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Life as islands of rational/algebraic numbers in the seas of real and p-adic continua?

The possibility to define entropy differently for rational/algebraic entanglement and the fact that number theoretic entanglement entropy can be negative raises the question about which kind of systems can possess this kind of entanglement. I have considered several identifications but the most elegant interpretation is based on the idea that living matter resides in the intersection of real and p-adic worlds, somewhat like rational numbers live in the intersection of real and p-adic number fields.

The observation that Shannon entropy allows an infinite number of number theoretic variants for which the entropy can be negative in the case that probabilities are algebraic numbers leads to the idea that living matter in a well-defined sense corresponds to the intersection of real and p-adic worlds. This would mean that the mathematical expressions for the space-time surfaces (or at least 3-surfaces or partonic 2-surfaces and their 4-D tangent planes) make sense in both real and p-adic sense for some primes p. Same would apply to the expressions defining quantum states. In particular, entanglement probabilities would be rationals or algebraic numbers so that entanglement can be negentropic and the formation of bound states in the intersection of real and p-adic worlds generates information and is thus favored by NMP.

A more concrete interpretation for the intersection of real and p-adic worlds would be as the intersection of real and p-adic variants of space-time surface allowing intepretation in both number fields. This intersection is discrete set containing besides rational points also algebraic points common to reals and algebraic extension of p-adics involved.

These two interpretations for the intersection of real and p-adic worlds need not be independent. The absence of definite integral in p-adic number fields suggests that the transition amplitudes between p-adic and real sectors must be expressible using only the data associated with rational and common algebraic points (in the algebraic extension of p-adic numbers used) of imbedding space. This intersection is discrete and could even consist of a finite number of points. For instance, Fermat's last theorem tells that the surface xn+yn=zn contains only origin as rational point for n=3,4,... whereas for n=2 it contains all rational multiples of integer valued points defining Pythagorean triangles: this is due to the homogenity of the polynomial in question. Therefore p-adic-to real transition amplitudes would have a purely number theoretical interpretation. One could speak of number theoretical field theory as an analogy for topological field theory.

This picture has also a direct connection with consciousness.

  1. Algebraic entanglement is a prerequisite for the realization of intentions as transformations of p-adic space-time sheets to real space-time sheets representing actions. Essentially a leakage between p-adic and real worlds is in question and makes sense only in zero energy ontology. since various quantum numbers in real and p-adic sectors are not in general comparable in positive energy ontology so that conservation laws would be broken. Algebraic entanglement could be also called cognitive. The transformation can occur if the partonic 2-surfaces and their 4-D tangent space-distributions are representable using rational functions with rational coefficients in preferred coordinates for the imbedding space dictated by symmetry considerations. Intentional systems must live in the intersection of real and p-adic worlds. For the minimal option life would be also effectively 2-dimensional phenomenon and essentially a boundary phenomenon as also number theoretical criticality suggests.

  2. The generation of non-rational (non-algebraic) bound state entanglement between the system and external world means that the system loses consciousness during the state function reduction process following the U-process generating the entanglement. What happens that the Universe corresponding to given CD decomposes to two un-entangled subsystems, which in turn decompose, and the process continues until all subsystems have only entropic bound state entanglement or negentropic algebraic entanglement with the external world.

  3. If the sub-system generates entropic bound state entanglement in the the process, it loses consciousness. Note that the entanglement entropy of the sub-system is a sum over entanglement entropies over all subsystems involved. This hierarchy of subsystems corresponds to the hierarchy if sub-CDs so that the survival without a loss of consciousness depends on what happens at all levels below the highest level for a given self. In more concrete terms, ability to stay conscious depends on what happens at cellular level too. The stable evolution of systems having algebraic entanglement is expected to be a process proceeding from short to long length scales as the evolution of life indeed is.

