Monday, April 25, 2011

Water memory made visible

Water memory is one of those phenomena crucially important for understanding living matter whose existence is stubbornly forbidden by skeptics who say that water is just H2O and nothing else since this is what they learned in the elementary school.

The latest demonstrations of water memory is by the research group of HIV Nobelist Montagnier giving also strong support for a completely new realization of genetic realized somehow by water (see this) but finnish skeptics concluded that Montagnier and his group are either swindlers or that the group knows nothing about basics of experimental biology. Only a complete idiot can have the self-confidence and ignorance possessed by the most pathological finnish skeptics.

In our neighboring country Sweden skeptics have totally different attitude towards truth. For instance, two swedish physics professors admitted that the recent demonstrations of cold fusion by Italian researchers (see this) suggest strongly that new kind of nuclear reactions taking place at low temperatures are involved. The other professor leads swedish skeptics society (see this).

TGD based view about dark matter leads to a model of dark nucleon with size of order DNA triplet in which nucleon states consisting of three quarks are in one-one correspondence with DNA,RNA,tRNA, and aminoacids and vertebrate genetic code has a simple and beatiful realization (see this). This supports the view that genetic code is realized at the nuclear physics level for dark matter in water, and that the chemical realization emerged much later. This would have profound implications for the understanding of evolution and also for what happens in the cellular water of living organisms also now.

Fischer Gabor sent me Youtube video making water memory directly visible. For instance, water droplets remember the person who prepared them or the flower dropped to the water by the structure of the droplets made visible by the method used by the researchers. Essentially holographic memory is in question. Maybe this video might open some eyes to see the fascinating reality in all its beauty. Enjoy!


At 6:54 AM, Blogger donkerheid said...

That every person leaves a unique imprint in water is so mind-boggling and beautiful. This could even change our entire culture!

At 4:57 PM, Blogger ThePeSla said...


I am still having trouble trying to evaluate and see where the water memory fits in to the scheme of things.

On the other hand I have read that statistically water that had passed thru Einstein leaves a few molecules in all of us. Well, maybe you drank a few more :-)

I found this today which vaguely links some ideas of p-adic analysis and my quasics- I now know a little better the great uses of this idea, even an alternative calculus based on absolute numbers seen differently.

Check out the pictures on that link. I am giving these number ideas in general a lot of thought lately. Do you think there may be primes beyond 127 as such? or is it somehow limited and physically so?


At 10:31 PM, Blogger Ulla said...

Water is an energy acceptor, a reducing agent, that's why the acidity (protons) is so severely constrained in the body. It is the other part of the redox-reaction, and together they make an expanding-constraining 'dance' over the carbonic matter.

Carbon is very essential.

Water is transparent, and form hexagons and greater chrystallic water formations.

We don't know yet WHAT memory is. It is hard to think it would be any MATTER.

Holy water, healing water, silver water... Baptism, initiations, purity...

At 8:55 AM, Blogger ThePeSla said...


Clearly when we view things from this p-adic physics of numbers and extend the spirals of factoring in some direction (where it is still important to look more deeply at the arrow of time as Matti does and some say is just a high level illusion) we find some numbers to high to analyze that can be shown not to be Mersene numbers. In which case the hex symmetry is intrinsic to number, math as superior in descriptions where we at least have no surprises today to current physics.

But I still bet memory in the structured vacuum as if in nothingness or what cannot be seen- in at least these mathematical ideas. Carbon or water it is the same geometry. It must be deeper than your link that imagines superconductive photons in a sort of Higgs condensate and so on...

The PeSla

At 12:39 PM, Blogger Ulla said...

Of course it is deeper, much deeper, I just attributed with some pictures.

A hexagon is no prime but add one more, a zero or a hole (nr 7)and its counterpart, like I saw on Keas blog she called a matroid (an octonion)... i am rather convinced the hexagon is a link to the supersymmetric dark matter. Maybe the matroid is exactly that mirror? But it also must be holistic.

What other numbers had you in thought?

There are other boundaries too, because a 'grid' only of p-adics would be too coarse. And every prime creates its own 'Book'.
Memory must work in this way too, creating boundaries, compare topological insulators. When you remember you go back in the Book (regression). Also your behavior.

Superconductive photons a la Wilczek maybe suits Mattis Higgs mechanism well? The photons are 'eaten' and transferred into mass. Very heavy photons. We ARE light:) Through that superconduction also life enters.

Our reality is maybe a high level illusion? But it is necessary for the creation.

At 1:10 AM, Blogger Ulla said...

That comment was directed to me, so I answered, according to what I know. You, Matti, has of course a much deeper explanation.


Water is very essential to life. Some organisms are almost completely only water, more water than in the Sea. The water creates a SECONDARY coherence.

