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How arrow of geometric time is selected at quantum level?

I have discussed in the chapter About the Nature of Time of "Matter, Mind, Quantum" how the arrow of geometric time as a correlate for the experienced arrow of geometric time might be selected in TGD Universe. The discussion does not touch the question what arrow of time means at the level of quantum states. Therefore the notion of negative energy signal propagating backwards in geometric time crucial for TGD inspired quantum biology remains somewhat fuzzy.

The recent progress in the understanding of the basic properties of zero energy states makes it possible to understand what arrow of geometric time and the notion of negative energy state and signals propagating to the direction of geomeric past mean at the level of zero energy states. This understanding has surprisingly non-trivial philosophical implications. In the following I shall briefly the quantum view about arrow of time.

Arrow of time as an inherent property of zero energy states?

The basic idea can be expressed in very conscise form. In positive energy ontology arrow of time characterizes dynamics. In zero energy ontology arrow of time characterizes quantum states.

  1. The breaking of time reversal invariance (see this) means that zero energy states can be localized with respect to particle number and other quantum numbers only for future or past light-like boundary of CD but not both. M-matrix generalizing S-matrix provides the time-like entanglement coefficients expressing the state at the second boundary as quantum superposition of states with well-defined particle numbers and other quantum numbers. But only at the second end of CD since one cannot choose freely the states at both boundaries: if this were the case the counterpart of Schrödinger equation would be completely non-deterministic. This is what the breaking of time reversal symmetry means. It occurs spontaneously and assigns to the arrow of subjective time geometric arrow of time.

    This picture gives a precise meaning to the arrow of geometric time and therefore also for the otherwise fuzzy notion of negative energy signals propagating backwards in space-time playing key role in TGD based models of memory, metabolism, and intentional action (see this).

  2. Quantum jump begins with the unitary U-process between zero energy states generating a superposition of zero energy states. After that follows state function reduction cascade proceeding from the level of CD to the level of sub-CDs forming a fractal hierarchy. The reductions cannot take independently at both light-like boundaries of CD as is also clear from the fact that scattering state leads from a prepared state to a quantum superposition of prepared states.

    The first guess is that the cascade takes place for the second boundary of CD only so that the arrow of geometric time would be same in all scales. This need not be the case always: the geometric arrow of time seems to change in some situations: phase conjugate laser light and spontaneous self-assembly of bio-molecules are good examples about this (see this and this). In fact, one of the defining properties of living matter could be just the possibility that the arrow of geometric time is not same in all scales (size scales of CDs) so that memory, metabolism, and intentional action become possible. In any case, the second end remains a superposition of quantum states.

    The lack of quantum measurements at the second end of space-times could explain why the conscious percepts are sharply localized in time at the second end of CD. This could also allow to understand memories as reductions occurring at the second, non-standard, end of sub-CDs in the geometric past.

  3. The correspondence between the reduced state and the quantum superposition of states at the opposite boundary of CD allows an interpretation in terms of logical implication arrow with all statements present in the superposition implying the statement represented by the reduced state. Only implication arrow rather than equivalence is possible unless the M-matrix is diagonal meaning that there are no interactions. If it is possible to diagonalize M-matrix then in diagonal basis one has equivalences. It must be however emphasized that the physically preferred state basis fixed as in terms of eigenstates of density matrix does not allow diagonal M-matrix. Number theoretic conditions required that the density matrix corresponds to fixed algebraic extension of rationals can also make possible the diagonalization without leaving the extension and this condition might be highly relevant in the TGD inspired view about cognition relying on p-adic number fields and their algebraic extensions (see this).

  4. In classical logic implication corresponds to the inclusion of subset by subset. In quantum case it corresponds to the inclusion for sub-space of state space. The inclusions of hyper-finite factors (WCW spinors define HFF of type II1) realize the notion of finite measurement resolution, which would suggest that inclusion arrow has also interpretation in terms of finite measurement resolution.

    All quantum states equivalent with a given state in the resolution used imply it. Finite measurement resolution would mean that there would infinite number of instances always in the quantum superposition representing the rule A → B. Ironically, both finite measurement resolution and dissipation implying the arrow of geometric time and usually regarded as something negative from the point of view of information processing would be absolutely essential element of logical thinking in this framework.

  5. Conscious theorem proving would has as correlate to building of sequences zero energy states representing A → B, B→ C, C → D with basic building bricks representing simple basic rules. These sequences would represent more complex truths.

Does state function-state preparation sequence correspond to alternating arrow of geometric time?

The state function reduction at light-like boundary of CD implies delocalization at the opposite boundary. This inspires so fascinating questions.

  1. Could the state function reduction process take place alternately at the two boundaries of CD so that a kind of flip-flop in which the arrow of geometric time changes back and forth would result, and have interpretation as an alternating sequence of state function reductions and state preparations in the framework of positive energy ontology?

  2. State function reductions are needed for sensory percepts. Could the sleep-wake-up period correspond to this kind of process so that during what we call sleep the past boundary of our personal CD would be in wake-up state? Could dreams and memories represent sharing of mental images of this kind of consciousness? Could it be that in the time scale of entire life cycle death is accompanied by birth at the second boundary of personal CD? Could this quantum physics representation for endless sequence of deaths and rebirths? Could the fact that old people often spend they last years in childhood have interpretation in this framework?

  3. State preparation-reduction cycle might characterize only living matter whereas for inanimate matter second choice for the arrow of time would be dominant between two U-processes. TGD based reformulation of entropic gravity idea of Verlinde in terms of ZEO does not assume the absence of gravitons and the emergence of space-time (see this). The formulation leads to the proposal that thermodynamical stability selects the arrow of the geometric time and that it could be different for matter and antimatter implying that matter and antimatter reside at different space-time sheets. This would explain the apparent absence of antimatter and also support the view that the arrow alternates only in living matter.

The arrow of geometric time and the arrow of logical implication

If physics is mathematics in the sense that there is nothing behind quantum states regarded as purely mathematical objects, Boolean logic must have a direct manifestation in the structure of physical states. Physical states should represent quantal Boolean statements which get their meaning via quantum jumps. In TGD framework WCW ("world of classical worlds") spinor fields represent quantum states of the Universe and WCW spinors correspond to fermionic Fock states for second quantized induced spinor fields at space-time surface. Fock state basis has interpretation in terms of Boolean algebra. In positive energy ontology the problem is that fermion number as a super-selection rule would allow very limited number of Boolean statements to be represented. In ZEO the situation changes.

The fermionic parts of positive and negative energy parts can be seen as quantum superpositions of Boolean statements with fermion number in given mode (equal to 0 or 1) representing yes/no or true/false. Also various spin like quantum numbers associated with oscillator operators have same interpretation. Zero energy state could be seen as quantum superposition of pairs of elements of Boolean algebras associated with positive and negative energy parts of the zero energy state.

The first - and incorrect - interpretation is that zero energy state represents a quantum superposition of equivalent statements a↔ b and thus abstraction A<---> B involving several instances of A and B. The breaking of time reversal invariance allowing localization to definite fermionic quantum numbers at single end of CD only however implies that quantum states can only represent abstraction of logical implication to A→ B rather than equivalence. p-Adic physics for various primes p (see this) would represent correlates for cognition and intentionality.

For background see the chapter About the Nature of Time of "Matter, Mind, Quantum".


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