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Solution to dark energy problem?

Paul Frampton tells in the blog of Lubos about his proposal explaining dark energy in terms of an argument relying on the observation that the amount of matter in the observed Universe is not far from the mass of a black hole of same radius. Frampton's article Possible solution of dark matter, solution of dark energy and Gell-Mann as great theoretician can be found from archive.

It is assumed that in a reasonable approximation we live inside a blackhole. Hawking temperature (quantal notion) is deduced from the mass of the Universe. After this Unruh formula expressing the temperature of the radiation observed from a system in an accelarating motion is used. Also this formula is quantal. Usually the temperature is deduced from acceleration but now acceleration is deduced from temperature using existing formula so that one goes outside the original context. The assignment of this acceleration with the growth of the radius of the blackhole is second step out-of-context. The third step out-of-context is the identification of the acceleration-essentially given by Hubble constant- as the acceleration of the cosmic expansion. The outcome happens to be consistent with observations.

One can forget the steps leading to the conclusion and notice that the acceleration for purely dimensional reasons is apart from a numerical constant equal to Hubble constant unless one is willing to bring in some genuinely new physics. That the acceleration is proportional to Hubble constant is what should be the starting point since it suggests that the solution of the negative energy puzzle might be "kinematical" in some sense. Despite all of these out-of-contexts I see the emergence of this kind of papers as a positive sign. Theoretical physics is gradually beginning to recover from the social pressures of super string ideology and problem centered approach is beginning to become in fashion again.

This numerical co-incidence could reflect something deeper. What might be essential is that space-time is replaced with a finite region of it: now it is the interior of a black hole in order to get the 3-D surface and the familiar formulas to get numbers which we so much appreciate. Blackhole as such need not be essential. Holography is something respectable but fuzzy enough to justify the adhoc identification of Unruh acceleration reproducing the Hawking temperature as the acceleration for the expansion of the Universe.

In TGD framework space-time surface is replaced with many-sheeted space-time so that one obtains effective boundaries: effective they correspond to pairs of wormhole throats and inside wormhole throats the induced metric is Euclidian. Also holography is key element of TGD. "Partonic" 2-surfaces plus their 4-D tangent space distributions at partonic 2-surfaces code for the information about the physical states in zero energy ontology. The motivation for the "partonic" is that also elementary particles correspond to this kind of 2-surfaces -very tiny in this case.

In TGD inspired quantum cosmology the continuous cosmic expansion is replaced with a sequence of short periods of accelerating expansion followed by longer periods during which a given space-time sheet does not expand. There is a fractal hierarchy of cosmologies within cosmologies. By criticality the period of the accelerated expansion obeys a universal dynamics. The mere condition that 3-space is flat (criticality tolerates no dimensional parameters) and imbeddable to M4×CP2 fixes the Robertson-Walker metric apart from a parameter telling the duration of the expansion period. The duration is necessarily finite for both critical and over-critical cosmology. Accelerated expansion is due to a negative "pressure" and implied by the sub-manifold constraint so that there is no need for mysterious particles with negative kinetic energy nor for cosmological term. This gives a meaning for the "kinematic". Sub-manifold constraint solves the same basic problems of standard cosmology as inflation in terms of flatness of 3-space but avoids the inflation of inflations plaguing the inflationary scenario. It also explains all standard model quantum numbers and leads to a highly predictive scenario for new physics effects. This adds a further meaning to the "kinematic".

While writing this I realized that for more than two decades I have tried to tell about this beautiful solution to the colleagues but in vain! Tells something about the deph of the intellectual abyss in theoretical physics. People waste their time to long discussions about ad hoc dimensional analysis tricks by old names interpreting old formulas outside their original context instead of seeing the trouble of learning something genuinely new. It is so safe and so much easier than trying to understand long arguments leading to completely new formulas!


Anonymous said...

There are several things I don't understand.

He says dark energy has zero entropy, but that must clearly be wrong assumption?

He also says: The accelerated expansion rate is no longer surprising. It is the inevitable consequence of information storage on the surface of the visible universe.

