Thursday, January 28, 2021

Oumuamua and TGD

The strange object known as Oumuamua (briefly O in the sequel) has gained a lot of attention. I have not had time to seriously check why O is so strange that Harward's top astronomer Avi Loeb regards it as evidence for alien life. Now I decided to do this and read a popular article describing the basic features of O. Wikipedia contains a more technical article about O.

O indeed has several strange features.

  1. O had no tail as comets have: the tail is due to evaporation caused by the solar radiation. Artistic vision about O is as a long cylinder looking like rock. This vision is misleading since what was actually seen was a point-like object.
  2. The reflectivity was highly varying and could be more than 10 times higher than for an average comet. From this it was deduced that O must have a shape of a cigar or a thin pancake. The spinning motion of O would be a tumbling characteristic for a rotor which rotates around a non-principal axis. This motion could explain the variations in reflectivity witha period of 7 hours.
  3. O experiences a non-gravitational acceleration near Sun driving O away from Sun. Solar radiation pressure has been proposed as a reason. This would however suggest that solar light evaporates part of O:s mass and this causes a formation of a tail. No tail was observed.

    Could O have used an analog of a solar sail? The surface of the solar sail could have absorbed or perhaps even reflected the solar radiation and provided the momentum as a recoil to O. If the solar sail had a suitable shape, it perhaps prevented the radiation from reaching O itself and the formation of tail by evaporation. This shield mechanism would be somewhat similar to how the Earth's magnetic field shields life at the surface of Earth from the effects of cosmic rays and solar wind.

In the TGD framework the natural question is whether the magnetic body (MB) of O - having much larger size than O itself - could have served as a highly effective solar sail. Did the solar photons from the Sun give their energy and momentum to the MB of O? Did MB absorbthe photons and transform them to dark photons providing their energy for dark Bose-Einstein condensate of ions at the MB of O making it a primitive intelligent life form? Did solar light push MB away from the Sun and did O follow it?

A connection with the rotating magnet system studied by Godin and Roschin is suggestive. This system had strange features.

  1. The system was accompanied by thin cylindrical magnetic walls in the direction of rotation axis.
  2. As the rotation frequency approached 10 Hz (alpha frequency), the rotation started to accelerate and the system's effective weight either increased or decreased depending on the direction of rotation.
  3. Also the air around the system was ionized and was cooled by a few degrees. This is not in accordance with thermodynamics.
In the TGD based model (see this) the system is regarded as a primitive life form.
  1. The magnetic walls would correspond to the magnetic body (MB) of the system containing dark ions in TGD sense, in particular iron ions having very high value of heff=nh0 and defining giving rise to cyclotron Bose-Einstein condensate to which the energy of the motor driving the system would have been stored. MB would have gained part of the energy feeded by the motor as analog of metabolic energy.
  2. Eventually the system made a macroscopic state function reduction ("big" state function reduction (BSFR)). In TGD based theory of consciousness BSFR means what might be called death and reincarnation with an opposite arrow of time - this in a completely universal sense.
  3. The time reversed dissipation by transformation of dark photons to ordinary photons looked for outsiders with the standard arrow of time like absorbing energy from the environment and causing the cooling. The energy and momentum of the photons would have caused effective loss of weight and accelerated rotation.
Could O be an analogous system? Elongated cigar shape would favor MB consisting of thin magnetic walls forming an ideal solar sail gathering the energy and momentum of solar photons by transforming them to dark photons of BE condensate. MB would have shielded O just like it shields life forms at Earth so that it O have avoided evaporation.

Is O a product of an advanced engineering or a primitive life form? It might be that the latter option is correct. As astronomer Avi Loeb suggests the interstellar space might be teeming these entities. If so, primitive life would populate the interstellar space.

See the article Time reversal and the anomalies of rotating magnetic systems or the chapter About Strange Effects Related to Rotating Magnetic Systems .

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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

How could the higher levels of MB use the brain to realize their free will?

The model proposed why predictions of events known to occur are better than those believed to be fictive (see this) assumes that the experienced long terms goals (in the recent case the goal of experimenter to perform the experiment) correspond to state function reductions (SFRs) that have already (with respect to subjective time) occurred at some higher layer of MB controlling the brain but that this subjective time corresponds to geometric time in the future of the participants and experimeters.

Neuroscience supports the view that frontal lobes are responsible for long term planning and decision making. They are involved also with the self model. This suggests that the highest layers of MB control frontal lobes. There would be a hierarchy of layers of MB having frontal lobes at the bottom.