  4. U-process generates a superposition of states in which any sub-system can have both real and algebraic entanglement with the external world. This would suggest that the choice of the type of entanglement is a volitional selection. A possible interpretation is as a choice between good and evil. The hedonistic complete freedom resulting as the entanglement entropy is reduced to zero on one hand, and the algebraic bound state entanglement implying correlations with the external world and meaning giving up the maximal freedom on the other hand. The hedonistic option is risky since it can lead to non-algebraic bound state entanglement implying a loss of consciousness. The second option means expansion of consciousness - a fusion to the ocean of consciousness as described by spiritual practices.

  5. This formulation means a sharpening of the earlier statement "Everything is conscious and consciousness can be only lost" with the additional statement "This happens when non-algebraic bound state entanglement is generated and the system does not remain in the intersection of real and p-adic worlds anymore". Clearly, the quantum criticality of TGD Universe seems has very many aspects and life as a critical phenomenon in the number theoretical sense is only one of them besides the criticality of the space-time dynamics and the criticality with respect to phase transitions changing the value of Planck constant and other more familiar criticalities. How closely these criticalities relate remains an open question.

A good guess is that algebraic entanglement is essential for quantum computation, which therefore might correspond to a conscious process. Hence cognition could be seen as a quantum computation like process, a more approriate term being quantum problem solving. Living-dead dichotomy could correspond to rational-irrational or to algebraic-transcendental dichotomy: this at least when life is interpreted as intelligent life. Life would in a well defined sense correspond to islands of rationality/algebraicity in the seas of real and p-adic continua.

The view about the crucial role of rational and algebraic numbers as far as intelligent life is considered, could have been guessed on very general grounds from the analogy with the orbits of a dynamical system. Rational numbers allow a predictable periodic decimal/pinary expansion and are analogous to one-dimensional periodic orbits. Algebraic numbers are related to rationals by a finite number of algebraic operations and are intermediate between periodic and chaotic orbits allowing an interpretation as an element in an algebraic extension of any p-adic number field. The projections of the orbit to various coordinate directions of the algebraic extension represent now periodic orbits. The decimal/pinary expansions of transcendentals are un-predictable being analogous to chaotic orbits. The special role of rational and algebraic numbers was realized already by Pythagoras, and the fact that the ratios for the frequencies of the musical scale are rationals supports the special nature of rational and algebraic numbers. The special nature of the Golden Mean, which involves 51/2, conforms the view that algebraic numbers rather than only rationals are essential for life.

For details see for instance the article TGD inspired theory of consciousness and the chapter Quantum Theory of Self-Organization of "Bio-Systems as Self-Organizing Systems".


At 2:14 PM, Blogger Ulla said...

You can do really big things in spite of all viruses. I'm delighted.

The E8 symmetry has been debated, and here is an excerpt.
"'You might expect to see random fluctuations of the spins at this critical point but what we uncovered was a remarkable structure in the resonances of the magnetic spins indicating a perfectly harmonious state,' said Radu Coldea from Oxford University's Department of Physics who led the team.
As the critical state was approached the researchers observed that the chain of atoms behaved like a 'magnetic guitar string'.
Radu added: 'The tension comes from the interaction between spins causing them to magnetically resonate. We found a series of resonant modes. Close to the critical field the two lowest resonant frequencies approached closely the golden ratio 1.618…, a characteristic signature of the predicted E8 symmetry.'
He is convinced that this is no coincidence and it reflects a subtle form of order present in the quantum system." Or how was it Lubos :)
Quantum Criticality in an Ising Chain: Experimental Evidence for Emergent E8 Symmetry. Science, Jan. 8, 2010

Tanaka et al writes: "Atomic nuclei are usually uniformly dense objects with surfaces that are nearly well defined, having only a modest amount of diffuseness. However, in halo nuclei one or more nucleons have wave functions that extend far outside the nucleus so that the matter distribution has a long tail. 22-C is now the heaviest observed Borromean nucleus (with halo neutrons around a core)."