Information storage is negentropy, or some kind of potential energy? His holoraphy sounds good, but why 2-D? I think his zero assumption makes the 'solution' to the dark energy and it is clearly wrong seen in the information storage light. The latter is more right, pointing to a living Universe :)

And Lubos is accused for crackpottery :) Some progress happens...

Kea talk for a varying hbar on Lubos blog too.

Anonymous said...

"We shall assume that dark energy has zero entropy and therefore we must concentrate on the gravitational entropy associated with dark matter. The dark matter is clumped into halos"

The clumped mass is negentropic.

And in your link he says: "it has been known that a PBH of mass greater than 1015 g
survives evaporation, and therefore contributes to the DM density."

And density is negentropic.

He cont.: "In consideration of the entropy of the universe it was pointed out in Ref.5 that if all
DM were in the form of 105M black holes it would contribute a thousand times more entropy than the supermassive black holes at galactic centers and hence be a statistically favored configuration. Here we consider primordial black holes (PBHs) with masses from 105M to 10−8M and, subject to observational constraints, any of these masses can comprise all DM although the entropy argument favors the heaviest 105M mass."

But gravitional entropy!!!

Kea said...

Frampton's new paper claims directly that HE solved the DE problem ... that is too much. It is not crackpotism, just arrogance.

Anonymous said...

I must change my opinion. He is brave.

This is from a talk,

He says: Entropy is always a subtle concept, nowhere more so than for gravity. This is why we are bold enough to make such approximate estimates of the present gravitational entropy of the visible universe. Our results are concerned only with orders of magnitude.

*We remind the reader of our conventions ¯h = c = k = 1: restoration of units reveals
the ¯h in Eq.(12), in lP ∝ ¯h1/2, and the gravitational entropy we are discussing is, if it exists, a
quantum mechanical phenomenon. p 24

*As the gravitating object we consider becomes smaller the relative importance of gravitational entropy to non-gravitational entropy changes.

* Under gravitational collapse, it is conventionally believed that the entropy gradually increases, though not by orders of magnitude, as the radius decreases

* today there are regions where we expect the gravitational entropy has increased enormously even though the entropy in photons has remained constant.

* The non-clumped component of the universe expands adiabatically.

* as the particles fall into the potential well they gain kinetic energy. So these gravitational d.o.f.s give approximately zero contribution to the total entropy
before density perturbations start to grow, but they now contribute ∼ 10^115. If the masses of the dark matter are larger, the contribution to the entropy will be proportionally smaller.

* These already show that the universe’s entropy is dominated by gravity, being at least 13
orders of magnitude above the known entropies, each ≃ 10^88, for photons and relic neutrinos.

Everything is so vague. But he thinks clearly very individually. And he is brave enough to let the lions tear in his ideas. His ideas seem quite TGDish in my mind.

Anonymous said...

A publication list at
Very modest. Something with p-adic strings too

Matti Pitkänen said...

Frampton is right in that gravitational entropy is hard to define concept. Probably because we do not really understand the notion.

In TGD Universe the situation becomes even more complex since genuinely negentropic entanglement becomes possible in the intersection of real and p-adic worlds (essentially algebraic partonic 2-surfaces and perhaps even 4-surfaces: I have to decide; I feel myself a creator;-)). This brings in life and might change the situation completely.

Hierarchy of Planck constants has also implications for blackhole entropy. The entropy for dark blackhole (are there any other black holes;-)?) is inversely proportional to hbar and negligibly small if the formula for the gravitational Planck constant propto GM^2 is used.

It is good that new ideas inspired by real problems are discussed. They always sound rather primitive and ad hoc but could lead to something with a hard work of 32 years;-).

In any case, in TGD framework submanifold constraint predicts uniquely the negative pressure term so that the problem of dark energy was solved more than decade before it was discovered.

Matti Pitkänen said...

I think Frampton has written or cowritten a book about strings which I have tried to read in my youth.

Anonymous said...

So, the dark energy problem was solved before it was discovered :) But the solution is still not recognized.

Good mood? Happy? :D

He initiated in 1980 annual Workshops on Grand Unification (WOGUs) with total number of publications over four hundred. So I would understand he knows perfectly well what he talks of. I thought Lubos would try to humiliate him :)

The book you mention was on my link.

