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An experimental breakthough in quantum understanding of telepathy?

Telepathy by quantum entanglement is one of the basic ideas of TGD inspired consciousness. This requires some new physics.

  1. Macroscopic quantum coherence is needed in scales much longer than standard quantum mechanics allows. Hierarchy of Planck constants makes this certainly possible but one cannot exclude the possibility that mere magnetic flux tube like structures is enough: I do not believe in this option.

  2. The idea that entangelment of selves gives rise to telepathy is plagued by a problem: in TGD framework entanglement means a loss of consciousness at the level of both selves since it is the fusion of selves which becomes the conscious entity! The subselves of self can however entangle if this entangelement is below the measurement resolution of selves and therefore does not lead to a loss of consciousness at the level of selves. Selves experience the fusion of subselves as a fusion of corresponding mental images to single shared mental image. Stereo consciousness is essentially in question. Stereo vision represents only one particular example of this. During sleep we ourselves could be the mental images fusing to a single gigantic stereo mental image of a higher level conscious entity. This mental image would represent "human condition".

  3. Any quantal idea of TGD must have also geometrical space-time counterpart by quantum classical correspondence. The geometrical correlates for selves are space-time sheets. Subselves correspond to smaller space-time sheets topologically condensed at those of selves. The geometrical correlate for the entanglement are flux tubes connecting the space-time sheets associated with the selves. In the case of subselves these subselves are too "thin" to be visible in the resolution of selves.

Only fifteen years after the explicit formulation of the idea situation seems to be mature for the experimental verification as one learns from Hammock Physicist, a blog belonging to Scientific Bloggin. James Randi Educational Foundation might be forced to pay the one Megadollar prize that it has promised to anyone who can experimentally demonstrate some paranormal power.

The experimental arragement is simple. The two subject persons - not Alice and Bob at this time;-) but Cora and Reid - two postdocs in theoretical physics - color the 3×3 squares of a larger square. Reid follows the rule that each column contains an odd number of red squares (that is 1 or 3). Cora obeys the rule that each row contains an even number of red squares. Since the total number of red squares is odd in the first case and even in the second case, colorings satisfying both rules are not possible. It this were the case Cora and Reid could make an agreement about making only these optimal colorings in a fixed order for instance.

Each coloring process equals three steps and for a given step the row (column) to be colored is selected in random manner. Alice and Bob try to perform the coloring in such a manner that the intersection of the row of Cora and column of Reid has same color. The optimal coloring strategy would yield a success rate of 89 per cent on the average. In the preliminary test Alice and Bob involving 40 turns were however able to reach 100 per cent success rate! The probability of this using optimal strategy is 1 percent.

I must say that I am shocked. Only 15 years after I began to work systematically with TGD inspired theory of consciousness, one of its most spectacular predictions might be demonstratable by an extremely simple experiment having fantastic implications -not only for our views about consciousness and biology - but also for quantum theory itself.

The eight books about TGD inspired quantum theory of consciousness and biology can be found at my homepage.


At 1:57 PM, Blogger Ulla said...

That Randi is the biggest magician himself, so he surely knows what he talks about:) He knows that one million is enough to stir up ones mind, so the experiment perhaps will not succeed. The entanglement will not happen with a chaotic mind.

I cannot forget how he did those experiments with Benveniste. It was a circus, and he knew exactly what he was doing. He disturbed the experimenters. He surely sits laghing at all stupid scientists that don't understand that. It makes no difference then if the experiment was double blind. The experimentators are left without considerations. As usual. How many experiments are false because of this fact?

Consciousness is a big force and it works equally well on matter and on mind. Randi worked as a professional stage magician and escapologist beginning in 1946, initially under his birth name, Randall Zwinge. Early in his career, Randi was part of numerous stunts involving his escape from jail cells and safes, writes
Surely he has a very strong consciousment, and he knows how to use it.

It happens a lot around TGD now. Soon it will be the only serious theory left? Good work.

At 10:39 AM, Blogger donkerheid said...


"In the preliminary test Alice and Bob involving 40 turns were however able to reach 100 per cent success rate!"

if I understood well, it was said in the postscript that this experiment hasn't been tried out yet. But very nice indeed!


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