"The theory of quantum statistics begins with a simple observation about the wave functions of identical particles: if two identical particles are interchanged twice, the wave function must come back to its initial value. This means that a single interchange can result in a phase of either zero or π, and identical particles can be either bosons or fermions. This fundamental distinction between Fermi statistics—which lead to Pauli’s exclusion principle, the structure of the periodic table, and neutron stars—and Bose statistics—which underlie superfluidity and lasing—explains much of the universe we see around us. If the vortex line is rotated around the bubble, it goes through the Josephson junction (soliton), and - The combination of trivial and topological band insulators with a superconductor is bringing anyons—particles that behave neither according to purely Bose nor Fermi statistics—into the three-dimensional world." Phys. Rev. Lett. 104, 046401 (2010)

At 4:14 PM, Blogger Ulla said...

The periodic table is built on 8. The materialization follows 'stable spots', a Gaussian fit, in the atomic halo.

"A ground state atomic nucleus can be something of a black box, masking subtle details about its structure behind the aggregate interplay of its protons and neutrons."
the EMC Effect, a famous result in the world of nuclear physics that showed that the structures of protons and neutrons in a nucleus are different from protons and neutrons found outside a nucleus.
indicate a possible new cause for the effect: the microscopic structure of nuclei.

"Modern-day scientific Magellans and Columbus's, exploring the uncharted seas at the fringes of the Periodic Table of the Elements, have landed on one long-sought island -- the fabled Island of Stability, "The next island is located very far from the first one," said Oganessian. How far away might that next island be" In terms of numbers on the periodic table, it could lie around atomic number 164, as some theorists predicted, certainly a long way from where researchers are exploring today in hopes of discovering element 120."

"The riddle as to how the halo neutron can exist at such a great distance from the core nucleus can only be resolved by means of the principles of quantum mechanics: In this model, the neutron must be characterized in terms of a so-called wave function."

"Vinothan Manoharan and Michael Brenner, presents additional clues to how and why groups of atoms and molecules may favor less symmetrical and more complex, flexible geometric patterns.
The answer relates to a familiar concept in physics—entropy. the tri-tetrahedron occurs 20 times more often than the octahedron. among clusters with the same potential energy, highly symmetric structures are less likely to arise." with a good picture.

"At a one-vortex-per-atom ratio, they could observe the quantum Hall effect and control it in unprecedented ways. In turn, they hope to coax atoms to behave like a class of quasiparticles known as "non-abelian anyons," a required component of "topological quantum computing," in which anyons dancing in the gas would perform logical operations based on the laws of quantum mechanics."

Quantum computation is done by lightdifferences, as 'lightpens'.

Excuse me, I got enthusiastic :) These are only scattered notices. I must read your text thoroughfully. Very interesting.

At 3:27 AM, Blogger Matti Pitkanen said...

The new territory will be the connection between number theory and physics. The gist of my posting is that the quantum physics of intention, cognition, and life could be what one might call number theoretical quantum field theories. Basic notion would be rational points and subset of algebraic points as intersection of partonic 2-surfaces: at these points intention and action would meet.

This notion is certainly familiar for mathematicians but totally unknown land for physicists. Maybe this physics is standard stuff of theoretical physics seminars before year 2050;-).

At 3:46 AM, Blogger Matti Pitkanen said...

Nuclear string model predicts a lot of new nuclear physics part of which has already shown itself as anomalies. The essentially new element are color flux tubes with quark and antiquark at their ends connecting nucleons. They can have charges 1,-1 besides vanishing charges. Charged color bonds imply almost degeneracy of nuclear ground states.

One can have bosonic counterparts of fermionic nuclei with almost same mass and giving rise to almost same chemistry but playing key role in the new dark matter chemistry since they can form Bose-Einstein condensates at the magnetic flux tubes.

Nuclear string model predicts a lot of new nuclear physics part of which has already shown itself as anomalies. The essentially new element are color flux tubes with quark and antiquark at their ends connecting nucleons. They can have charges 1,-1 besides vanishing charges. Charged color bonds imply almost degeneracy of nuclear ground states.

One can have bosonic counterparts of fermionic nuclei with almost same mass and giving rise to almost same chemistry but playing key role in the new dark matter chemistry since they can form Bose-Einstein condensates at the magnetic flux tubes.

The new secondary p-adic time scales assigned with elementary particles, in particular the .1 second time scale assignable with electron as time scale of corresponding "causal diamond" and defining fundamental biorhythm will mean a direct connection between living and dead matter.