"He was the author of a book on String theory in 1974 (2nd edition 1986) when it was still named the Dual resonance model.
In 1986 he published a book on Gauge theory (2nd edition 2000, 3rd edition 2008)."

Ulla said...

Somehow this sounds very familiar :) I think the string theory will soon become very TGDish :D

Holography for symmetry breaking? But emergent space, means they will have to start from what?

p 11. "It has no Supersymmetric minimum at sub-Planckian field values, and is compatible
with an underlying model of dS space..."

Also the references are very TGDish :) Only to himself :) There are no else to ref. to?

Has Lubos finally changed his mind? (Become wiser?) He has not erased your link. Some day ago he had a 4-D solution, and now this holography with causal diamonds, topology, even zero energy ontology as time sheats can be read from it? :)

Well some day it have to happen. I like this.

Still busy?

Matti Pitkänen said...

TGD is the only cure to the situation. It is however a pity that so many colleagues waste their professional life trying to resuscitate dead theories.

By the way, Tom Banks who stole for years ago the idea about hyper-finite factors of type II_1 (HFFs sounds more reader friendly) stole now the notion of causal diamond as you learn from Lubos Blog. Causal diamond is not standard term and he could have invented another name but did not since he wanted to demonstrate that a person in his position can do anything. He is a former collaborator of Lubos, thesis advisor if I remember correctly.

I would feel deep shame if I had to steal ideas. This kind of crime might give you priority in this kind of situation when censorship prevails but a idea thief cannot do much for the stolen idea since he has to hide it even from his own eyes.

I am continuing updating of consciousness books. Model for EEG is just now under work. One surprising result is that biophotons and EEG can be seen as reflections of one and same thing: visible and UV photons (as far energy is considered) with a large value of Planck constant so that frequency can be very small-even EEG frequency. These photons can transform to EEG photons or biophons. This is one of the most unexpected discoveries.

Sleep stages can be understood in terms of hbar changing phase transitions: doubling during periods 1-2 and second doubling during periods 3-4. Dreamland is another sector 8-D imbedding space, at the second page of the Big Book! Maybe we just do not remember about our conscious existence during sleep.

Ulla said...

I thought I would point out the similarity to Lubos too, but you was first :) He did not like my comment about his small problem with the criticality, so he deleted it as usual. Your comment is still there, and I must give him a credit for that.

You said once your idea is so special and charachteristic it can't be stolen. Everyone would recognize it. That's a very good reason to silence your webpage.

I wait impatiently to read. What about infrasound, it must have a gate too.

It is much we don't remember, because our biological conscious mind is a small gate, the final protectional state. Even in coma we can remember. Coma is more a motoral stop? Hypnosis is a way to get through that gate.

Matti,I miss you. I promise I will not drown you and I'll try to think at your 'psychological state'. Pleace write. This forum is too short for my discussions. You didn't like my many comments here.

Ulla said...

Lubos and this Banks have several articles as cowriters. Look at his google scholar. Lubos is not as innocent as he seems to be? He is not just his adviser.

Anonymous said...

This is not the first mention of causal diamond in Lubo's blog:

A quick google showed a book about containing discussion about causal diamonds from 2005:

I don't know how far back the term goes but first quick look suggests it's quite general.

Matti Pitkänen said...

In introduced the notion of causal diamond - I think five years ago as part of zero energy ontology. Roughly at the same time when I introduced the idea that quantum theory could rely on hyper-finite factors of type II_1 and the vision about hierarchy of Planck constants.

Banks got interested on HFFS much earlier but obviously forgot where he had seen the idea in the first place;-). This is of course not the first time when my ideas have found this kind of amnesic reception during these years. Recognition is flattering but public recognition would be even more flattering.

There is nothing wrong at the formal level of course. We are living in lawyer society after all. The hegemony makes it impossible for me to publish anything in so called respected journals and publishing in blog means that anyone can republish the stuff as his own work and tell that he has never heard of me.

donkerheid said...


