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Model for the findings about hologram generating properties of DNA

The findings of Peter Gariaev and his collaborators have provided a test bed for many basic ideas in TGD inspired biology. We worked out with Peter a model for some particular findings of his group providing support for the notion of magnetic body. The interpretation of data is in terms of a photograph of the magnetic body of DNA sample and therefore also of dark matter at it. The model provides also a more detailed model for how living systems could build holograms about themselves and environment and read them. The article will be published in the first issue of the newly found journal DNADJ (DNA Decipher Journal) appearing in January. The preprint can be found at Scireprints and also at my homepage.

A TGD inspired model for the strange replica structures observed when DNA sample is radiated by red, IR, and UV light using two methods by Peter Gariaev and collaborators. The first method produces what is tentatively interpreted as replica images of either DNA sample or of five red lamps used to irradiate the sample. Second method produce replica image of environment with replication in horizontal direction but only at the right hand side of the apparatus. Also a white phantom variant of the replica trajectory observed in the first experiment is observed and has in vertical direction the size scale of the apparatus.

The model is developed in order to explain the characteric features of the replica patterns. The basic notions are magnetic body, massless extremal (topological light ray), the existence of Bose-Einstein condensates of Cooper pairs at magnetic flux tubes, and dark photons with large value of Planck constant for which macroscopic quantum coherence is possible. The hypothesis is that the first method makes part of the magnetic body of DNA sample visible whereas method II would produce replica hologram of environment using dark photons and produce also a phantom image of the magnetic tubes becoming visible by method I. Replicas would result as mirror hall effect in the sense that the dark photons would move back and forth between the part of magnetic body becoming visible by method I and serving as a mirror and the objects of environment serving also as mirrors. What is however required is that not only the outer boundaries of objects visible via ordinary reflection act as mirrors but also the parts of the outer boundary not usually visible perform mirror function so that an essentially 3-D vision providing information about the geometry of the entire object would be in question. Many-sheeted space-time allows this.

The presence of the hologram image for method II requires the self-sustainment of the reference beam only whereas the presence of phantom DNA image for method I requires the self-sustainment of both beams. Non-linear dynamics for the energy feed from DNA to the magnetic body could make possible self-sustainment for both beams simultaneously. Non-linear dynamics for beams themselves could allow for the self-sustainment of reference beam and/or reflected beam. The latter option is favored by data.


At 2:24 AM, Blogger Ulla said...

Congratulations. First time I heard about this I couldn't believe it, thought it was some contamination. You was angry at me. But those pictures I saw was really a piece of something, and they has never left my mind. The more I read the more convinced I became that it has to be as you tell, it is very hard to explain in some other way.

With this in the back we can meet the results from LHC with confidence. You should have informed me. But I should probably have began to drown you again. I am sad, but that is how I am. And I spam your blog too, I should disappear.

At 12:07 PM, Blogger ThePeSla said...

Ulla, I would like to see those diagrams.


We have not really talked theory. But around 2003 I did conclude the concept of dark matter and black holes essential for understanding some aspects of biology. In some ways string theory applies too. I was meditating for hours at night in hopes to help a friend with brain cancer.

I am not sure there is a need for a space to be seen as non-linear nor that the quantum theory is the best level to understand such things.

I have not understood your multi-sheeted geometry in a picture- are these embedded in each other or float around generally in some sort of biological field? I mean of course we can describe it one way as magnetic (but what are dark photons but still a metaphor?)


At 2:02 PM, Blogger Ulla said...

Those pictures are Mattis property, and you must ask him. Sorry.

At 8:51 PM, Blogger Matti Pitkanen said...

Dear Pesla,

the images of Gariaev's group can be found at the end of the article. Just click the link in the beginning of the posting or use this

Space-time surfaces are just 4-D surfaces in 8-D imbedding space. Ordinary space-time view would suggest that you have space-time surface representable as a graph of a map from M^4 to CP_2. Many-sheetedness means that this map is many-valued. Think of function which is many-valued so that graph has several branches. These branches correspond to space-time sheets.

There are 2-D illustarations at my homepage about many-sheeted space-time.

You just take pieces of 2-D plane above each other and connected by tiny wormhole contacts. You can take also spheres and tori and so on do the same. To go from 2-D in 3-D to 4-D in 8-D requires some visual imagination;-)


At 10:32 AM, Blogger Ulla said...

Maybe this Golden Mean would be found in the DNA resonance? I was looking at why those frequencies were chosen. UV is known, but IR?
Also if there would be other pictures in old post. These were not the ones from Bukarest?

Golden Mean is central in Naschie's speculatoins. Somewhat amusingly, I encountered Golden Mean just to-day while working with the calculation predicting fine structure contant and other gauge coupling strenghts and their evolution as a function of IR resolution characterized by p-adic length scale. Golden Mean .61... and its inverse 1.61... play a role of fundamental scaling represented as exponent of hyperbolic angle.

Sven Gunnarsson: El Naschie has shown that scaling up and scaling down using the Golden Mean is equivalent to integration and differentiation corresponding to the original Gauge theory of Hermann Weyl. El Naschie`s theory demonstrates all that and derives the mass spectrum of elementary particles and the fundamental constant of nature in unheard of simplicity. He shows that spacetime is a fractal. It is based on a Hilbert cube. This Hilbert cube although infinite dimension it has two finite dimensions. The Menger-Urysohn topological dimension 4 and the Hausdorff dimension 4.236067977. This value is the inverse of the Golden Mean to the power 3.

At 11:09 AM, Blogger Ulla said...

I have success in messing up. Budapest it was :) How can it be so difficult to keep two cities apart?
You even mentioned me, thanks. Maybe some day we can collaborate again. I think this was a turning point for me. No more hopeless wishes. You are a very hard teacher :)


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