Thursday, November 24, 2011

Three year old CDF anomaly is here again!

CDF anomaly - or multimuon- mystery emerged about three years ago- the preprint to was sent more or less at my birthday so that I regarded it with a full reason as a birthday present. The reason was that its explanation provided a further support for the existence of color octet excitations of charged leptons having the same p-adic mass scale for the lowest mass state. In this case color excited tau leptons would have been in question. For color excited electrons evidence had emerged already at seventies in heavy ion collisions. For color excited muons for a year or so before CDF anomaly.

For a series of posts about CDF anomaly by Tommaso Dorigo see this. To get handle on series of my own postings see this. For the TGD based explanation of the CDF anomaly and earlier similar anomalies see this.

This anomaly had really bad luck. This kind of new light particles are not possible in standard model: intermediate gauge boson decay widths simply leave no room for them. Average theorist of cause refuses to accept observations which are in conflict with the theory so that all these anomalies have been forgotten. As a crackpot I however respect experimental and empirical facts more than the orders of hegemony. The assumption that these particles are dark matter particles in TGD sense resolves the paradox. Being dark matter particle in TGD Universe means having a non-standard value of Planck constant coming as an integer multiple of the ordinary Planck constant. Only particles with the same value of Planck constant can appear in same vertex so that intermediate gauge boson decay widths do not pose any restrictions.

I have applied the general format of the model of CDF anomaly in several contexts (see this and this). One of the common aspects of the applications is that pion like states of leptohadron physics of scaled variant of hadron physics seem to appear in several mass scales comings as the octaves of the lowest one. Also in TGD based model for light hadrons quarks appear in several p-adic mass scales, and more precise considerations show that it is not at all clear whether also ordinary pion could have these higher octaves: their production and detection is not all easy but would provide a brilliant confirmation of p-adic length scale hypothesis.

The three year old CDF anomaly generated a lot of debate as also its slightly more than half year old brother last spring (having interpretation in terms of pion of M89 hadron physics and involving very similar basic mechanism). D0 collaboration however reported that they do not see anything. Tommaso Dorigo demonstrated in his blog posting that we can indeed trust D0: it did not have any chance of observing anything!: the acceptance criteria for events made impossible to observe the anomaly. No-one was of course interested on such a minor details and CDF anomaly was safely buried in the sands of time.

By the way, a delicate change of the relevant parameters is a very effective manner to kill undesired anomalies and the people calling themselves skeptics are masters in applying this technique. One can speak of time-honored tradition here. Water memory is one of the victims of this method and no serious scientist dares say this word aloud although anyone with eyes can see concrete images taken by professional scientists and demonstrating its reality (see this). Do not believe a scientists before you know how pays for him!

To my surprise the situation changed this morning. Tommaso Dorigo reported that CDF has done a much simpler analysis and using larger sample of data. This bloody, disgusting anomaly is still there! The reader interested in details is encouraged to visit Tommaso's blog.

Hegemony is living difficult times: no sign of standard model Higgs or its counterparts in various SUSYs, no sign about standard SUSY, no sign about super-stringy new physics like mini blackholes and large extra dimensions. Just anomalies having no explanation in the theories that hegenomy is ready to consider and even worse: having an elegant explanation TGD framework. The most irritating stone in the to is the accumulating evidence for the scaled up variant of hadron physics predicted by TGD. There is also this nasty neutrino superluminality elegantly explained and almost predicted by TGD. And now this revived CDF anomaly which should have been already buried! The rope is getting tighter and tighter!

How easy it would have been to just explore this wonderful Universe with open mind?! Nature does not seem to care the least about the attempts of Big Science Bosses to tell how it should behave. But by all means my Dear Professors and Leaders of Units of Excellence: try! By beating your brilliant head against the wall sufficiently many times you might finally learn what those contemptible crackpots have learned long time ago just by using simple logic and accepting simple facts!


At 7:38 AM, Anonymous Orwin said...

Also the so-called WIMPS at 7-12 GeV which don't fit with astrophysical data. Four experiments in agreement get ruled out of reality by cosmological metaphysics!

At 8:05 AM, Anonymous said...

What one means with dark matter is very important.

TGD based model explains the 7-12 GeV particles are dark matter as colored tau pions created in atmosphere as cosmic ray enters it. Same decay mechanism as in the explanation of CDF anomaly. Therefore the argument of the link does not kill this explanation.

The constraints on WIMPs are getting tighter and it is not difficult to guess their ultimate fate.

At 12:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said... W. Vincent Liu, associate professor of physics in Pitt's Department of Physics and Astronomy, in collaboration with researchers from the University of Maryland and the University of Hamburg in England, has been studying topological states in order to advance quantum computing. has TGD written all over it, but of course the Army and DARPA are all up in it

At 9:55 PM, Anonymous said...

Thank you Stephen,

if I only had time....

At 12:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I glue here one of most likely many profound quotes that I naturally think of TGD as a likely suitor ;)

[b]"The brain records sensations of experiences and observations
which the senses convey to it. Such sensations
are mistaken for thinking and knowing. Sensation arising
from electrical motion is purely automatic."[/b]

[b]"The mistake in assuming that the brain thinks and
knows is due to the fact that man believes himself to be
thinking when he is only sensing. Man also believes that
he is acquiring knowledge through sensed observation
of sensed EFFECT, when he is but recording electrical
sensations which inform him as to the nature of things
observed by his senses."[/b]

At 12:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Information thus acquired by the senses is not knowledge,
however. A man may have vast information and
skill but have very little knowledge.
The greatest scientists of today, for example, are well
informed. They know how to do wonderful things but
do they know the WHY of what they do?"

At 1:11 AM, Blogger Ulla said...

link or name?

At 1:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I am the continued Anonymous from earlier posts. Most notably, the posts on Salvinorin A. I want to connect this research to altered states of consciousness. At the proper time, I can post under my Google Account name.

"Sleep is but an anesthetic. Sleep can be induced chemically,
either to the whole body or any part of it by
desensitizing its cells. When the body or parts of it are
thus "put to sleep," they have not been rendered "unconscious";
their voltage has merely been lowered.

The dentist does not refer to a local anesthetic as having
produced unconsciousness; he refers to it as a desensitizing
condition, but when the surgeon desensitizes the
body, it is then supposed to be "unconscious." We
assume that the brain has stopped thinking. The brain
does not think, therefore it cannot stop doing that which
it never does. We assume that bodies cease to be conscious,
but consciousness is never in bodies."

At 1:47 AM, Blogger Ulla said...

I meant link to what you said.

"Consciousness in never in the body" is an interesting thought.

nerve function is entropic.

So it is only a dance with matter? I have often had the feeling maybe consciousness is something totally different than we think it is. Maybe not even there? but then, this creates so many more problems, that I have skipped the idea.

What is death? a stage of transformations - to what? Usually we look at the mass, weights the 'soul', but that is meaningless? Living matter are LIVING, that is performing the dance. Sometimes I think, maybe it would be more interesting to know what can make the mass 'not living' - not dancing? If we change the pieces of the puzzle in that way, does it tell us more? Condensed matter ph. is then near living states, towards ordinary matter? Living matter is then also the rule, ordinary matter is the oddity? Look at the frequency of atoms.

What differ a C in ordinary matter from a C in living matter?

Perpendicular energy makes the dance?

Now, I must stop this. Matti will be mad at me.?


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