Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Confirmation for Fermi excess

I told for few weeks ago I told (see this) about the evidence for 130 GeV bump in photon radiation from galactic center discovered by Christoph Weniger (see this). Also Lubos told about the finding of Weniger (see this). Now Lubos told (see this) about a confirmation of the finding by Estonian researchers Elmo Tempel, Andi Hektora and Martti Raidala (see this).

An important conclusion of these researchers is that best fit is obtained if the dark matter candidates decay by two-body annihilation to photons and have mass 145 GeV. The reason for why the gamma peak is at 130 GeV rather than 145 GeV is due to emission light particle pairs by the photons.

In TGD framework the annhilating particles with 145 GeV mass could be charge pion-like states of M89 hadron physics. They could be dark in the sense of having large value of Planck constant but it is not clear whether this is necessarily so. The TGD based on view about galactic dark matter locates in cosmic string like objects containing galaxies as pearls in necklace and no halo is needed to explain galactic rotation spectrum. An ultrahigh temperature would be needed to excite M89 hadron physics and if there is giant blackhole in galactic nucleus, there are hopes about this. M89 hadron physics could also produce ultrahigh energy cosmic rays (this).

It is amusing that also CDF found also evidence for a bump at this energy (this) (this has been forgotten long time ago by bloggers in 125 GeV Higgs hysteria). Estonians propose that also a particle with 290 GeV (mass would twice that of 145 GeV state) is needed. This brings further support for the idea about mass octaves of ground state of pionlike states needed to explain various anomalies (see this and this).

If one takes seriously the evidence for 125 GeV state and its identification as pion like state together with the evidence for galactic pionlike state with mass of 145 GeV, one has nice support for the overall TGD based view about situation (see this).
The small splitting between pionlike states has possible counterpart in the ordinary hadron physics: there is evidence for satellites of pion, mesons, and baryons in 20-40 MeV scale for mass splittings and in TGD framework they would correspond to IR Regge trajectories with the scale of 10-20 GeV mass splittings (see this).

Also the simplest TGD based view about SUSY would also allow mesons and smesons made of two squarks to have same mass scale 129 GeV state resp. 145 GeV state could correspond to M89 pion resp. spion.

We are living exciting times!

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