Wednesday, December 07, 2005

TGD inspired model of nerve pulse

The vision about dark matter hierarchy led to an updating of practically all chapters related to hardware of consciousness. Last updating relates to the model of nerve pulse.

The basic idea behind the model of nerve pulse is that some kind of quantum jump reduces the magnitude of membrane potential below the threshold leading to the generation of nerve pulse. Several identification of this quantum jump have been discussed during years but no really convincing option has been found. The evolution of ideas about dark matter hierarchy and associated hierarchy of Planck constants led to a breakthrough in several sectors. The assignment the predicted ranged classical weak and color gauge fields to dark matter hierarchy was the crucial step and led among other things to a model of high Tc superconductivity predicting the basic scales of cell, to a generalization of the genetic code to a hierarchy of genetic codes, and also to a generalization of EEG to a hierarchy of EEGs, ZEGs, and WEGs and of the colored variant of EEG.

A further outcome was a profound modification of the model of nerve pulse. The key notion is charge entanglement made possible by W MEs between magnetic body and cell interior making possible quantum control by inducing a deviation from charge equilibrium leading to a generation of ordinary currents. This entanglement makes possible superposition of entangled states involving ordinary ionic B-E condensate of Ca++ ions and its exotically charged counterparts, not only at neuronal level but at all levels of dark matter hierarchy. If the membrane potential is reduced below the threshold at the exotically ionized branch of this multi-verse, nerve pulse generated at this branch. This superposition of quantum states in which quantum parallel dissipation takes place at lower dark matter levels makes also possible dissipative quantum computations in terms of nerve pulse patters, for instance during sleep. State function reduction leads with some probability to the branch at which nerve pulse is generated. Millisecond defines the time scale for these state function reductions.

Hodkin-Huxley model describes phenomenologically what happens at a given branch of the multiverse. The real course of events involves quantal currents which are essentially universal as the totally unexpected finding that membrane currents are virtually independent on the properties of the membrane demonstrated. This can be understood if the structures identified as ionic pumps and channels are actually ionic receptors and voltage sensors and ionic currents flow as quantal currents along cell membrane space-time sheet and dissipate minimally. The flow through cell membrane might involve transformation to dark phase. The quantal pulse like character of currents follows from the quantal character of the formation of join along boundaries contacts making possible the flow of currents between cell exterior and interior.

A good guess is that dark Ca++ waves due to the oscillatory charge entanglement are responsible for the propagation of the nerve pulse. If W ME extends over the length of axon and the phase of W field varies in direction transversal to ME, Ca++ waves can indeed result. The mysterious anesthetic action of noble gases can be seen as a direct evidence for the role of the classical weak forces.

For more details see the chapter TGD Inspired Model of Nerve Pulse of "Genes, Memes, Qualia,...".

Matti Pitkanen

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