I've found an article from 2001 mentioning causal diamonds.

But maybe I misunderstood something. Did you coin the name 'causal diamond' too?

Matti Pitkänen said...

Yes. Causal diamond is my own term. There are of course many other things involved. Causal diamonds form a fractal hierarchy, CDs within CDs. In the most general case one can form unions and intersections of CDs: especially in consciousness theory this becomes important piece of picture. Banks had "independently discovered" also this.

Ulla said...

Matti Pitkänen said...

Comment about backwards going planets.

In classical model where planets are assumed to be formed from continuous distribution of rotating matter it is difficult to understand "wrong" rotation directions for planets around star.

In the model for which planets correspond to concentrations of ordinary matter around flux tube structures containing dark matter analogous to Bohr orbits the direction of rotation need not be same for all planets.

The continual flux of strange astrophysical findings provides l support for the notion of dark matter as a phase with large Planck constant: in case of gravitational space-time sheets its value is gigantic.

Ulla said...

I already knew that. I just wanted some attention :)

What do you think of this?
from Keas blog.

Ulla said...
Eye Cells as Light Pipes.
But across most of the retina, the photoreceptors are obscured behind three or four coats of additional retinal cells--networked neurons--and a carpet of cellular cables to the brain. Apparently, the retina processes an image by blurring it first.

performed computer simulations to investigate the capacity of Müller cells to guide light. They drew on published measurements of the glial cells' size, refractive indices, and proximity to one another, as well as properties of cells and fibers abutting them. The most common showed waves confined to the cell extending end-to-end in interference patterns known as "guide modes." Ordinarily, structures of this size tend to scatter visible light, but with guide modes, which are akin to the fundamental and harmonic frequencies in a resonating organ pipe, the cells are transmitting light as the pipe transmits sound waves. implies Müller cells can indeed confine and direct light that would otherwise be misdirected by the cells obscuring the photoreceptors. Colors represent light wave amplitude, which is concentrated within the cross-sections of the Müller cells. With video.

This is a simulation of quantum biology where glia cells transfer light in a coherent way. Glia cells can transfer biophotons as a solitonic wave also in the rest of the body.

This is relevant information?

Ulla said...

Two nuclear plants was given. We got one, but two was left. May God have mercy with us, We are just humans. No superhumans. He gives us so much sorrows we must bear. And not just we, also our childern.

I think I hate power. Very much, indeed. In every form.

Power is violence.

Matti Pitkänen said...

I can imagine two interpretations.
a) Standard physics interpretation: these cellular cables help to get light through: the photoreceptors are on the "wrong side".

b) A possible TGD based interpretation. The visible light might be transformed to dark photons with same energy but very large Planck constant. These cells might be responsible for the phase transition increasing the value of Planck constant. They would represent a window to another page of the Big Book whose page number would be the value value of Planck constant. hbar/hbar_0 would be something like 10^14 Hz/80 Hz =about 10^12. 80 Hz is the resonance frequency of retina.

It is sad that the politicians of all leading parties including green party lie completely routinely and voters accept this without any reactions, which is even more alarming. Minister Pekkarinen revealed in a highly emotional tone that his party will allow no nuclear plants and day later told about two nuclear plants. He even this revealed that his yesterday's conviction was just a joke. Just a joke! In this kind of decision! Something like this can voters tolerate only in Finland.

Ulla said...

It struck me that this is so near the cell membrane resonance.

You know I have worked against this, and we succeeded for one, at my living place. Now it comes to Simo, and it is the worst possible place in whole Finland. The Bothnian and Gulf Sea will be contaminated. Already now most of the radioactivity we eat comes from the fish.

I think we would have everything to win in postponing this decision as long as possible. The technique will develope very fast now, and this nuclear plant is a very longliving thing. Nobody can say what kind of technique we will use tomorrow. Maybe the energy is totally free? And no one can tell the price yet for OL3. It is not 3,8 billion, that is sure.