By the way, I received from Gabor a pdf file about an article published publisched by Nobelist Szent-Györgyi as early as 1941 with title Towards a New Biochemistry. The necessity for new biochemistry has been realized by the greatest visioniaries for 70 years ago but the main stream of big science is still trying to make progress with text book wisdom! Mediocricy has replaced democracy in science.

At 10:18 AM, Blogger Ulla said...

Gabor is a very unusual young man :)

As usual I'll have to read this many times before I get it. But I will come back to this. I think this is very remarcable text, one of the best ever:) It was morning before I went to sleep :)

Especially that of the diseases is interesting, and I have exactly the same wiev. The mechanism is allostasis (chaos) and homeostasis (order). Nobody can say what homeostasis exactly is :) In acupuncture is also allostasis (by making a wound) used, and in reflexology by pressure.

I also read about negative information some day ago, some kind of anti-negentropy? A very interesting concept. Entanglement in quantum computer research gives many impulses. Lubos did not like to be reminded of constraints in black holes and negative information :)

Today I asked my brother (why haven't I done it before?) who is a professional on IT. He thought that your virus was a SillyFDC worm that has infected an USB-stick, and it is reinfected easily. It doesn't help to clean the stick when it has an autostart, and it doesn't help to reinstall windows either, because it is in the sticks. I think this would suit your problem.

He said you don't need a better firewall, hardwire firewalls are often very difficult to serve, but Norton update from februar this year, the newest possible. Or possibly Symantec would work. He has cleaned many computers from this virus but they come back again very fast reinfected :) when the virus is on the USB-flash.

Look at

At 7:33 PM, Blogger Matti Pitkanen said...

The SillyFDC would provide alternative explanation for what happened when I had Windows 7 and Mac in parallel in the new computer. I indeed used old and new computer to net in order to print. I could even imagine that it made possible printing using the old printer although I found driver from web.
An alternative explanation is that I was forced to use Internet Explorer just once: for loading Firefox and that just this was enough!

I deleted every trace from Windows 7 and Parallels integrating it with Mac and there have been no losses of tex files for two weeks.

Mac has also internal firewall (Snow Leopard) which is claimed to be equivalent with external firewall so that I am optimistic just now although I got a console report with a big red warning just two days ago. There is indeed some virus making the typing in emailer impossible since the window just disappears again and again.

At 7:47 PM, Blogger Matti Pitkanen said...

Entropy- that is negative information- is the only thing that physics today can offer. Shannon entropy is non-negative so that Shannon negentropy as its negative defines negative information measure. In case of entanglement this is easy to understand since we do not know with certainty whether Schrodinger's cat is dead or alive. The point is to find measure for the entanglement itself as carrier of information.

If entanglement probabilities are rational numbers (even algebraic numbers are allowed) one can define number theoretic (p-adic) variants of Shannon entropy satisfying the basic defining conditions and these entropies can be negative and one can find prime p for which the entropy is maximally negative. Rational (algebraic) entanglement carries information- even more: conscious information. Entangling in this manner does not lead to a loss of consciousness but expands it. Joining to the ocean of consciousness as meditators express it. Suddenly even this talk about cosmic consciousness begins to make sense.

What is remarkable that this condition is true if life is in the intersection of p-adic and real worlds. Life and intelligent consciousness mean a physical counterpart for number theoretical criticality. p-Adic intention can transform to real action.

Also my own great experience which took me to the road leading to consciousness theory and about which I have told a lot at my homepage can be finally understood. I have really experienced what it feels when all this background noise in body disappears and the entire body (or is it the magnetic one?) goes in a flowing liquid like state of well-being.

All evolution is basically spiritual in this framework: just expansion of consciousness experienced as well-being and love. The basic ethical value is here. Moral rules can provide means of achieving this depends on situation. The basic rule is that the rule should not cause violence which means by definition reduction of consciousness. Krishnamurti said all this in different words. He was quite spiritual number theorists. Indians are!

