Thursday, December 29, 2005

Sore Grapes Principle

It seems that we are making unavoidable head-on collision with the New Year: it is now at at a distance of about 32 hours of geometric time. Many theoretical physicists silently hope that the universe resulting in this astroscopic quantum jump would be slightly less stupid and perhaps even that this violent collision would liberate us from the boredom of string theories.

They should perhaps think twice. Without string theory we would not have the marvellous parodies of string theory by Warren Siegel. The latest one is the article The Misanthropic Principle by the famous string quartet V. Gates, M. Roachcock, E. Kangaroo, and W. C. Gall.

The main result of the paper is the reduction of the Anthropic Principle to a much deeper Sore Grapes Principle (SGP):

  1. I can't solve this problem.
  2. Therefore, you can't solve this problem.
  3. Hence, this problem can't be solved.

SGP is leading to a revolution in the philosophy of science and professional philosophers are already developing rigorous formulations of SGP. No need for a theory to predict or explain anything. The theory can be devilishly ugly. All that is needed is that theory is M-theory.

Good New Year,

Matti Pitkanen


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