Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Progress during last year in TGD III: consciousness and quantum biology

From the point of view of physicalism biology and neuroscience can be seen as gigantic collections of anomalies and a treasure trove for a theoretician with an open mind. By its inherent fractality TGD predicts new physics in all scales and the new view about quantum jump and predicts mechanisms of macroscopic quantum coherence make the attempts to explain these anomalies irresistible.

TGD inspired theory of consciousness

The key problem of TGD inspired theory of consciousness has been from the beginning the relationship between geometric time and subjective time assigned to the sequence of quantum jumps with quantum jump identified as moment of consciousness. Zero energy ontology poses powerful constraints on the picture and it is now possible to understand how the arrow of geometric time is induced both at the space-time level and the level of imbedding space.

The resulting vision is in conflict with the existing belief system identifying these two times and known to lead to paradoxes. Situation is same as in the case of revolution implied by special relativity: effects like time dilation were highly counter intuitive in the world view which assumed absolute time.

The identification of precise mechanism for what dualist would cal matter mind interaction are also important and the proposed crazy explanation of the reported psychokinetic effects on bits sequences stored in computer memory could apply also to living matter.

The notion of magnetic body

The concept of magnetic body derives from the identification of classical fields in terms of induced gauge potentials and topological field quantization. The hierarchy of Planck constants predicts hierarchy of macrocopically quantum coherent phases assigned with the magnetic bodies. The dynamics of the magnetic body includes phase transitions changing the value of Planck constant and thus inducing change of quantum lengths and reconnections of flux tubes changing the topology of the web formed by the flux tubes. These universal mechanisms allow completely new insights to bio-catalysis, to the ability of biomolecules to find themselves in the dense molecular soup, and on the synchrony of bio-chemical reactions. One obtains also a concrete realization for the idea about living matter as a hologram.

Negentropic entanglement and life in the intersection of matter and mind

The notion of negentropic entanglement encourages the identification of life as something residing in the intersection of realities and p-adicities ("matter and mind"). From TGD viewpoint biology and neurosciences become treasure troves of anomalies with precise data. EEG and its various variants generalize to fractal hierarchies in frequency domain and can be interpreted as a tool for communications between biological and magnetic body. Paranormal phenomena (or whatever word one wants to use) turn out to have an explanation in terms of the mechanisms used by the magnetic body to control biological body and receive sensory input from it.

Metabolism has an interpretation as a manner to transfer or generate negentropic entanglement serving as a quantum correlate of conscious information.

Models for DNA and genetic code

I have done considerable work to develop speculative models about DNA based on the notion of magnetic body. For instance, the model for DNA as a topological quantum computer relies on the assumption that DNA nucleotides and lipids of cell membrane are connected by magnetic flux tubes whose braiding defines the programs of resulting topological quantum computer. This is just a one particular example since flux tube connections would quite generally make living system to behave as a coherent whole and braiding would realized both tqc programs and memory.


◘Fractality◘ said...


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matti Pitkanen said...

Thank you. Blogspot has many very strange features. One of them is that if you link to your own posting you must drop http:/ from the beginning of URL. As I learned now.

Additional spice was that the posting files as been replaced with old ones containing errors. This is what I experience on daily basis. Some idiot has managed to get into my computer a virus which replaces files with their old versions. This can make life a real nightmare. Probably the peak in blood pressure kills me some day.

Anonymous said...

Install Linux, no viruses there! Great stuff Matti, don't let the computer anger u too much... At least the government in Finland doesnt appear to be as repressive and Draconian as it is here in the states. Do you know anything about the Aharanov-Bohm it releavant in "every day life" or just the lab?

Ulla said...

Keep the hot temper down. Seldom someone is so productive as you, with so little support. Be proud of yourself. God Jul till dig.

Matti Pitkanen said...

Change of operating system is big thing. Months without a help of a professional. I am too old for this;-).
Good Christmas to Ulla and also Others.


Matti Pitkanen said...

Aharanov Bohm effect is standard effect in gauge theories. In topological QFTs based on Chern-Simons action Aharanov Bohm effect contains all the physics: the non-integrable phase factors along closed curves defining the holonomy of connection code for topological physics.

Matti Pitkanen said...

To Ulla:

I prefer to speak about good idea instead of productivity. A really powerful new idea is always a bottleneck idea and is bound to produce new ideas: I have done just the hard work which does not require any special gifts.

Without this kind of idea I would be only one of the many standard cynical professors in high energy physics enjoying good monthly salary, producing the required number of publications per year, and fiercely debunking any new idea;-).

Ulla said...

In fact, you would be very cynical :)

I have followed your pace for quite some time, so I have my own opinion. I get tired just by following :) No wonder that your heart says stop. You should listen more to it.

A very wonderful list of achievements last year :)

Matti Pitkanen said...

I do not deny that I have become cynical about colleagues on basis of rather frustrating experiences. But I am not cynical about ideas. I love them and they love me;-).

Last years and especially this year have been a period of great progress. I never dared to dream that I could really understand what TGD predicts. But I will never be able to write the "rules" - I mean generalized Feynman rules. This is not possible with my mentality: I am too right-brainy.

Ulla said...

"I never dared to dream that I could really understand what TGD predicts." What a statement from YOU ... This is exactly what those that oppose TGD claims.

I have just recently began to understand what Feynman diagrams really are about, but not even Feynman knew the rules? Then it would be easy to predict?

I don't think you are so right-brainy at all. Maybe then more problems with the temper and impulsivity/closedness. There is intuition, as for every big scientist, but also hard logic work very much.