At 7:48 PM, Blogger Matti Pitkanen said...

Addition: Mac cannot be infected by SillyFDC so that I can forget this threat.

At 1:47 AM, Blogger Ulla said...

Yesterday night I wrote a comment, but it just disappeared when I should send it.

Information is about correlation, but there can be too much of it.
Quantum information can be negative,
Global information balance in quantum measurements arXiv:quant-ph/0702166v5, Artificial magnetic fields for light
Interesting news about these quantum computers.

Optical constants of inorganic glasses by Andrei M. Efimov - 1995
is also good. He talks of solids and polarization.

The nervous system 'collects' negentropy, that is quantum criticality. Evolution as basically spiritual is certainly true, because even before any matter was here there was an evolution. No mistake was ever done. Ethical values are our self and very good, moral things can be very bad sometimes. Mass hypnosis is a reduction of consciousness-level and violence. They are negative information :)The collective consciousness can never be at such a high level as personal consciousness. That's why matter matters. It is no accident, and non-fundamental at all. We experience and learn by the matter. We can get information from the 'Sea' too, there are wast information, but it needs someone to do it.

I have too experienced that plasma-like existence of wellness and joy. But in mine was no numbers at all :)

Then you said: expansion of consciousness experienced as well-being and love. It was you who said it. A higher hbar :) Do you need one? It means less pain :) or a choise.

This became somewhat peculiar. I must meditate for a moment :)

The virus is not in the computer, not in your Mac, but in some movable memory, if it is this Silly thing.

At 5:32 AM, Blogger Matti Pitkanen said...

I have now begun to understand how far reaching the implications of number theoretic Shannon entropy are. The presence of the negentropic entanglement implies the directedness of the biological processes since the outcome of the state function reduction would be far from random . The behavior of negentropic bonds could be almost deterministic. In the case of time-like entanglement this would select only particular initial final state pairs so that determinism would emerge also in this manner and could lead to almost deterministic irreversible cellular automaton behavior characteristic for the living matter and very different from the reversible determinism of classical physics and very difficult to understand in quantum context.

This would provide a general explanation for the ability of the living matter to overcome the second law basically implied by quantum randomness of the standard quantum theory. Non-equilibrium thermodynamics and cellular automaton models could be seen as phenomenological descriptions for the actual breaking of second law in the intersection of real and p-adic worlds.

I reworked to today the model for ATP-->ADP+P_i: the fundamental piece of biology. The first basic elements of the model are the magnetic flux tubes forming an Indra's net. For instance, they would connect ATP to catalyst molecules to catalyst molecules so that reduction of hbar would contract the flux tubes and bring the molecules near to each other. Second element is liberation of metabolic energy as electron or proton drops to a larger space-time sheet. Third aelement is the assumption that the O=:s of phosphates act as universal plugs to which flux tubes are connected. The new element is the assumption that negentropic entanglement is associated with the flux tubes and is between the ends of flux tubes. The innermost flux O= is connected to catalyst molecule so that ATP and O= can find each other when needed by reducing the value of Planck constant.

This identifies high energy phosphate bond as a flux tube between outer O=:s of ATP and carrying negentropic entanglement and positive energy. No binding energy would be needed since Negentropy Maximization Principle would stabilize the system.

All flux tube connections can be regarded as high energy bonds made possible by NMP, which allows to have correlated pairs without binding energy. This binding would be free love affair whereas ordinary binding to the bottom of potential well would be like the jail of the organized marriage. Krishnamurti was a brilliant biologists too;-)!

It really becomes possible to understand ATP to ADP transformation and various related processes. I attach the first draft of pdf file as an example.

At 12:03 PM, Blogger Ulla said...

How is it then with free will in TGD if everything is deterministic?

Quantum biology begins to be a 'hot' area now, especially photosynthesis. Your model is the only one explaining the mechanism.

What was your opinion of entanglement in biology, or in material particles? It is not just quantum tunnelling? The particles also have an anti-particle that is not seen? (as instance from the Zeilinger group). Lubos did not like the idea.

Nielsen was curious of a law behind the second law. I have not had time to look what he has found.

