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Quantum model of nerve pulse VI: Deducing the presence and basic properties of dark matter from the strange behavior or cell membrane

The strange findings about the behavior of cell membrane [1,2,3,4,5,6] had strong impact on the evolution of TGD inspired model of biosystems. One would expect that when cell is posed to metabolic deprivation, it soon ceases to function since ionic pumps require a lot of metabolic energy. This did not happen. Second absolutely amazing finding was that ionic currents through cell membrane are obviously quantal and even more: remain essentially same when cell membrane is replaced with an artificial membrane.

TGD based model for nerve pulse in its recent form explains all these findings. One can however ask what is the role of ionic pumps and channels if oscillatory Josephson currents make pumps un-necessary. The vision about dark matter and the model of nerve pulse formulated in terms of Josephson currents brings an additional perspective to the role of pumps and channels and allows to achieve harmony with the standard views about their role.

  1. In long length scales visible matter forms roughly 5 per cent of the total amount of matter. In TGD Universe the dark matter would correspond to matter with large Planck constant including dark variants of ordinary elementary particles. In living matter situation could be the same and visible matter could form only a small part of the living matter. Dark matter would be however visible in the sense that it would interact with visible matter via classical electromagnetic fields. Hence one can consider the possibility that most of the biologically important ions and perhaps even molecules reside at the magnetic flux quanta in large hbar phase.

  2. The function of pumps and channels could be same as in standard model since also in TGD Universe homeostasis and its control at the level of visible matter requires them. The metabolic energy needed for this purpose would be however dramatically smaller and a reliable estimate for this would allow an estimate of the portion of dark matter in living systems. Pumps and channels could also serve the role of sensory receptors by allowing to take samples about chemical environment.

To sum up, the strange discoveries about the behavior of cell membrane provide direct experimental evidence for the presence of dark matter in living systems, for the prediction that it interacts with ordinary matter via classical electromagnetic fields, and for the assumption that it does not dissipate appreciably and could therefore have large value of hbar and form macroscopic quantum phases.

For background see the chapter Quantum Model of Nerve Pulse of "TGD and EEG".


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At 11:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That dark matter is IMHO most interesting stuff in our universe.Explained dark matter metabolism would be greatest thing since vitamins ....

Do You know that vibbhuti contains polymerized iridium ormes?

Benevolent reader.

At 8:53 PM, Blogger Matti Pitkanen said...

This would be a real revolution in biology and it is doomed to happen. I dare to predict that before the end of the century;). One cannot endlessly put facts under the rug.

I think that theoretical physicists have the ball now, all depends on them. Biologist cannot but trust on them as a collective.

Ormes, or in the minimal scenario their valence electrons, would be dark matter in large hbar phase.

Could you make your
statement about iridium more precise?

At 2:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Barry Carter said it,

One of David Hudson's chemists tested the substances listed at:

http://www.subtleen ormus/health/ sources.htm

He also tested a few more biological substances for ORMUS that are
not listed. David Hudson talked about these tests in some of his
lectures. For example, in his Portland, Oregon lecture Hudson said
that carrots raised on black humic soil at MIU in Iowa has no ORMUS
material; it must be raised on volcanic soil. He also said that
Vibhuti is 94% iridium in the high spin state and forms a long chain polymer.

It is important to note that the method that Hudson's chemist used
has not been verified or confirmed using other assay methods. This
calls the few results we have into question.


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