And the motives for a yes is so ridiculous. The climate (renewable is the answer), jobs (very expensive jobs for Europe), energy demand (a doubling?, when we 'have to save' 20 % and have a much higher rate in % of renewable. Finland will produce electricity for 3* more than today?), export (for non-profit price) etc. What are they thinking with? Some 'monument' for Vanhanen? If his name should be on it he must act fast. They said all the time next period, lies, lies. This would be something for a court?

First class stupidity is what it is.

Well, I shall not debate this here, but I am so angry.

Matti Pitkänen said...

"What do you think of this? from Keas blog."

I commented this already in Kea's blog.

Penrose raises very important question which is a hot potatoe for the majority of colleagues. There is a genuine paradox reflecting the wrong view about relationship between geometric time and subjective time to which second law basically applies. Physics is crying for a generalization to a theory of consciousness!

Second law applies in zero energy ontology to zero energy states which are essentially 4-D: positive and negative energy parts of zero energy state are at future and past boundaries of causal diamond.

When we apply second law in cosmological scales, the causal diamond has the scale of the entire universe as we know it. The sequence of quantum jumps replaces this 4-D quantum state- the entire cosmic history- with a new one again and again and second law applies to sub-CDs and leads to no paradoxes since it is the entropy of the whole 4-D history which increases. Both the present and initial state become more entropic quantum jump by quantum jump.

There are subtle effects due to the possibility of negentropic entanglement (making sense in in the intersection of real and p-adic worlds) essential for life implying that second law applies only in scales shorter than the time scale of observation.

Ulla said...

I made a comment on Keas blog on this.

About the cell membrane resonance, could it be the mechanism between the nerve endings and the cell? The nerve never contact cells, the nerves ends in the extracellular matrix.

In the nerve are solitonic waves in the cell membrane, that can be sound or light, in the extracellular matrix are glia cells or connective tissue that creates almost the same resonance as the cell membrane. These functions almost as a BE-condensate?

It has been shown that it is the glia cells/connective tissue that activate the nerve cells. The arousal include dopamine, that also react magnetically. Dopamine functions by inducing a phase transition? Without dopamine the human being is a zoombie, a 'living dead' without motor output, even without thoughts.

This would then be the meridian link to the nerve system.

Ulla said...

A highly interesting link on water quantum properties.

Anonymous said...

if you need some money...

Ulla said...

A link to your work

Ulla said...

Entered your 'grotto' again? Here is a very hot potato that surely make you react :)

I have began to think at it. The most natural explanation is that we de facto are quantum mechanical beings :) My next post is about that.
What is life?

Ulla said...
THINKING AND LANGUAGE: EEG MATURATION AND MODEL OF CONTEXTUAL LANGUAGE LEARNING, modeling biological hierarchical neural networks, Dejan Rakovic

Those vacations? I thought you would take fire :)

Ulla said...

My story. We really are quantum beings! Body and soul :)

Ulla said...

What is violence?

Anonymous said...

From Peter Woits blog 28.4.2010.
This year, it seems that if you want a tenure-track job in the US, you must be working on phenomenology. And not just any sort of phenomenology, your work has to be about dark matter. Of the seven theorists offered tenure track jobs so far, no less than 6 are phenomenologists working on dark matter.

You would qualify to such a job.

Matti Pitkänen said...

The specifications of this kind of jobs are extremely tight and I want to to work freely in the wide framework of TGD which includes basic TGD, biology and consciousness theory. No institute in this planet is ready to hire a person with so wide interests. They want predictable specialists.

Ulla said...

Me again, requiring some attention.

I have made my comparision between TGD and Dejan Rakovic model here. They seem to be quite similar, although Rakovic use biomolecules, no dark matter. Rakovic use more quantum consciousness a la Hamerhoff.

I thought you would react on this? What exactly are you doing????

I think this is a wonderful way to introduce TGD :)

Matti Pitkänen said...

I have updated the worst chapters of consciousness books and can sleep without nightmares. I started to write a series of articles about TGD proper.

The holographic view (I have met Mitja Perus for a couple of times in Liege) emerges also in TGD framework. The basic problem is what holography really means. Mathematics allows huge number of options but physics would suggest that counterpart of laser light is involved. The problem of standard physics is that hbar is too small to allow coherence in brain scale.