The breaking would be exactly at the nerve pulse and the soliton. The polarization would be important for it, seen as the emitting of a signal also outward, not only in the nervous sytsem. Perhaps this was like Gariaevs findings?

You work quite too hard :) Nobody has a chance to keep that pace.

HCO is the biological mark. Carbon is making a ridge or ring, that will make the constraints for HO or the hydrogen bond (and dark matter?). How would you interpret the hydrogen bond? It is a reaction between reduction and oxidation, and that is also an entropic question. A bosonic-fermionic reaction? Is this like a black hole diving or free will in a love affair then :) and other chemical bonds that are weaker only results? But the very weak van der Waal or London force is also said to be a quantum bond? What say Krishnamurti about this? :)

Chaos in entanglement is made informative by quantum tunnelling, I read somewhere. Free entanglement is chaotic, and chaos is the natural state of affairs in nature. Then it would be the tunnelling that make the criticality? The temperature is then very important as a rear.

Nice, Matti :)

At 12:15 PM, Blogger Ulla said...

You said that reduction of hbar would contract the flux tubes and bring the molecules near to each other.
This will be the 'quantum collapse' in the measurement then? It is simply a question of hbars?

At 1:43 PM, Blogger Ulla said...

A link from today in Science
"Such "strongly correlated electron" materials challenge our understanding and provide the grist for future technologies....introduce a systematic approach based on molecular beam epitaxy for the preparation of complex interacting electron materials, thus opening up the possibility of making available many new structures not currently accessible to direct chemical synthesis."


At 2:05 PM, Blogger Ulla said...

One more:
Tuning the Dimensionality of the Heavy Fermion Compound CeIn3
H. Shishido, et al. Science 19 February 2010: 980-983.
A quantum phase transition is achieved by varying the dimension of a heavy fermion superlattice.

This must mean a Planck constant hierarchy?

At 12:51 AM, Blogger Ulla said...

It is only me that comment. I begin to feel a little uncomfortable :)

Here a link to the Fleming group
studying the quantum photosynthesis & Entanglement of electronic and nuclear factors

A potential role of quantum coherence is to overcome local energetic traps and aid efficient trapping of electronic energy by the pigments facing the reaction center complex.

The Barber group with ATP-synthase coupling

See also
for coherent islands.

At 1:42 AM, Blogger Matti Pitkanen said...

"How is it then with free will in TGD if everything is deterministic?"'

I did not say that everything is deterministic. Only in the intersection of real and p-adic worlds it is
possible to get rid of total randomness of the state function reduction process simply because negentropy maximization does not choose between entangled eigenstates of density matrix with vanishing entropy now but leads to highly unique state with minimum negative entanglement entropy.

Thermalization in ensemble can be seen as a consequence of the random outcome of ordinary state function reduction and this is avoided in the case of negentropic entanglement. Thermal noise disappears just as I directly experienced as a bodily sensation in my "big experience".

Second aspect. Every quantum jump involves as a first step unitary process and this makes means recreation. Only the initial and final states of even (positive and negative energy parts of zero energy state) in in this intersection tend to be strongly correlated unlike in the case of ordinary state function reduction.

In any case, I am just begininning to realize however powerful notion this number theoretic negentropy is.

At 1:47 AM, Blogger Matti Pitkanen said...

The link in one of the comments to the little article by Nobelist Szent-Györgyi about new chemistry written t 1941 was not working. This should work.

At 4:13 AM, Blogger Ulla said...

I noticed that link, but I didn't ant to say anything :)

Also, I thought it was neural noise in your experience. The neural noise is also very temp.dependent. I now also treat a girl that has been a victim of a pedophil in many years - no sensations what so ever in her body, it is as 'dead'. She told me she had a lots of piercings, only so she would feel something. Is this also a minimum entanglement negentropy? Kind of refusement to accept her own body? She has choosed to divorce her own body?

Thermalization is a very small window, as is pH. Also other constraints favour the entanglement? Negentropic entanglement is a result of quantum tunnelling?