At 12:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is not a water memory,because it
is not its own memory:

"Data in favor of the anomalous the mass transfer of the [ektoplazmaticheskoy] substance of operator into the hermetically sealed water it is possible to illustrate by the appearance of those visually observed with the lateral illumination against the black background the finest transparent filamentary formations (BUT) of unknown nature. Question arises - not that whether this is beaded- filamentary visible in the reflected light thin substance, which emanates from the hands of operator during the psychokinesis (see division 4.3.). Possibly, it that is capable of penetrating in closed volumes and to change with the pH of medium. With the repeated water treatments a quantity BUT it increases. It increases, also, with the prolonged (2-3 years) standing of water, even if it it was located in the sterile bottles. It is justifiable to ask the question: - are not capable these [ektoplazmaticheskie] formations to multiply in the water, increasing in this case the acidity of the medium its inhabiting. Indeed in the control bottles nothing similar it occurred. Another, noteworthy, an example of multiplication and existence in the water of the whimsical forms BUT it is described in the work [33"

"So that such is ectoplasm in the esoteric understanding. Ectoplasm - this the [polumaterialnaya] living substance, isolated by man with [fantomoobrazovanii]. For the first time by its scientific methods it investigated and described Schrenck Of notzing [34] together with the French [issledovatelnitsey] Of juliette Of bisson. Schrenck Of notzing thus described this phenomenon: - “Fairly often to us was given the possibility to be convinced of the fact that with the aid of the unknown biological process from the body of medium was separated the semi-transparent substance, which took the form of the living of material, it possessed strong changeability, it could move and take the [opredelennye] forms… The outgrowths of ectoplasm penetrate through the clothing, leaving no tracks. From the agreement of the medium the small piece of this outgrowth was amputated. It melted as snow in the vessel, where it was [pomeshchen], after leaving moist track and several large cells, similar to the cells of fungus. Under by microscope it was possible to examine the cells of the epithelium of mucous membrane, by which it was covered this substance”. In the work [35] protoplasmic ectoplasm is characterized as polymorphous the substance, which penetrates through the material obstacles. It is allotted by sensitivity, and it is similar to the protuberances, which leave from the different sections of the body in the form of cobweb from sufficiently durable thin white threads. They feel the surrounding objects. In this case sensory the sensations of ectoplasm are transferred to the man- carrier Phenomenon of ectoplasm as one of the forms of the partially materialized living substance, for us it is relatively new and insufficiently studied. However, this phenomenon was described because of the spiritistic to motion [KH]I[KH] of century. We did not encounter two centuries later, in the attempts to understand nature PK man, with one of the manifestations of ectoplasm?"

It is the real dark matter

Dark Knight

At 6:53 AM, Blogger Matti Pitkanen said...

Fascinating! Maybe the ectoplasm could be something real after all and understandable in terms of radiating dark matter residing at magnetic flux tubes. Magnetic flux tubes connecting the target and the person with strong remote mental interaction abilities are assumed mediate remote mental interactions in the TGD inspired model for these interactions developed for some years ago in interaction with Lian Sidoroff.

We ourselves as magnetic bodies would control our biological body by the same mechanisms and the reason for the rarity of remote mental interactions would be the immune system taking care that no one else is able to use personal biological body: it is not at all pleasant to become possessed:-)!

At 8:41 AM, Blogger donkerheid said...


Ectoplasm can indeed be real. The term was coined by a physiology professor at Sorbonne, Charles Richet who won the Nobel-prize in 1913 for researching anaphylactic shock. He researched psychic phenomena for 30 years, and though skeptical in attitude, he told that one should not speak about this matter, who has not researched it thoroughly. He even determined that ectoplasm is composed of white blood cells and skin cells from the sitters who attend the séance.
Skeptics say that the so-called ectoplasm is a sheet of gauze, carefully hidden in the medium's mouth, and then extruded in the right moment, thus we arrive again at the typical and extremely awkward conclusion of the skeptics that it is just a hoax perpetrated by liars and credulous fools :).
This can be refuted in too many grounds. To mention just a few, ectoplasm is destroyed by light (except for red light) and its destruction can injure the medium. Even touching it can cause slight bleeding, little bruisings, wounds or mental shocks. Since these séances have been going on for at least the last 150 years, the documentation of such cases is very rich, and by the way they seem extremely consistent. It has happened repeatedly that skeptics wanted to prove these phenomena a fraud, and they only caused harm to the medium, besides that they were baffled not to find any sign of a fraud.

Those who speak from the other side, to say that, repeatedly say that they have to 'slow down their vibrations' to be able to manipulate ectoplasm or to speak through a medium. Ectoplasm might be like a veil of living matter (human cells!) that can be manipulated from the other side by discarnate (magnetic?) bodies if they learn to do so. I would be surprised if this couldn't be understood in TGD terms.

