Saturday, May 14, 2005

TGD based mechanism for microwave induced ionization and drag reduction of air crafts

The progress in relating TGD based view about dark matter as a macroscopically quantum coherent phase with a large value of Planck constant has been amazingly rapid during last weeks. In the previous posting I summarized the refinements to the model of plasmoid as a primitive life form identified as a rotating topologically quantized magnetic field with the counterpart of magnet consisting of ordinary matter and flux tubes carrying dark matter playing the role of quantum controlling intentional agent. Plasmoids can be generated using microwave radiation: this possible even in microwave oven as I told in the previous posting. Obviously microwave photons have so small energies that they are not expected to generate ionized plasma in the universe obeying the laws of standard physics. This is what they however do. In many-sheeted space-time the mechanism responsible for this, as well as for a wide variety of other free energy phenomena, can be identified. The same mechanism is the star actor in the functioning of living systems and among other things predicts a spectrum of universal metabolic energy currencies. As it often happens, ignorant technologists apply un-ashamedly phenomena declared to be impossible by respected academic theorists. The reduction of the drag of aircrafts by ionizing the air using microwaves represents one example of the applications of the microwave ionization: see the New Scientist articles Plasma magic and Powerful ion engine relies on microwaves. The measurements performed by Jean Naudin in his Advanced Reduced Drag Aircraft project are related to the work of Industrial Plasma Engineering Group of the UTK Plasma Sciences Laboratory, which has been supported by NASA Grant NCC 1-223 since October 1, 1995 to develop the applications of a One Atmosphere Uniform Glow Discharge Plasma (OAUGDP) to aerodynamic boundary layer and flow control. These and related applications are described in U. S. Patent 5,669,583, "Method and Apparatus for Covering Bodies with a Uniform Glow Discharge Plasma and Applications Thereof". Wind tunnel measurements for this research were taken in the 7 X 11 inch Low Speed Wind Tunnel of the NASA Langley Research Center's Fluid Modeling and Control Branch, Hampton, VA. More references to the phenomenon can found on Naudin's web pages. TGD inspired explanation for microwave induced ionization is that a rotating approximately dipolar magnetic field is generated and the reslting radial Ohmic currents induce the dropping of electrons to larger space-time sheets (perhaps magnetic flux tubes) and the transformation of zero point large zero point kinetic energies to kinetic energies above keV induces the ionization. Dark electrons at the magnetic walls are an essential element of the system taking care of the preservation and rotation of the dark matter magnetic field. Jean Naudin has studied a system that he calls glow discharge plasma panel (GDP panel) in an attempt to understand what happens in the generation of plasma by microwaves. The measurements of Naudin are summarized here and here . The system studied consists of a primary system generating pulses at frequency of about 6 kHz coupled via an ignition coil to a GDP coil containing no magnetic core. The GDP panel starts to glow and generates a plasma discharge in the surrounding air. The findings of J. Naudin relate to the behavior of currents breaking the basic rules of circuit theory, in particular the conservation of current. The resolution of the strange findings is based on the presence of the radial ohmic current in the GDP coil implying an exchange of charge with the surrounding air and also with the secondary ignition coil occurring most naturally along the flux tubes of mutual induction magnetic field connecting these systems. The analysis of the current conservation anomalies observed by Naudin and their resolution is discussed in the chapter Quantum Coherent Dark Matter and Bio-Systems as Macroscopic Quantum Systems of "Gemes, Memes, Qualia, ...". It is fair to say that the interpretation of TGD has now matured to a level allowing highly non-trivial applications in the high-tech frontier. In this kind of situation it is pretty frustrating to wittness how the academic theoretical physics community continues to fill hep-th with increasingly bizarre M-theoretical speculations without a slightest connection with the observed world since some power holders of science have decided that "M-theory is the only known quantum theory of gravitation". Matti Pitkänen


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