Thursday, January 28, 2021

Oumuamua and TGD

The strange object known as Oumuamua (briefly O in the sequel) has gained a lot of attention. I have not had time to seriously check why O is so strange that Harward's top astronomer Avi Loeb regards it as evidence for alien life. Now I decided to do this and read a popular article describing the basic features of O. Wikipedia contains a more technical article about O.

O indeed has several strange features.

  1. O had no tail as comets have: the tail is due to evaporation caused by the solar radiation. Artistic vision about O is as a long cylinder looking like rock. This vision is misleading since what was actually seen was a point-like object.
  2. The reflectivity was highly varying and could be more than 10 times higher than for an average comet. From this it was deduced that O must have a shape of a cigar or a thin pancake. The spinning motion of O would be a tumbling characteristic for a rotor which rotates around a non-principal axis. This motion could explain the variations in reflectivity witha period of 7 hours.
  3. O experiences a non-gravitational acceleration near Sun driving O away from Sun. Solar radiation pressure has been proposed as a reason. This would however suggest that solar light evaporates part of O:s mass and this causes a formation of a tail. No tail was observed.

    Could O have used an analog of a solar sail? The surface of the solar sail could have absorbed or perhaps even reflected the solar radiation and provided the momentum as a recoil to O. If the solar sail had a suitable shape, it perhaps prevented the radiation from reaching O itself and the formation of tail by evaporation. This shield mechanism would be somewhat similar to how the Earth's magnetic field shields life at the surface of Earth from the effects of cosmic rays and solar wind.

In the TGD framework the natural question is whether the magnetic body (MB) of O - having much larger size than O itself - could have served as a highly effective solar sail. Did the solar photons from the Sun give their energy and momentum to the MB of O? Did MB absorbthe photons and transform them to dark photons providing their energy for dark Bose-Einstein condensate of ions at the MB of O making it a primitive intelligent life form? Did solar light push MB away from the Sun and did O follow it?

A connection with the rotating magnet system studied by Godin and Roschin is suggestive. This system had strange features.

  1. The system was accompanied by thin cylindrical magnetic walls in the direction of rotation axis.
  2. As the rotation frequency approached 10 Hz (alpha frequency), the rotation started to accelerate and the system's effective weight either increased or decreased depending on the direction of rotation.
  3. Also the air around the system was ionized and was cooled by a few degrees. This is not in accordance with thermodynamics.
In the TGD based model (see this) the system is regarded as a primitive life form.
  1. The magnetic walls would correspond to the magnetic body (MB) of the system containing dark ions in TGD sense, in particular iron ions having very high value of heff=nh0 and defining giving rise to cyclotron Bose-Einstein condensate to which the energy of the motor driving the system would have been stored. MB would have gained part of the energy feeded by the motor as analog of metabolic energy.
  2. Eventually the system made a macroscopic state function reduction ("big" state function reduction (BSFR)). In TGD based theory of consciousness BSFR means what might be called death and reincarnation with an opposite arrow of time - this in a completely universal sense.
  3. The time reversed dissipation by transformation of dark photons to ordinary photons looked for outsiders with the standard arrow of time like absorbing energy from the environment and causing the cooling. The energy and momentum of the photons would have caused effective loss of weight and accelerated rotation.
Could O be an analogous system? Elongated cigar shape would favor MB consisting of thin magnetic walls forming an ideal solar sail gathering the energy and momentum of solar photons by transforming them to dark photons of BE condensate. MB would have shielded O just like it shields life forms at Earth so that it O have avoided evaporation.

Is O a product of an advanced engineering or a primitive life form? It might be that the latter option is correct. As astronomer Avi Loeb suggests the interstellar space might be teeming these entities. If so, primitive life would populate the interstellar space.

See the article Time reversal and the anomalies of rotating magnetic systems or the chapter About Strange Effects Related to Rotating Magnetic Systems .

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Anonymous said...

If it is a primitive life form, I wonder if it is more or less "intelligent" than the average human.

Matti Pitkänen said...

I would see Oumuamua as very primitive entity.

There is evidence that very simple systems like ensemble of plastic balls develop under certain circumstances life like properties. The experiment of Russians with rotating magnetic system would be the analog system and it would be very simpled. It would however involve metabolic energy feed increasing the value of h_eff at the MB of the system, which was indeed seen in experiment as cylindrical magnetic walls. The cooling of the air has interpretation as outcome of "death" and "reincarnation" of MB with opposite arrow of time.

The intelligence depends on whether there is something analogous to biological life at the surface of this object. This might be the case if the MB serves as a shieled againt UV. Meteors containg molecular basic building bricks of life.