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More precise definition of N-atom and dark matter as a matter in wrong place

In the earlier posting I speculated with the notion of dark N-particle (-atom or -molecule) and the possible significance of N-particles for the deeper understanding of lock and key mechanism of bio-catalysis and DNA replication.

Dark N-particles associated with DNA, possibly hydrogen bonds, could serve as names for nucleotides so that the emergence of symbols would distinguish between molecules in vitro and vivo. Dark fermionic N-particle and λk-N, particle a would serve as names for DNA nucleotide and its conjugate and their composite would be λk-atom analogous to a full electronic shell and therefore highly stable. Quite generally, molecules with conjugate names would be like opposite sexes: sex, symbolic representations, and meaning would emerge already at the molecular level.

1. Objection

There is an obvious objection against dark N-hydrogen atoms as names of DNA nucleotides. λ is in general integer valued and λ ≈ 211 seems to be favored. This value of λ would however make the mass of N-hydrogen atom or its conjugate quite too high to be physically acceptable.

Somehow it seems that N-hydrogen atom involves only single ordinary proton. In this case however the total electronic charge of the system would be N units of dark electronic charge and one protonic charge, which seems strange. The resolution of the problem is that dark electron-electron Coulomb interaction energy is reduced by 1/λk by the scaling down of the dark fine structure constant (proportional to 1/hbar). Hence effectively electronic and protonic charges would compensate each other for λk atom whereas for N-atoms the charge would be effectively fractional and 1-N/λk units.

2. How to observe N-atoms?

The most elegant definition of dirt is as a matter in wrong place. It would seem that also dark matter is matter in wrong place, but only effectively.

The question is how to observe N-atoms and N-molecules. The key observation is that the transition energies of N-molecules are N times large than corresponding ordinary molecules. This makes them thermally stable under much higher temperatures. The transitions of these molecules give rise to dark N-photons, which can decay to N ordinary photons with same energies as emitted in the transitions of ordinary molecules.

The presence of spectral lines of transitions of atoms or molecules which are not be stable at the temperature of environment, would serve as a signature of dark N-particles. Interestingly, spectral analysis demonstrates the presence water inside sunspots, where the temperature varies in the range 3000-4500 K. The decay of N-photons to ordinary photons emitted by thermally stable N-water molecules with N> 10 would explain the finding. Also the quite recent evidence discovered by M. Moshina that Sun has a solid surface consisting mostly of calcium-ferrite is inconsistent with the fact that photosphere has temperature 5800 K. The explanation of the puzzle would be in terms of dark N-iron and other dark N-elements.

Without exaggerating one can say that the systematic search for the presence of molecules and condensed matter structures in places where it is thermally stable could revolutionize our world view.

3.Plasmoids as life forms?

There is evidence that plasmoids satisfy the basic criteria for primitive living systems (E. Lozneanu and M. Sanduloviciu (2003), Minimal-cell system created in laboratory by self-organization, Chaos, Solitons and Fractals, Volume 18, Issue 2, October, p. 335. See also Plasma blobs hint at new form of life, New Scientist vol. 179 issue 2413 - 20 September 2003, page 16.)

One of the basic ideas of TGD based quantum model of living systems is that plasmoids identified as rotating magnetic systems analogous to Searl device are primitive life forms and predecessors of the molecular life. Rotation generates radial electric field having non-vanishing divergence whose sign depends on the direction of rotation (difficult to understand in Maxwellian ED), which in turn generates radial ohmic current charging the system. The dropping of electrons of this current to larger space-time sheets at the boundaries of rotating system liberates zero point kinetic energy as a usable metabolic energy. This mechanism would define fundamental metabolic energy currencies also in ordinary living matter.

4. Is molecular high-T life possible?

Life based on dark N-molecules could in principle survive at high temperatures.I have already earlier considered half seriously the possibility that Earth interior (say mantle-core boundary) and even solar photosphere could serve as seats of high-T life developed from plasmoids and that the Earth interior would be like the womb of Mother Gaia, where life evolved from simple plasmoids. The basic inspiration came from the evidence that crop circles cannot be fraud. See the chapters Crop circles and life at parallel space-time sheets: part I and II of "Genes, Memes, Qualia,...", where a brief overview about living systems as ordinary matter quantum controlled by dark matter is given.

Matti Pitkanen


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Dear Zhang,

thank you for the question. Plasmoids as primitive life form is an old idea of TGD inspired biology.

For some time ago I wrote a posting about From dust to dust which should contain ideas about plasmoids and links to some chapters of books about quantum biology and consciousness.

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