Monday, January 18, 2021

Negentropy Maximization Principle and Second Law

Negentropy Maximization Principle (NMP) as the variational principle of consciousness replaces the  second law  and implies it for ordinary matter.  State function reduction (SFR) means a reduction of the entanglement for a  pair Sa-Sb of sub-system  Sa and its complement Sb in S.   Measurement cascade proceeding from long to short scales decomposes  at each step a system to a pair of unentangled subsystems is in question. NMP  as a variational principle of consciousness  states that negentropy gain in these reductions  is maximized and selects the pair Sa-Sb at given step.     

In adelic physics the  negentropy is sum N= -S1-S2 of real and various p-adic negentropies but p-adic negentropy can be positive so that  for non-trivial extensions of rationals one can have N>0. This kind of entanglement   is stable against NMP so that the process stops. One can assign positively colored emotions to this kind of entanglement and it distinguishes between living and inanimate matter and also between dark and ordinary matter.

An attractive idea is that NMP forces the system to peferom "big" state function reduction (BSFR) when system approaches cognitive fixed point. This would mean death of the conscious entity and its re-incarnation with an opposite arrow of time.

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