Magnetic bodies controlling the biological bodies is such a mind-boggling concept. Just think of it how it would change our conception of ourselves! :)
My personal impressions are as follows: at least one level in the hierarchy of magnetic bodies, of which you speak, is an exact replica of our biological bodies. At death, it only detaches from the biological body but it isn't destroyed and it can never be destroyed! I am willing to accept, that the survival of a replica body has been proven conveniently, and many times.
It is also told, that our self is just a facet of a 'multidimensional self' we are not yet aware of in our current state of spiritual development. This is incredibly beautiful and I think realizing this is the only way out of our status of being mere speaking animals most of the time. :)

Without being able to go into details, this means in my interpretation that our biological body - with which we identify ourselves - is but a mere filter placed before our true self. This filter determines us to a great degree. Furthermore, the magnetic body must be some kind of a template of our biological body. Basically, this would overthrow the entire biology. At least. But understanding the nature of consciousness could rightfully be called something like 'transhumanism'.

best regards,

At 10:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

All answers about dark matter are
in the parapsychology and paraphysics.
In the first paragraph ectoplasm is introduced quite relatively and it
correspond more to psy acting at any
distance without any barriers, as it
is at Montagnier experiments.
In the second paragraph it correspond
more to Qi and orgon acting at short

Dark Knight.

At 11:13 PM, Anonymous Matti Pitkanen said...

To Donkerheid: I would like to see brain and biological body could be seen as a factory of standardized mental images and control tool for magnetic body. Of course, also the layers of the onionlike magnetic body could form sensory and control hierarchy.

The notion of magnetic body is regarded as complete nonsense by the average colleague. Average theoretician applies methods and accepts the world view behind them without questions. There are findings of Libet and biology is full of anomalies but because theoretical physicists regard neuroscience and biology as taxonomy they never consider these anomalies seriously.

To Anonymous: I believe that the answers to questions related to remote mental interactions (I prefer to use this term instead of parapsychology) are in the physics of dark matter rather than reverse.

At 6:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dark matter is the best candidate
for the psychic phenomena, but it
must cover all their manifestations
and even the UFOs.Today I found many
possibilities at Randell Mills his
hydrinos to be the candidate.
Why some Russians say everything is
micromagnetics and their parapsychologists the next:

"3. Mental material essence possesses the following basic properties: 1) it interacts with the vacuum and is the basis of negentropic processes in the organism; 2) it is converted into different forms pouring in emissions; 3) it is capable of transferring and of receiving different forms of information to or from any distances; 4) it accumulates in itself the history of the passed generations (epigenesis) in the genealogy of the person; 5) it is manifested through the mental or physical action; 6) it is capable of the short-term or prolonged exteriorization from the organism; 7) it acts on the basis of resonance mechanism, and its energy can be concentrated or scattered; 8) it screens only by mental action; 9) it manifests the physical features, similar to the gravitational field; 10) influence on the behavior of man and his functional state render. 4. There is an information- energy field, as one of the mantles of the earth (noosphere). 5. There is such reality, which, being by completely material, simultaneously possesses the properties of mental . Specifically, this form of material allows to stick the means, adequate to the objects of the surrounding world.”

As though dark matter must be

At 6:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

gravimagnetic, excuse me.

Dark Knight

At 7:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I forgot something, what about this:

“The basis of Dr. Müller’s research was the discovery of a non-electromagnetic interaction between physical biotic systems. It was later found by Russian scientists that this previously unknown “biofield” interaction even occurred between supposedly inanimate objects such as rocks or interstellar material.

Later, in 1988, microbiological experiments conducted aboard the Mir spacecraft determined that the biofield was actually gravitation and amazingly, modulated gravitation possessed the unique capability of transmitting biological data—a fact independently verified by the distinguished physicist and Sumerian scholar George Merkl, PhD. Russian experiments conducted during the 1960’s and subsequently suppressed by the Russian Academy of Sciences, revealed that gravitational waves are able to travel at a minimum of twenty times the accepted velocity of light and that a “biofield” pervades the entire universe.

Planetary Evolution

After examining this extensive corpus of scientific data, Dr. Müller was able to deduce that a logarithmic scalar gravitational standing wave pervades the entire universe. “So what?” you may be wondering. Simply that this standing gravitational wave confers appropriate resonant data to every biotic system within the universe, thereby imposing an enduring effect upon planetary evolution. Contrary to popular scientific belief, Dr. Müller’s research reveals, much to the chagrin of human genome geneticists, that genetic information is not contained in DNA strands.

Instead, DNA and RNA molecules generate optical holograms which are in resonance with, and driven by, specific frequencies generated by the universal standing scalar gravitational wave. Every living cell resonantly receives the appropriate data in the form of weak electromagnetic coded signals from the universal scalar wave necessary for biochemical processes such as protein synthesis.9 “

“Intent-modulated emission of biophotons from the hands of qigong practitioners is a
well-known phenomenon that has often been reported in the scientific literature. Eugene
Wallace reported measuring up to 100 time stronger emissions from the hands of gifted
persons compared to controls.
A study by Nakamura & al. (2000) reports an increase in subject’s hand biophotons
intensity associated with a drop in skin surface temperature during Qigong practice. The
significantly higher (up to 105nT) magnetic signals during Qi emission from hands of
qigong practitioners, as compared to the controls were revealed (Lin & Chen, 2001).”


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