Fractality would be certainly involved since holograms are basic exampled of information theoretic fractals. Neurons should be able to provide representations about part of organism and even entire organism. Bioholography indeed supports this view experimentally (for some reason these findings have not received the attention that
they deserve).

One view about holography in TGD framework is based on the model for a fractal generalization of EEG based on dark Josephson photons. They are generated by cell membranes acting as Josephson junctions and their energies are proportional to the membrane voltage so that each type of cell has its own characteristic Josephson energy

These energies are in the range of visible and UV photon energies (one would expect .04-.08 eV energies characterizing IR light but the realization that cell membranes as critical systems are most naturally almost vacuum extremals led to a modification of the model; as a consequence the energy range is scaled up). Why I take this modification seriously is that it predicts large breaking of parity symmetry which indeed characterizes living matter and is a complete mystery in standard model. One particular, quantitative success is correct prediction for the frequencies of peak sensitivity for photoreceptors.

Josephson frequencies are proportional to 1/hbar and vary in huge range from about 10^14 Hz to the time scale of decades. The most amazing outcome is that EEG photons result in the decays of these Josephson radiation to bunches of ELF photons and biophotons result when they transform to singe ordinary photon. Two seemingly totally unrelated notions are unified which is always a good sign.

Josephson radiation is what makes biosystem a hologram in purely physical sense. Magnetic body included since Josephson radiation communicates sensory data to the magnetic body by inducing cyclotron transitions. Motor action proceeds in reverse time direction by negative energy Josephson radiation.

To be continued....

Matti Pitkänen said...

Continuation to the previous email.

Josephson radiation can in principle regenerate basic qualia along sensory pathway. Sensory receptors have specialized to experience and nothing else: they use most of their lipids for this purpose in cells along the sensory pathway. Neurons become kind of sensory homunculi with every lipid of at least axon serving as a pixel with colors defined by the qualia associated with it.

This means fractality and a very concrete realization of holography. This could have been guessed: already genomes make cells informational fractals/holograms so that only a generalization of this observation is in question.

One can assign to each cell a value of Planck constant characterizing its evolutionary level. The corresponding Josephson frequency is inversely proportional to 1/hbar and is the lower the higher the level is since the time scale of planned action and memory becomes longer with increasing hbar. For instance, the neurons in the associative regions of brain are rather intelligent and civilized and pixels carry quantum associations of various qualia like colors, tastes, etc... In cerebellum the neurons are not so educated. The time scale of synchrony is 160-200 Hz whereas in hippocampus it is around 5-12 Hz and 40 Hz at primary sensory areas.
There would be also cells producing kHz Josephson radiation and with frequency which corresponds to time scales of years.

Also the glia, in particular astrocytes are in fundamental role. In fact, they might correspond to highest representations of data between magnetic body and sensory receptors. At this level the oscillations of membrane potential reflecting themselves as frequency modulations of frequencies of generalized EEG would represent the sensory data.

Brain would be like a flock of singing whales or orchestra playing instruments whose octaves would be characterized by Planck constant and speech and singing would be one particular example of a completely general representation of information as frequency modulation of Josephson frequencies.

Note that also ordinary speech relies on frequency modulation as becomes clear by playing a recorded speech very slowly so that speech and singing are not so different basically.

One new piece of theory is a detailed proposal for how the Mersenne primes and Gaussian Mersennes (as many as four of them in the crucial length scale range 10 nm-2580 nm with big at both sides!) are involved.

The proposal is that there is hierarchy of copies of weak interactions and color interactions at these length scales plus their dark scaled up variants. The idea is that when dark scaled up variant of Mersenne scale is second Mersenne scale a resonance of the two physics occurs. Dark gauge bosons transform to their non-variants with much smaller mass. This would occurs only near quantum criticality (near vacuum extremal property for cell memrane).

The phases near vacuum extremals could provide generic explanation for very large class of anomalous luminous phenomena (sonofusion, cold fusion, tornadoes, anomalies of rotating magnetic systems, earth lights and UFOs identified as earth lights,...)

