and magnetic body (note that magnetic body uses negative energy signals for control so that biological body pays the lunch;-) always).

At 1:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does the TGD model explain how these "pathological energies" can exist separate from a living being and also pass from one being to another? I believe I've witnessed both types of events and that's the reason why I thought that ME's might be a good description.

Some of the energies I've witnessed seem to be interacting with and directing biochemical processes in the body creating pathology locally, and yet they can move within the host or even separate from the host completely. If magnetic coupling is key, would there be a way to jam or remove the coupling of these outside energies or alternatively, could we strengthen the bodies normal magnetic coupling to eliminate these pathological energies from gaining a foothold? I have a hunch that the right type of magnetic signal might be a powerful way to restore health...

Thanks so much for your input!

At 1:52 AM, Blogger Matti Pitkanen said...

Dear Scott,

the transfer of dark energy would take place in long scales. For EEG the scale is of size of Earth. Cyclotron frequencies would be the basic frequencies involved.

At 3:12 AM, Blogger Ulla said...

If you would want to stop the interaction with the body, the crucial point must be the mind. And the minds can work together or apart. If a healer works with someone they can too work together or not. So the permission to receive the energy always come from the healed one. It is his mind that is important, he can block this interaction. The healer is only a (greater hbar?) link. But the healer can block 'pathological energies' too from intervening with the healed one. The bad energies can sometimes jump to the healer if he is not consciously the link only?

Can he remove 'pathological energies' too from the subject? A schaman can. But I can not, because it is the subject that often clings to his bad energies very hard. My job is only to point to his problem and give him energy (negative? through a high hbar? Often so that my 'oscillations' comes to vibrate in the same pace) so that he can get rid of them himself. The job is often to let him see his problem.

Magnetism is very difficult to use? Because the frequencies can be so many different? The greatest helper is the minds coupled together in a magnetic body (= a greater mind)?

When a person has problems the part of his body that has problems often turn negative = sending out negative energy signals? And at least my hands turn varm, that is sending out positive signals? The source is metabolic energy, but often I too get more energy, that is through the magnetic body? So I am only a link?

Does this make sense?

At 4:48 AM, Blogger Matti Pitkanen said...

Healer could act also as link. I told in some of the previous postings about the ability of sleigh dogs to run long times without any signs of ordinary metabolism and proposed that dark photons -maybe biophotons- might serve as the energy source. Ironically, this mystery is studied to train soldiers able to kill for longer!

Could these dark photons come from some higher level in the hierarchy of consciousness entities? Or could the storage of dark photons be associated with biological or magnetic body?

At 10:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The buddhist practice of Tummo is another example of producing massive amounts of energy, most likely from a source other than the metabolism of food.

From Fritz Popp's work, it appears that the acupuncture system is a waveguide for biophotons, so why not for dark photons as well? Could the dark photons be mediating a magnetic field providing the coupling? Is that even possible with what we know about dark matter and energy?


At 2:04 PM, Blogger Ulla said...

cit. "the interaction of magnetic body with biological body magnetic flux quanta and MEs attached to them are in key role. Magnetic body controls biological body by negative energy signals (MEs attached to flux tubes) to the genome to induce gene expression and receives information from cell membrane as positive energy signals in similar manner".

I think the genome and its regulation is too slow. Maybe the membranes can act, but regulation of proteinsynthesis work not instantly, but in the long run. Also the metabolism is too slow? It may be metabolism turned on by the autonomic nervous system, and use of storages. But the initial signal must be something else.

That magnetic monopole was interesting, but can it act in biology as a link between dark and visible matter? I think it would be a nice explanation for the supra currents and the low dissipation, seen also in the nerve pulse. One good candidate for target of that monopole is the Josephson currents. The problem is the temperature change. Can magnetic monopole change the temperature demand as it is seen in the nerve pulse?

Biophotons are nice too, but if I have understood it right, too dizzy. Chimeral proteins and gap junctions with the mitochondrias as targets perhaps?

DC-electric properties is also suggested, mainly through a 'injury-signal' (negative energy-signal?) that later would affect the proteinsynthesis. In AP this is used when small wounds may be induced, and also by the tiny needle as the De-chi-sensation signal. This DC-signal is naturally induced by resonance or locomotion and is extremely small (1/10 of a nerve pulse). Also the AP-points is shown to collect Schumann-resonance waves selectively and 'calm down' the nervous system.

PSI-research has shown that a low noise-level in the nervous system is crucial for the connection with another field, say the magnetic field of a person, a genome or the Earth in EEG or self-organization.

The idea of valleys within valleys is very good, but why a valley? Why not a mountain top:)
I have tried the idea of 'pathological energies' as a frequency trap within the tissue. The frequencies can go in 'trains' and if such a 'top' is entraped within say a nerve synapse, then that synapse or nerve ending can not function any more in a good way. Tissue memory is coupled to the nervous system, and often as a very rich branching, perhaps because bad functioning? Kind of a focal pulse, that can be swept away by enough energy input?

Excuse me for my long comment.

At 7:15 PM, Blogger Matti Pitkanen said...

Dear Scott,

biophotons could be dark photons which have leaked out from the pages of the "big book" (the book like structure replacing 8-D imbedding space) and transformed to ordinary photons.

The wave length for large hbar photons with energy of visible light would be much longer than micrometer scale. For EEG photons they would be of order Earth's size so that the storage of this energy would be of size of Earth. Maybe Tummo practice is a means of getting access to these energy sources.

I mentioned in the previous answer to Ulla the miraculous ability of sleigh dogs to run for long times without any signatures of ordinary metabolism. Could be the same phenomenon.

At 7:23 PM, Blogger Matti Pitkanen said...

To Ulla:

the regulation is too slow if it takes place by positive energy signals. There is a classical argument claiming that it would take age of the Universe for a cat to express its fear as it sees the dog if the cat bases its activities in the teachings of the standard neuro-science;-)!

Negative energy signals (phase conjugate photons) however proceed backwards in geometric time and induce genetic expression in geometric past so that there is no time lag.

Libet's finding that neural activity takes place geometrically before the conscious decision has similar explanation.

It would be interesting to study experimentally whether also gene expression begins before the conscious decision to do something.

At 1:26 AM, Blogger Ulla said...

That one was hard to digest:-)

About Libet: I posted you once a note on it. Maybe it is wrong understood? The sequence starts much earlier than in his research, that's why the lagphase is there. Say the impulse is divided into two branches? And by definition the conscious decision takes place in the brain as awareness. You must have some feed of information into the brain before that.

I don't know. Feel I know nothing:-) But this interaction of dark matter with our biology is interesting. Without dark matter it can't take that long before we are aware of the dog:-) But the dog is just as slow then:-) A Universe in slow motion? Time is relative:-)

If the impulse goes through the gap junctions it is in the brain already when the nerve pulse gets there. Just as in the heart. And the gap junctions is part of the meridians, or a dark matter/photonic channel into our bodies? That's the way EEG/EXG takes into our bodies? Outside the meridians there is a very weak signal transport.

In your model the way is trough the nerve pulse as Josephsons current. Maybe so too?

And how links that phantom image of the chromosomes here? The mitogenic signal?

At 2:33 AM, Blogger donkerheid said...

amazing stuff, again :)
I failed to find the argument about the scared cat :). May you give a link to it?


At 5:39 AM, Blogger Matti Pitkanen said...

Sorry, I do not have the link. I encountered the argument for about 15 years ago.


At 10:52 AM, Blogger donkerheid said...

Would it be so simple to prove that neuroscience doesn't make too much sense? :)


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