I have often asked about the quantum jump. You say: Every quantum jump involves as a first step unitary process and this makes means recreation. - Unitary between what? The result of the jump may be recreation, but what decides how the jump is done? The history alone? No, I don't think so. Free will? A choise not to be entangled? It is not deterministic? I have pondered what is forcing to a desition about a divorce. Energy, the marriage costs too much? Are lazyness or habits the rule everywhere (almost)? The entanglement is also of different strengths (hierarchies) seen in selves.
The outcome is correlated by quantum tunnelling or negentropic entanglement, but what is the parts in this entanglement?

No Krischnamurti today? I know only one thing for sure, he was wrong about the self and the ego :) Otherwise a very clever man. Indians are not always right.

Number theoretic negentropy :) :) Really very interesting :-) Numbers never end :)

You had one error before. You said we connect to the consciousness in the Sea when we meditate. But the consciousness is created, always new, and it needs a creator, a self (materia?). When you said like that it would mean the consciousness was material. So no consciousness is in the Sea, but perhaps as Sheldrake said, some memory fields, morfogenetic fields (selves?). His quantum jumps depended on habits, customs. Also a choise.

Will a new era begin now? With this negentropic aspect? How does Higgs react on this? Constant evolution?

Many questions as usual :)

At 8:47 AM, Blogger Ulla said...

One more :) I stranded on points 1 and 2 in the text.

Consciousness is defined as p-adic spacetime sheats entangled with real sheats, like quantum tunneling state giving negentropy.

Algebraic entanglement could be also called cognitive – is this like brain (logic) and body (emotional knowledge, pictures, symbols, that is more ready entities from the Dirac Sea?) Pain is left in real world, because its interpreter is in the brain (algebraic)? Other emotions follow, because they are bodily expressions from perception?

When we get an enlarged conscious state we simply are more to the p-adic side, more wave-like, magnetic. Like the magnetic body?

What is the difference then between p-adic timesheat and the magnetic body? Only the self and magnetic field properties?

What is the difference between p-adic and algebraic cognition?

At 11:41 PM, Blogger Matti Pitkanen said...

All zero energy states are in well-defined sense morphic fields. It is a matter of convention at what level one begins to speak about memory. For instance, electrons causal diamond corresponds to the time scale .1 seconds which defines the fundamental biorhythm. This suggests that the magnetic bodies of electrons are crucial for consciousness and life. The self-organization patterns assignable to self plus the hierarchy of its subselves resulting in quantum jump define the habits, memes. The feed of ordered energy is central in self organization and now it is replaced with the feed of energy assignable to negentropic entanglement. Dissipation serves still as the Darwinian selector.

The interpretation of feelings and emotions like
pain is very natural if one assigns the fundamental emotions to the expansion or loss of consciousness
at some level of hierarchy of subselves.

Negentropic entanglement would allow to understand emotions. Negentropy would be the basic measure. Unfortunately, the positive emotion resulting from negentropic entanglement has a finite duration in geometric time since CD has finite size.

About the beginning of new era. Science is what determines at this moment our values or rather the lack of them: in reductionistic science there are no values, there is no good or evil, there is no love: there is only a fight for survival or universe as a dead machine. This kind of world view more than explain why the society has become a jungle. Our civilization is really about destroying itself.

The only manner to change the situation is through the fusion of science and spirituality. My sincere hope is that these ideas could be taken seriously despite the fact that they generate aggression and disgust in a typical colleague for whom science means a specialization to apply a particular algorithm to lengthen curriculum vitae.

At 12:37 AM, Blogger Ulla said...

You said: Negentropy would be the basic measure. Unfortunately, the positive emotion resulting from negentropic entanglement has a finite duration in geometric time since CD has finite size.

You know that isn't true. How could it be? Then there will be never any growing of consciousness. This emotional consciousness lasts forever.

Evolution as negentropy-dissipation sounds true. The higher evolutionary levels, like humans, are often more social, more althruistic than lower levels. Dawkin talks of the selfish gene, but there is also an althruistic gene. It is the althruistic gene that do negentropic networks between individuals and let the consciousness grow. The web is a good thing in this sense. But when the web grow, also consciousness must grow to keep the balance. In eras of lowered consciousness there are always risk for war, as Jung showed us.