This leads to rather detailed vision about evolution allowing to put large number of ideas under common conceptual umbrella including the earlier observation that the model for dark nucleons predcits counterparts of RNA, DNA, tRNA, and aminoacids as states of nucleons and also vertebrate genetic code emerges naturally. Genetic code would be realized already at the level of dark nuclear physics and realized in terms of nuclear strings,

Ulla said...

I was sad and angry of your silence, but I need not to be, I see. You know, you can make me very frustrated :)

Popp have these photons, and the only interaction is through them, he says. They interact via electrons. But also de Broglie wave trains can interact (the soliton).

As usual I must read carefully.

Ulla said...

Given the great success of quantum physics in the microscopic domain, it is very natural to wonder whether it is universally valid, and in particular whether it can account for our macroscopic experience. Arguing that it can is the program of the “many worlds” interpretation of quantum physics,...

I found one more interesting article of the same sort:

This quantum superposition is in now. And many have your approach, have they then red your website or not :)
You'll see you haven't done your research in vain. Soon they will find out the p-adic hierarchy too :)
I'm happy for you.

Ulla said...

One more :)

Matti Pitkänen said...

People are now starting to accept the facts. They of course try first to do with existing quantum theory and this article is a noble attempt to achieve this.

Sooner or later they will have to accept the unavoidable. This will mean beginning of a new Golden Era in physics and birth of a genuine biophysics.

But in Finland there is a complete silence! What on Earth are these professors doing?! This is sad. I am not proud of coming from a banana state of theoretical physics.

Ulla said...

One more story.

I saw I got a link on Rewiring Neuroscience too. Cool.

But it is frustrating to write when I have no proper time for it. I understand you. Still I wait.

It seems to me quite clear now that consciousness cannot arise. It can only be constrained.

Ulla said...

This link is so interesting, although not quite relevant here.
Newborn Infants Learn While Asleep.
DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1005061107

So we are conscious while asleep? The brains of newborns are different? Newborn can have global strokes and have completely renewed brain. Entanglement with the quantum world still strong? But newborn have a very strong negentropy level in their growth (inherent).???

"Newborn infants' sleep patterns are quite different than those of older children or adults in that they show more active sleep where heart and breathing rates are very changeable,"
"Newborns may be very adaptive to learning in general simply because their brains have increased plasticity, increased propensity to be changed by experience,"

Matti Pitkänen said...

Might be that we are concious while asleep. I managed to simplify the earlier model for EEG during sleep. It is based on two phase transitions in which the hbar of neurons increases by factor 2 in two steps corresponding to phases 1-2 and 3-4 of deep sleep.

We might not remember anything about this period because our experience is about other pages of the Big Book with pages labeled by value of Planck constant, literally about other worlds. Memory recall would mean communication between two different pages of book and would not be very probable process.

Only at the criticality for the phase transition changing hbar we could remember something about this "dark" consciousness: the strange experiences just when we fall asleep or wake up would represent this mode of consciousness. Visual mental images, experience of being some totally different person,...

Maybe the paradoxixal memory feats and mathematical achievements of persons who are autistic or classified as idiots are partially due to the possibility to live at the border of everyday world and dream worlds.

Ulla said...

I thought you had gone hibernating... You live on another book page than me :)

Also very old persons loose contact, their brains shrink, the nervenet diminish. The analogy with autists and idiots are interesting. If they simply use another sub-self, at another level. I would say a less differentiated one, also a bigger one. Then their experiencies would have a different quality, be more holistic.

Jung went down in the hierarchy of the body. You can experience at cell level too. At cell level this would be most profound. The cell would literally know of the situation for the whole individ, but 'intuitively' as 'in a dream'. This is a sort of entanglement too. Entanglements are also graded in a hierarchy, like innumerous diamonds...

I miss my diamond very, very, very much.

Matti Pitkänen said...

Meditation differs from sleep in that consciousness is not lost/one remembers the "dark" state. Maybe meditators learn to stay at the criticality just at the border of sleep and awake and in this manner can communicate information about what the other side looks like. Shamanism might involve the same mechanism.

