Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Helsinki University admits my existence!

Hitherto the policy of the powerholders of University of Helsinki concerning TGD has been a complete silence: my existence has been simply denied publically for 35 years. I am 62 and suffer from serious health problems so that the hopes are good that I die before getting rehabilitation.

But maybe also this attempt to perform a complete crime might be failing. Too many intelligent people know what has happened during these years. Therefore the fellows at the top are getting really nervous as the following comment to earlier blog posting demonstrates. In fact, it is a serious warning for young students: keep hands off from TGD! The comment also tells a lot about the ethical standards prevailing in Helsinki University. Something is badly wrong when community behaves like Nazi officers towards jews.


Something to say to the readers of this blog.
These ideas are a bit unconventional, but still not as mad as most internet physicists. The education shows in commandment of math and understanding the basic concepts.
Here in University of Helsinki the madness of this guy official, however. It is advised for nobody to read these before having at least a M.Sc. in theoretical physics.

Here is also my comment.

To Anonymous and Readers:

Interesting that the powerholders of Helsinki University are not anymore able to hide their fears that young students might find TGD. Hitherto the silence has been complete.

I have lived without basic academic human rights most of the time during these 35 years because of jealousy of certain very influentlal professors and still the situation is the same. This after having developed not only a successful unification of fundamental interactions but also a quantum theory of consciousness and biology.

To all readers of this blog: I feel deep shame for the University of Helsinki. Not only for the decision makers but also for the personnel who should have had the moral integrity to do something for the situation during these years: intellectual dishonesty and cowardice have however prevented this.

Helsinki University should have been a place for doing fundamental research but has degenerated to a place populated by sillies like this miserable Anonymous who does not have even courage to use his own name.


Ulla said...

Well, a long waited breakthrough :)

They forget that not even 'conventional' theories are so carved in stone.

Happily I am no student of Helsinki University. Is the situation better elsewhere?

Matti Pitkanen said...

There is no paradise behind the sea. Helsinki University is however an exception. Instead of my personal "madness" one should speak of a history of collective madness.

*For the first time something went badly wrong for more than 35 years ago as I was kicked out from the university after telling about my thesis plan based on the basic idea of TGD. The idea was so simple that anyone with intelligence quotient over 100 should have understood its revolutionary potential. Therefore the reason for the loss of job was not my "madness" but something which I leave for the reader to guess;-).

There have been many opportunities since then to change the course. This did not happen.

*Around 1982 as Wheeler had stated that my thesis work is brilliant. Of course, thanks to Wheeler this work became thesis work! Local authorities decided differently and I received no support.

*After 1984 when string revolution began and it was clear from beginning what its problems are and how TGD solves them.

*Around 1993 or so when it had became clear that superstring model does not work. I got a clear signal in a conference held in Norway that TGD might be the next candidate. Finnish colleagues got also the signal and reacted rabidly. Two young professors give statement about my work as I applied for docenture and stated that my work is complete trash. I left Helsinki University with deep disgust. Around 1995 M-theory emerged and was hoped to save the situation. It took 10 years and super string wars to learn that M-theory was a failure as a physical theory as was clear from beginning from TGD view point.

*Now experimental data from LHC have demonstrated that not only superstring approach but the entire mainstream paradigm is somehow wrong: there is not a slightest sign of SUSY and even Higgs candidate does not behave as it should. Peter Woit speaks about a lost generation of theoretical physics: I would prefer plural here. The situation is tragic: theoreticians are filling hep-th with technically faultless articles having no connection to physics since they are not able to anything else: bottleneck idea is lacking.

This short history of collective madness demonstrates how important it is to be intellectually honest. Silencing of bottleneck ideas puts science into halt. It is quite understandable that in a small country professor can easily become a stalinoid and lose the faculty to judge: any scientist is prone to intellectual jealousy. Only the immediate reaction of the science community can help in this kind of situation and prevent the development of this kind of collective madness.

This is collective madness whereas the core claim of finnish colleagues - including this Anonymous - thought to justify their unethical behaviors, is that it is me who is "mad". "Mad" is certainly a convenient magic word just like the "Jude" of Nazis. But what on earth does it mean! In what manner I am "mad"?! Why they do not provide a detailed analysis about all aspects of my "madness", and how it reflects in the content of my work. And why they never talk just about what I am saying as in the usual scientific debate?

Ulla said...