Model for the coupling of MB with frontal lobes in terms of cognitive entanglement

A natural assumption is that the control of biological body by MB involves entanglement. Since frontal lobes are associated with high level cognition, this entanglement could be cognitive entanglement discussed in (see this). Cognitive entanglement is a hierarchical entanglemen between wave functions in hierarchy of sub-groups in the factorization of Galois group to a product G1G2...Gn of sub-groups reflecting directly the representation of extension as extension of extensions of .... of rationals.

What is special is that entanglement is directed like attention and hierarchical just like for the slaving hierarchy. The entanglement between states in group algebras of G1 and G2...Gn is directed from boss G1 to slave G2..Gn. Cognitive SFRs are cascades proceeding downwards and reducing entanglement. Negentropy Maximization Principle can however prevent the cognitive measurement cascade from proceeding down to Gn (see this) if it does not give rise to negentropy gain.

Long term goals could involve this kind of cognitive entanglement assignable to directed attention and motor actions as BSFRs at this layer of MB would produce what is experienced by the levels of the hierarchy with the standard arrow of time as a behavior with long termgoals. This would produce what could be regarded as analog of precognition (see this and identifiable as sensory perception of signals propagating to non-standard direction of time. Precognitive dreams would be an example of this.

What happens when frontal lobes are damaged?

This vision conforms with what happens when frontal lobes are damaged. Although intellectual abilities are not lost, long term planning is not possible and the patient loses the ability to initiate actions. Damage can also lead to idiot savant phenomenon. Although the person seems to lack conceptual thinking completely, he/she can possess miraculous looking mathematical skills (see this) or artistic gifts (see this). In some poorly understood sense idiot savants can be extremely intelligent.

Is the character of the cognitive entanglement changed or replaced with something totally different in these situations? TGD predicts two kinds of information related to two different representations of genetic code which relate to each other like function represented by its local values to its Fourier transform as a non-local and holistic representation (see this and this). The local representation of the genetic code is in terms of bits and using sequences of genetic codons as units of 6 bits. The second representation is in terms of 3-chords of light defining the allowed chords of a bio-harmony. Music expresses and induces emotions and bio-harmony would characterize a mood. Emotional intelligence would relate to this representation. Could it be that for idiot savants non-verbal emotional intelligence dominates.

The duality of these two representations of genetic code is highly analogous to the duality of momenta and position coordinates in wave mechanics. In quantum TGD this duality has as an analog M8-H duality (see this and this ) stating that space-time surfaces can be regarded as 4-surfaces in H=M4× CP2 or in M8. M8-H duality relates these representations. H corresponds to ordinary differential geometric space-time representation involving also the notion of field. M8 identifiable as 8-D momentum space corresponds to non-local algebraic and number theoretic representation, which is non-local and holistic since the momenta are analogous to frequencies. Scattering amplitudes in particle physics provide an example of this representation.

Both representations can be used and it depends on the situation which representation is more appropriate. Could it be that for ordinary resp. emotional intelligence H resp. M8 representation is more appropriate? Could one exaggerate and say that not only idiot savants but also people in timeless meditative state and experiencing no separations (produced by cognitive SFRs), and maybe also children "live" in M8 whereas the ordinary people with their tight time schedules and busily performing comparisons "live" in H? Momentum eigenstates are delocalized.

Are meditative states labelled by finite simple groups?

What could be the counterpart of meditative state without cognition be at the level of cognitive representations? Could it correspond to a situation in which it is not possible to create separations as decompositions to unentangled system pairs by reducing the entanglement between the factors of the Galois group G?

This is certainly the case if G is simple, that is does not allow this factorization at all. Simple finite groups are the basic building bricks of finite groups: the classification theory for simple groups (see this) states that simple finite groups is cyclic and of prime order, alternating group consisting of even permutations of n objects, group of Lie type or one of the 26 sporadic groups or Tits group. The meditative states of pure consciousness would correspond to finite simple groups!

A question about possible classification of meditative states definitely raises eyebrows. But the power of mathematics is miraculous: if one agrees that thinking means SFRs (thought generates separations and comparisons) and that in meditative states thinking ceases, this is the conclusion.