If you would belong to mainstream you would be dreadful, I think :) But maybe you had no choice, and that is good for the rest of the world. You do very well. But the heart protests?

Anonymous said...

Hi Thanks for the comments on the AB effect Matti.. sometimes I can "see" glows and other odd manifestations around radio frequency sources.. specifically cell-phone masts.. and lo and behold I found this page..

Is it possible that our nervous systems can become sensitized to the phase differences generated by modern usage of radio frequencies ?

Many times when I turn my phone on or off, or connect to a wifi-hot-spot I can literally feel a buzzing sensation which is quite unpleasant. I am sure if I was hooked up to an FMRI machine while this was happening it would be able to be detected.

The question is.. is it a condition or how to protect ones self?

Matti Pitkanen said...

To Ulla:

TGD is fantastic and powerful vision and I have full reason to take it seriously.

The fact is however that it becomes science in the academic sense only when it has been formulated in terms of strict rules which even idiot can apply. This is what makes science so powerful in good and bad. Sad to say, idiots indeed often apply these rules with success and become professors (sorry my my cynical attitude in the Eve of Christmas Eve).

The theories that have dominated market for four decades have not meant a progress in understanding but they have provided algorithms which make possible industrial production of publications and exponential growth of curriculum vitae. This is the dark aspect of science reduce to a mere method.

Matti Pitkanen said...

To Stephen:

it is quite possible that you are hypersensitive to electromagnetic extremely low frequency perturbations produced by electronic systems. I cannot say much about how to to protect ones self.

I remember that I was for some years ago contacted by a Russian enterprise which was developing manners to achieve just this kind of protection. They had impressive data basis about publications concerning ELF effects on brain. Their problems were rather practical and I could not contribute anything useful.

Ulla said...
Origin of life: Hypothesis traces first protocells back to emergence of cell membrane bioenergetics

Ulla said... choose download.
The paper discusses modifications necessary to be performed on Lewin’s Field Theory (1951) in order to derive the cognitive constant and the behavior of the cognitive drive, deriving also a universal model of cognition in intelligent systems.

Anonymous said...

Ulla, that is fantastic.. I remember writing a paper about "intelligent systems" a while back and also something about "the determination of simultaneity" and then lost it somewhere or another.. I

Anonymous said...

On Arxiv?! "On the Cyclotomic Quantum Algebra of Time Perception"

From the abstract: "I develop the idea that time perception is the quantum counterpart to time measurement. Phase-locking and prime number theory were proposed as the unifying concepts for understanding the optimal synchronization of clocks and their 1/f frequency noise. Time perception is shown to depend on the thermodynamics of a quantum algebra of number and phase operators already proposed for quantum computational tasks, and to evolve according to a Hamiltonian mimicking Fechner's law. The mathematics is Bost and Connes quantum model for prime numbers. The picture that emerges is a unique perception state above a critical temperature and plenty of them allowed below, which are parametrized by the symmetry group for the primitive roots of unity. Squeezing of phase fluctuations close to the phase transition temperature may play a role in memory encoding and conscious activity. "

Matti Pitkanen said...

I read the article but it requires some time to get the gist. In any case, the number theoretic approach looks very interesting and has connections with p-adic numbers.

Quantum model for phase locking is considered. The first challenge is to define the notion of phase and phase angle is known to be conjugate to integer value angular momentum component. In p-adic context phase spectrum of n phases exp(i2pi*k/n) requires algebraic extension. Phase angle does not make sense p-adically.

Three groups are considered.

*The group Z_q=Z/qZ with sum as basic operation and represented multiplicatively by the phases exp(i2pi/k/n) appears naturally.

*Also the group (Z/qZ)* with multiplication as basic operation appears naturally and corresponds to integers 1,...,1-1.

*Third group is formed by primitive roots modulo n, for n=2,4, p^k and 2p^k, used in the construction is interesting p-adically. Primitive root satisfies a^(q-1)=1 by definition.

What single tick of the quantum clock would correspond? Multiplication by integer a mod p in is defined as a shift operator and the idea seems to be that this represents single chronon. In p-adic context the multiplication would be by p-adic integer in the set 1,2...,p-1. In p-adic context this might be problem since these integers are not well-ordered p-adically. The realization of ticks in terms of transitions exp(ik2pi/mq), m-->m+1 in algebraic extension might be more natural.

The quantum model for the clock is based on the use of thermal states of arithmetic quantum theory and phase transitions between them realize the ticks. I understood that the thermal states of the number theoretic system considered are not unique below critical temperature and that the Galois group isomorphic to (Z_q/qZ)* (the integers 1,2...q-1) permutes these thermal states. The ticking of clock would correspond to a cyclic sequence of phase transitions between the thermal states.

In TGD framework one would have zero energy states which are analogous to Hermitian "square roots" of thermodynamical density matrices multiplied by unitary S-matrix. Phase transition is now replaced with state function reduction which occurs at either end of the CDs (or CDs since quantum superposition of them is involved). TGD approach is of course much deeper since it tries to answer questions like "How the arrow of subjective time induced the arrow of geometric time?" and "Why the contents of conscious experience are localized so sharply?" The model considered above suggests a mechanism of perception of time identified as a quantum realization of a clock. This is not a model for the experience of time flow.

By the way, author mentions that people are finally giving up the idea that neural circuits define brain rhythms! Fantastic. The cold shower follows immediately: they now think that it is microtubular level which gives rise to these circuits! I cannot of course expect that they could discover the notion of magnetic body without TGD but it is sad that they search for the origin of macroscopic time scales by going to microscopic scales!