Maybe my fate is to be a kind of shaman in totally materialistic culture. During night time I wake up continually and everytime I have been "dreaming". These dreams are continuous stories and I remember what has happened during earlier nights. There are intense contacts with friends and also colleagues: both hostile and friendly. Maybe I have learned to live at the criticality. I do not experience this as a curse. It is a pity that our hyper western culture neglects totally the possibility to live much richer life by remembering something also about the life in "dark" worlds.

Also the strange photographs of Gariaev about DNA which I interpret as photographs about dark matter would represent an example about the possibility to observe the dark side at criticality.

Ulla said...

This 'Life as islands' I have tried to find. The concept is very appealing. I have listed different diagrams to see which parameters would be the important ones. One is the brain size. The other is still unsure. Maybe these parameters are also hierarchial.

This meditative 'communication' always happens through a small window. The consciousness is very limited, and still so much more than in ordinary life.

You know I have often precognitive dreams. They get their solution always. This winter I had a nasty dream about ice in boxes in a school, water on the floor. It was about my work :) not yours. You know I often discuss things with you in my dreams :)

Our mutual 'friend' also said this. And I know it myself. You have always been a shaman, with something important to do at the top of a mountain. You forget I'm a shaman too :) 'Wait for me'.

Ulla said...

Synthetic cells and created Life. A big overstatement.
And we construct ancient nukes! For eternity. Humans are really clever? Maybe it would have been better if we were idiots?

No TGD link. I know you master this so much better than me :)

Matti Pitkänen said...

This is overstatement. Wonderful demonstration of the power of information technology but life is not created from scratch. They use existing building bricks.

Aplaudes should go to the pioneers like Gariaev who have taken the first steps to the right direction.

Hierarchy of Planck constants and dark matter, the notion of magnetic body, life in the intersection of real and p-adic worlds, criticality for transformation to large hbar phase and for real-p-adic transitions... When these notions have transformed to everyday phenomenology with precise experimental protocols we have hope to really create life.

Ulla said...

Gods breath...

Och Gud blåste sin andedräkt och det blev liv.

I have thought of my patient, a girl victim of severe abusement. No sign of life in her body. She had no thoughts, no wishes, no will. She didn't even feel her muscles move in her body. She had a lot of piercings so she would feel at least something.

I think of the children in Romania in hospitals. Awful.

Last time she told me the psychologists only sat and waited for her to talk. How could she talk when there wasn't even a thought.

It is wonderful to see her waking up, get Life, but it hurts a lot.

Gods breath had left her. She was somewhere else? Like an autistic child.

This is in fact the magnetic body too, going outside, away from the body. No feelings. Automatic Life.

Life is so much more. All this neurocascade, wonderful experiences, perceptions, feelings, emotions...

She love to dance, as an actress but she realized there was no-one there to celebrate her, when she succeeded. Also this made her so sad.

This comment has definitely no relevance here. I just felt I wanted to say it.

donkerheid said...

To Matti: I agree :)
by the way, thank you 4 the letter!


Anonymous said...

To live
what is it to live?
to feel Life?

Life is pulsating, vibrating
eagerness, fire, wredge, love
temper, feelings, experiences
giving the answer
I know how it is
I have felt it.

Once I wanted you to come
with me out in the sun
laghing, dancing, full with pleasure
joy growing inside me like a volcano, bubbles
when I thought of you
when I think of you
Joy cannot wait
cannot be felt from above
Joy is here and now, this moment
It doesn't ask for security
permission, loyality

Joy can be dangerous
because in that very moment
you are free

what is it?
For you, for some else?
How do you chose between them?
Do you chose you
or something else?

If you don't chose you
can you ever be happy?
Say, I know how it was, I have felt it.
Happiness can't be saved, can't wait
happiness is here and now, this very moment.

To live is to let Life flow in
and welcome it without fear
gives consciousness.

In my dream you went down
into the cellar
full with fear, duty, loyality
anguish, sadness

I said, come, follow me
out in the sun
but you only looked out
stood there behind the door
with the hand on its spell
turned around and went down
into the cellar.

How could you?
Don't you know
what consciousness is?
A flooding through your body
without restrictions

to be
to care
to react and do
to love