They never talk of what you are saying because it is beyond their scope? Just a few can understand it? I have tried to ask about the math, but nobody says anything. I have also warned Hamed, so he would know how he can present this idea :)

You are 'mad' in the sentence you hold to an idea almost nobody support. Not so long ago such a man got the Nobel Prize (the quasicrystals). so it is maybe not the idea in itself that is bad. They have just succeeded in creating a bad 'logo' for TGD? I get answers, yes, if I do not mention TGD at all. Then these ideas can be discussed? But only in small portions. The other problem with TGD is its complexity and intilting into each others 'field of science', but I understand it is necessary. Interdishiplinary science always requires much more knowledge.

You are so used to look at TGD so maybe you don't understand how it crevades, almost like a hadronic bomb :) My brain was dizzy long after...

Matti Pitkanen said...

With the training of theoretical physicists it is extremely easy to understand that sub-manifold gravity forces to rewrite text books if correct. Simple intellectual jealousy is the real real for labeling me mad. This world is really cruel.

They have however come to open air which tells that they feel uneasy. We git new results about Higgs after one week and the nervousness might relate also to this.

Ulla said...

Did y look at my link? It can be explained by gravitational waves?

matti Pitkanen said...

Your probably mean decline of star production. I have no idea about explanation.

K.R.A.M. said...

I was intrigued enough about UNITEL's Larry Maurer's claims of Macroscopic Quantum Tunneling (could this be behind the Philadelphia Expermient?) that I emailed details to whomever I thought might be interested. I even found Robert Bigelow's email address at some Nevada planetarium. I thought the recipients would be interested enough to at least discuss the possibilities. (Halerewicz himself did a rigorous math analysis of UNITEL's claims as well as those of Bob Lazar and Robert Baker's gravitational waves.) But all it got me was some scornful replies asking "what planet was I from" and suspension of my Hotmail and Yahoo email accounts. Metaphysics/Anomalies are not welcome by Mainstream Science.
I was greatly entertained by Shelly Palmer's Montauk Project board/blog. There were some thought-provoking issues raised there. Once I even saw a TGD-related post (you?). To my way of thinking, the only thing that might make mainstream colleagues to label you "mad" is if you professed much interest in topics like remote-viewing, Montauk/Philadelphia, UFOs etc. They certainly can't fault your exhaustive physics work. Why don't they discuss/debate/challenge TGD if they are so sure of themselves?!

Tom Mahood is a professional civil engineer who went back to school to get his Masters in physics. He achieved fame/notoriety for exposing flaws in Bob Lazar's story. Tom is a firm believer in remote-viewing (he has seen it work personally). And during his excursions into Area-51 and remote radar ranges ( ), he was interested in searching for any truths to UFO stories ("stealth aircraft are boring"). He once told me "One surprising thing I found out when I went back for my Master’s in Physics was that someone could have a PhD in Physics and still be a complete nut! I was absolutely amazed to discover that. There’s also the saying that 'theories are like assholes; everyone has one'.” His academic experience must have been different than Halerewicz's.
Like others, I have trouble grasping TGD (especially without images), not doubt due to me not being an abstract mathematician. (In chemical/nuclear engineering, we always developed models that we knew were not physically correct. But they lended themselves so well to experiments that we were able to compute coefficients in these equations so that we could build apparatus that worked in the real world. So who cares for theory in these cases.) Halerewicz once told me to "leave it to the experts". (Big help, Ed!) So I did extract what I thought would be TGD Highlights for the layman ( ).

The most important TGD Highlight to me was that Consciousness is not an accident. Ergo life after mortal death. For maybe the first time, Science (TGD) has rigorously proved what before was just a matter of faith (or hope). Indeed, I think that hospitals should replace religious books (like the Bible) on patients' bedstands with TGD Highlights. Consciousness and the Afterlife are now religion-independent. But that sort of thinking will get you ostracized by the "Powers-That-Be". Add to that any interest in the paranormal or anomalies and that will equal the "Mad" label.
You may be the modern example of the fates that Galileo and Copernicus suffered. (I wonder if Einstein initially received much skepticism regarding time being relative and not absolute.) It's almost like you are inadvertently resting power away from entrenched establishment despite the latter being given ample opportunities to refute TGD. Hopefully the name of 'Matti Pitkanen' will inspire others in their quests for the Final Frontier.

Matti Pitkanen said...

To K. R. A. M.:

"Mad" is similar labels as "yid" used by Nazis. Very convenient label taking into account what happened in Germany. As a Finn I feel deep shame for Helsinki University: it is terrible that it has descended to this kind of barbarism.

In my case the label "mad" was introduced much before my work in consciousness and biology or the taboo areas of human knowledge such paranormal, UFOs, and cold fusion. It was used for purely political reasons: the users were well aware of the profoundness of the basic idea of TGD.