This new era is a magic one :) With negentropic entanglements and quantum physics, this I have said a long time now.

Funny how we see down on animals, and yet they are more in contact with this negentropic system than we are, just as if intelligence would destroy it. But we have laid everything else also up and down.

Some people can even 'talk' to animals. They 'listen' with their whole body.

At 2:25 AM, Blogger Ulla said...

I must link to a story I wrote some week ago.

Stuart Kauffman is one of the writers at and I find his theories very interesting, but so is he a biologist too :) and he knows physics and write about it in a simple way so even I can understand it.

At 6:33 AM, Blogger Ulla said...

I just have to give a link more.

"We demonstrated that entanglement can help separated individuals in making decisions if their goal is to find each other even in the lack of any communication between them."

The efficiency of every classical solution for our problem has to obey, and demonstrate its violation by the quantum efficiency. This proves that no classical strategy can be more efficient than the quantum one.

You know why I want to show this link :) Isn't our world fantastic?

C.Brukner, N. Paunkovic, T. Rudolph & V. Vedral

Entanglement-assisted Orientation in Space

Int. J. of Quant. Inf. 4, 365 (2006) / e-print

But I also found chaos i quantum world :)

At 7:43 AM, Anonymous André K. said...

The .1 s or 100 ms fundamental biorythm reminds me of an article I read recently. It cited a work from Nick Enfield (Professor of Ethnolinguistics). He monitored the time people need when answering simple yes/no questions. For that he recorded normal everyday discussions in ten different languages. The average respond time was 208 ms. That could have something to do with this fundamental biorythm, if I understood it correct. So I would guess 100 ms for recognition of the question and 100 ms until the word leaves the mouth?
This brought also an other thing to mind. When playing online games it is important to have low pings. The ping is the network latency between a player's computer and the game server. I don´t know if it´s just a funny coincidence, but usually one can say that a ping below 100 ms enables smooth playing. Everything above you will notice more or less depending on the game and the situation.

At 7:45 PM, Blogger Matti Pitkanen said...


1 ms and 100 ms scales are fundamental for brain action (nerve pulse duration and kHz synchrony). I have proposed also that .1 second defines
linguistic representation of gemetic codon
in terms octaves 10 Hz frequency so that genetic code realized in terms of em field patterns would be behind speech and its recognition in brain.

Zero energy ontology assigns to electron a fundamental time scale of .1 second as the temporal distance between the tips of causal diamond defined as intersection of future and past directed lightcones. This suggests the interpretation of biorhythm as the time scale of electronic CDs. One can of course ask whether single CD is commong for all electrons inside it or whether each electron has its own CD so that the overlap of CDs would be analogous to overlap of single particle wave functions in super conducitivity and crucial for living matter but appearing also in dead matter.

Can one interpret 1 ms time scale in same manner? u and d quarks are building bricks of proton and neutron. Their masses are rather light but larger than electron mass. Actually only the range in which they vary is known. TGD predicts several mass scales coming as half octaves. Light quark pairs appear also in color bonds connecting nucleons in TGD based model of nuclei. If the mass scale of quark differs by factor 2^7= 128 from that of electron one would obtain 1 ms time scale. This would give quark mass scale of 10 electron masses which is quite reasonable. Biology would directly reflect fundamental physics and one could measure quark mass scale from nerve pulse duration!

The basic prediction of zero energy ontology is is that second law does not make sense in the time scale below the time scale defined by the temporal size of CD for physics associated with the field body of system in question- say electron.

1 ms and .1 s time scales ibdeed appear in the observations made about the failure of second law happening below .1 second time scale for a macroscopic system consisting of beads in thread- if I remember correctly:

D. Whitehouse (2002), Beads of doubt, BBC News.

This suggests that the breaking of second law occurs quite generally and reflects the presence of CDs and that electron's field bodies assignable to CDs are involved. This would be rather nice evidence for zero energy ontology.


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