Rather paradoxically, the "idiot savant state" would be cognitively irreducible in the same sense as the states of Hilbert space with prime dimension do not allow a representation as entangled states. They would represent elementary particles of cognition - fundamental ideas - from which more complexthoughts are composed by performing repeated extensions. The basic advice of meditative practices is to stop thinking: maybe this is indeed the manner to achieve the state of understanding.

See the article Why the outcome of an event would be more predictable if it is known to occur? (with Reza Rastmanesh) or the chapter About the nature of time.

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Why the outcome of an event would be more predictable if it is known to occur?

The experiments of Armor and Sackett demonstrate that the reliability of future predictions for events is better for real than for hypothetical events. This strange finding, if real, would be an anomaly analogous to Libet's findings about active aspects of consciousness challenging the notion of free will.

In this article it is argued that it is difficult to explain the finding in the physicalistic framework, and that the allowance of free will seems only to worsen the situation since precognition of acts of free will does not make sense. In the framework of Topological Geometrodynamics (TGD) zero energy ontology (ZEO) replaces the standard ontology of quantum theory. ZEO predicts that in "big" (ordinary) state function reductions (BSFRs) the arrow of time changes and that the identification of acts of free will identified as BSFRS is not in conflict with the determinism of classical physics as an exact part of quantum TGD. Also Libet's findings can be understood.

This suggests a model for the anomaly. The experiment would have already happened as BSFR ("already" is with respect to subjective time to be distinguished from geometric time) for a quantum system associated with the experimenters and participants. The knowledge that the event is actual inspires unconsciously the attempt to "remember" the personal performance in the experiment instead of only imagining it and this would explain the improved future predictions.

See the article Why the outcome of an event would be more predictable if it is known to occur? (with Reza Rastmanesh) or the chapter About the nature of time.

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Friday, January 22, 2021

Time reversal and the anomalies of rotating magnetic systems

Free energy phenomena can be  defined as phenomena exhibiting   thermo-dynamical anomalies such as generation of gradients  rather than their disappearance. Concentration gradients can develop, electric fields as potential gradients can emerge  due to generation of  charge separations,   and  temperature gradients can be created.  The failure of  the second law in its standard form   also  manifests  itself as over-unity energy production,  cooling of the environment, and generation of structures rather than their decay characterizing self-organization.  

  The  general explanation of  these phenomena   would rely on the  change of the arrow of time in  ordinary ("big") state function reduction (BSFR) reversing the arrow of time  in the quantum measurement theory based on zero energy ontology (ZEO). This implies a new view about self-organization and also an explanation for self-organized (quantum) criticality.  BSFR would take place at the level of  the magnetic body (MB) carrying dark matter as heff=nh0 phases and controlling ordinary matter, and BSFR would be macroscopic for large values of heff

In this article the anomalies in rotating magnetic systems  (RMSs)  discovered by Russian researchers Godin and Roschin are  discussed as  a particular free energy phenomenon. The time evolution of a rotating magnetic system (RMS) could be seen as an emergence  of a very simple life form receiving  and storing metabolic energy from the    motor driving the RMS, and liberating it at the moment of "death" as dark photons transformed to ordinary photons, whose counterparts in ordinary living matter are biophotons.  

See the article Time reversal and the anomalies of rotating magnetic systems or the chapter About Strange Effects Related to Rotating Magnetic Systems .

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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Aging from TGD point of view

The article "Aging from TGD point of view" written together with Reza Rastmanesh was inspired by the book "Lifespan" by Sinclair and LaPlante. The books proposed that aging is basically  caused by the approach to epigenetic  chaos. The book also proposesthat bio-information is not only associated with DNA and genetic code but the  conformational  degrees of DNA and these are crucial in epigenesis. This vision  serves as the starting point of   TGD (Topological Geometrodynamics) inspired view. 

Negentropy Maximization principle replacing in adelic physics second law but implying it for ordinary matter is the first key notion. Magnetic body (MB )carrying dark matter as heff=nh0 phases of ordinary matter  implying quantum coherence in the scale characterized by heff represents the second key notion. MB is the controller of the dynamics and its quantum coherence induces the coherence  of ordinary biomatter as forced coherence rather than quantum coherence.  

 Zero energy ontology (ZEO) predicting the occurrence of time reversal in "big" (ordinary) state function reductions is the third key notion.   Time reversal forces generalization of thermodynamics and dissipation of a subsystem with a reversed arrow of time looks like self-organization from the point of view of the system. Also self-organized quantum criticality difficult to understand in ordinary thermodynamics becomes possible.