The purpose was simply to silence me totally. Without the emergence of worldwide web this would have certainly happened since my work requires huge amount of communication and information.

L. Edgar Otto said...


The great paradox is that if people like you are admitted or tenured in a university... to teach perhaps but not to learn, why would you want to be part of it for you cannot find what is not there anyway save some form of social engineering perhaps?

Maybe in the wider sense of time something along the ladder of research and cures will bury TGD or my own views as much as the long wait for verification by the gods and stars made even the string theory obsolete in any higher senses.

Who will remember these people in Helsinki in a hundred years?

My country has definitely taken a down turn in such matters- our universities are not delivering cures and research on a deep level (consider micro time travel effects chemist K.R.A.M and the vision is even wider). The university aborts such babes before they are born and thinks the world their little turf that stands beyond God or the state or will not bend under the disasters given us by at least an honest Nature.

But this is philosophy I guess and that is a part of Nature too.

They are the mad ones and like people of unhealthy narrow vision or intoxicated by too much vision they do not know or care to look into or even try to define that they are mad.

The Pe Sla

Ulla said...

A mad crackpot, what can be more effective in scaring away students? They know they will have hard to find jobs, foundations etc. when there are already many without jobs. In this way they succeed to create a bad karisma around TGD.

PeSla is right in his view that Who Cares? Age is a favour in this case. Sir Aityah, Susskind, and now Wilczek, and many more starts to abandon the old system, exactly because they don't care any more about fear. Penrose has never bothered what other thinks about him? Universities are soon old institutes, owned by money-makers with shorthand balances made quarterly, and teaching is free on web? Universities know of this. Somehow they must create the illusion of holding the 'trustable knowledge', and labels like this 'madness' is their only weapon? Only fear keeps us from not seeing this? Fear makes us actually collaborate with those mean cowarduses and makes us being Anon. Cowardus ourself. Exactly like the anonymous 'guy' writing this first small note.

He could actually tell us who he is?

Anonymous said...

To K.R.A.M.:

Thanks for the collecting of the Questions and Answers. Until now, i use from the collections a lots too!
I am not a PhD student, but a second year Msc student in Physics ;-). learning TGD forced me to participate in some PhD classrooms too.

Matti Pitkanen said...

To Hamed:

I begin no to understand the meaning of the message of this barbaric Anonymous. Disgusting.

L. Edgar Otto said...


I would be interested in the first paper mentioned (brilliant said Wheeler) unabbridged, if available say by my email... I will interpolate its context and not judge it too critically in the raw at the beginnings of this journey.

I wish I understood better the way you derived the math- I think I have found a great use for it to compliment some of the things in my system- as we seem to focus on the same vision of truths... it is difficult to sort out our visions and those dawning now on the string or Higgs world (such as Lubos mentions today)

Then again physics can be raw intuition and conceptual understanding, subjective in the main, and we merely verify it as proofs or experiments- thus in the experience and sacrifice or hope yet being of our projects we have reached already beyond the steps of ladders claimed as degrees.

Who recalls anonymous- perhaps he does not want to so be recalled- yet you and I both know nothing is hidden that cannot be found on the internet, who wants to play that pointless game?

The PeSla (who really in these times does not criticize the universities to undermine them but to bring them back to what is important within us, and for the people- while the measure of a nation is its number of phds the institutions apparently are not in their reputations- a better measure, not to undermine the paranoid state with so much fine work coming from it to the world, but the number of its sane poets- of which Matti, you are one.)

Matti Pitkanen said...

The thesis work was published in International Journal of Theoretical Physics. I found following references to articles published in this journal:

M.P. 1981 IJP 20,843.
M.P. 1983 IJP 22, 575.

The first one must be the thesis work (refereed by Wheeler) since I got my PhD 1982.

Orwin said...

Matti, this very wet weather involves massive amounts of sulphites, like a smog. I've twice thrown out green vegetables that were rotten with sulphur! And the sulphuric acid that forms in the air means nasty acidification: I've resorted to neat bicarbonate of soda.

PS the squid says she's pure quasi-crystal, like a jelly-fish.

Re-entrant melting in a system of charged colloids: DOI: 10.1063/1.2189850, giving rise to a quasi-crystal matrix.

Adv Funct Mater. 2011 July 22; 21(14): 2712–2720. doi:10.1002/adfm.201002022.
NI: Three-dimensional polymer constructs with tunable negative Poisson's ratio.

Ulla said...

Interesting note Orwin.

Look, more to come.