The basic idea is that at birth  the  MBs of information molecules are at very low temperature and gradually approach the  physiological temperature, which is near to Hagedorn temperature defining the maximal temperature of MB. This thermalization leads to epigenetic chaos implying that the flux tubes carrying dark DNA and therefore also  DNA become loopy. Also the control of methylation and other modifications and their reversals   crucial for epigenesis is lost. In particular, demethylation fails  and leads to hyper-methylation of the  promoter regions of genes. This leads to the failure of the control of genes coding for housekeeping  proteins and eventually the system suffers a crash down.

See the article Aging from TGD point of view or the chapter chapter with the same title.

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Monday, January 18, 2021

Negentropy Maximization Principle and Second Law

Negentropy Maximization Principle (NMP) as the variational principle of consciousness replaces the  second law  and implies it for ordinary matter.  State function reduction (SFR) means a reduction of the entanglement for a  pair Sa-Sb of sub-system  Sa and its complement Sb in S.   Measurement cascade proceeding from long to short scales decomposes  at each step a system to a pair of unentangled subsystems is in question. NMP  as a variational principle of consciousness  states that negentropy gain in these reductions  is maximized and selects the pair Sa-Sb at given step.     

In adelic physics the  negentropy is sum N= -S1-S2 of real and various p-adic negentropies but p-adic negentropy can be positive so that  for non-trivial extensions of rationals one can have N>0. This kind of entanglement   is stable against NMP so that the process stops. One can assign positively colored emotions to this kind of entanglement and it distinguishes between living and inanimate matter and also between dark and ordinary matter.

An attractive idea is that NMP forces the system to peferom "big" state function reduction (BSFR) when system approaches cognitive fixed point. This would mean death of the conscious entity and its re-incarnation with an opposite arrow of time.

See the article Negentropy Maximization Principle and Second Law or the chapter Negentropy Maximization Principle.

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Monday, January 11, 2021

Is genetic code part of fundamental physics in TGD framework?

Topological Geometrodynamics (TGD) leads to 3 basic realizations of the genetic code. Besides the chemical realization, there is a realization in terms of dark proton sequences (dark nuclei) with 3-proton state representing codon. Ordinary DNA strands would be accompanied by dark magnetic flux tubes carrying the dark proton triplets. Also RNA, amino-acids and tRNA would have dark proton analogs.

The third realization is in terms of dark photon triplets and involves the notion of bio-harmony modelled in terms of icosahedral and tetrahedral geometries with 3-chords of light assigned to the triangular faces of icosahedron and tetrahedron. 12-note scale is realized as a Hamiltonian cycle for icosahedron with the step between nearest neighbor vertices for the cycle realised as a quint scaling of frequency. The 3-chords correspond to the triangular faces of the icosahedron. Also tetrahedral realization of 4-note scale is necessary in order to obtain genetic code. DNA codons correspond to triangular faces and the orbit of a given triangle under the symmetries of the icosahedral harmony correspond to DNA codons coding for the amino acid assigned with the orbit. Vertebrate genetic code emerges as a prediction.

Codon corresponds to 6 bits: this is information in the usual computational sense. Bio-harmony codes for a mood: emotional information related to emotional intelligence. Bio-harmony would be a fundamental representation of emotional information realized already at the molecular level. Dark photon 3-chords and more generally, 3N-chords representing genes, would mediate interaction between various realizations.

Why both icosahedron and tetrahedron? Could this relate to the fact that the tesselations of a hyperbolic space H3 are in fundamental role in quantum TGD. There is one particular tesselation known as tedtrahedral-icosahedral honeycomb. Could the genetic code be realized at the level of fundamental physics as a tedrahedral-icosahedral tesselation of H3 emerging as a cognitive representation for space-time surfaces at the level of M8 and by M8-H duality also in H=M4× CP2. Biological realization could be only one particular realization.

It should be possible to unify all models of the genetic code to single model so that the codon as a dark proton triplet is assigned to a representation as an "active" triangle of icosahedron or tetrahedron containing at it vertices dark protons defining the same codon as the triangle as 3-chord for a given icosahedral harmony. Could these "activated" triangles be assigned with tetrahedral-icosahedral tesselation? Could genes correspond to sequences of these icosahedron-tetrahedron pairs at magnetic flux tubes defined dark generatic code.

See the article Is genetic code part of fundamental physics in TGD framework? or the chapter An Overall View about Models of Genetic Code and Bio-harmony .

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