Tuesday, March 22, 2005

More About Black Hole Like Objects in RHIC

I already told about black hole like objects identified in Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider in Brookhaven. For decades physicists have been complaining that there are not experimental data challenging standard model and now we have it. Even restricting the considerations to RHIC one can say that QCD is heavily challenged by these data. So are all conventional theories, from GUTs to string models and M-theory, claiming to produce standard model as such as their low energy limit. Putting-it-under-the-rug policy applied to anomalies applied so often earlier is the silliest option than one can imagine in this kind of situation. If even these findings are not enough to wake up the community of theoretical physicists to experimental reality, it is difficult to imagine what could do it. Therefore I am somewhat astonished and disappointed that physics bloggers except me and Plato have not found this sensational discovery worth of commenting. Because of the exceptional importance of the finding I summarize briefly the main findings and theoretical concepts and ideas again from a more holistic point of view. The discovery of black hole like objects was the third one in a series of discoveries and one can only imagine what LHC brings with it.
  • The first discovery was the lack of longitudinal Lorentz invariance of particle distributions suggesting a collective behavior. This was around 2002.
  • The collective behaviour which was later interpreted in terms of color glass condensate meaning the presence of a blob of liquid like phase decaying later to quark gluon plasma since it was found that the density of what was expected to be quark gluon plasma was about ten times higher than expected.
  • The last finding is that this object seems to absorb partons like black hole and behaves like an evaporating black hole.
There no need to repeat that these findings might mean a death blow to QCD and as I propose, even for quantum theory in its recent form with a fixed value of hbar, which can be taken to unity by suitable choice of units. In my personal Theory Universe the history went as follows.
  • I proposed 2002 a model for Gold-Gold collision as a mini big bang identified as a scaled down variant of TGD inspired cosmology. This makes sense because in TGD based critical cosmology the initial state has vanishing mass per comoving volume instead of being infinite as in radiation dominated cosmology. Any phase transition involving a generation of a new space-time sheet might proceed in this universal manner. The implication of p-adic fractality is that cosmology can be studied in laboratory!
  • Cosmic string soup in the primordial stage is replaced by a tangle of color flux tubes containing the color glass condensate. CGC is made macroscopic quantum phase by conformal confinement (the conformal weights of partons are complex and relate to zeros of zeta) and only the net conformal weight is real in this phase). Flux tubes correspond to flow lines of incompressible liquid flow and non-perturbative phase with a very large hbar is in question. Gravitational constant is replaced by strong gravitational constant defined by the relevant p-adic length scale squared since color flux tubes are analogs of hadronic strings. Presumably L_p, p=M_107=2^107-1, is the p-adic length scale since Mersenne prime M_107 labels the space-time sheet at which partons feed their color gauge fluxes. Temperature during this phase could correspond to Hagedorn temperature for strings and is determined by string tension. Density would be maximal.
  • Next phase is critical phase in which the notion of space-time in ordinary sense makes sense and 3-space is flat since there is no length scale in critical system (so that curvature vanishes). During this critical phase phase a transition to quark gluon plasma occurs. The duration of this phase fixes all relevant parameters such as temperature (which is the analog of Hagedorn temperature corresponding since critical density is maximal density of gravitational mass in TGD Universe).
  • The next phase is radiation dominated quark gluon plasma phase and then follows hadronization to matter dominated phase provided cosmological picture still applies.
Since black hole formation and evaporation is very much like big crunch followed by big bang, the picture is more or less equivalent with the picture in which black hole like object consisting of highly tangled color flux tube/hadronic string (mass is determined by string length just as it is determined by the radius for black holes) is formed and then evaporates. Black hole temperature corresponds to Hagedorn temperature and to the duration of critical period of the mini cosmology. I performed a quantitative comparison of the model with experimental data. The estimated freeze-out temperature T_f of quark gluon plasma is about 175.76 MeV. Hagedorn temperature identified as black-hole temperature should be higher than this temperature. The experimental estimate for the hadronic Hagedorn temperature from the transversal momentum distribution of baryons is about 160 MeV. On the other hand, according to the estimates of hep-ph/0006020, the values of Hagedorn temperatures for mesons and baryons are T_H(M)=195 MeV and T_H(B)=141 MeV respectively. D-dimensional bosonic string model for hadrons gives for the mesonic Hagedorn temperature the expression For a string in D=4-dimensional space-time and for the value of 1 GeV^{-2} of inverse Regge slope, this would give T_H=195 MeV, which is slightly higher than the freezing out temperature as it indeed should be, and in an excellent agreement with the experimental value of hep-ph/0006020. It deserves to be noticed that in the model for fireball as a dual 10-D black-hole by Horatiu Nastase, the rough estimate for the temperature of color glass condensate becomes too low by a factor 1/8. In light of this I would not yet rush to conclude that the fireball is actually a 10-dimensional black hole(;-)! The most precious gift of RHIC to TGD was that several theoretical notions and ideas, which have emerged during last years, and applying in hugely disparate length and time scales by p-adic fractality, integrate nicely.
  • Dark matter is identified as a macroscopic quantum phase with large hbar for which particles have complex conformal weights and by conformal confinement behaves like single coherent whole. Dark matter controls living matter and this explains the weird looking findings about Bohr rules for planetary orbits.
  • Living matter would be also matter with large value of hbar and form conformally confined blobs behaving like single units with extremely quantal properties, including free will of course! Dark matter and conformal confinement would be responsible for the mysterious vital force.
  • Any system for which some interaction becomes so strong that perturbation theory does not work gives rise to this kind of system in a phase transition in which hbar increases to not lose perturbativity gives rise to this kind of "super-quantal" matter.
  • Physically hbar means a larger unit for quantum numbers and this requires that single particle states form larger particle like units. This kind of collective states with weak mutual interactions are of course very natural in strongly interacting systems. At the level of quantum jumps quantum jumps integrate effectively to single quantum jump and longer moments of consciousness result. Conformal confinement guarantees all this. Entire hierarchy of size scales for conformally confined blobs is predicted corresponding to values of hbar related to Beraha numbers but there would be only single value corresponding to very large hbar for given values of system parameters (gravitational masses, charges,...).
  • Liquids might be liquids because they contain some dark matter at magnetic/Z^0 magnetic flux tubes (darkness follows from the large value of hbar).
Here I cannot resist the temptation to tell about some highly inspiring mystic experiences for 11 years ago and classifiable. My executors had destroyed my career in Helsinki University by stating publicly that my work has nothing to do with science. Being in practice labelled a madman, I could not even think of keeping my job at university. I could not live in Helsinki anymore and later lost all that I owned because of unemployment. I had to move to countryside to survive and I spent one year at my home where my mother lived. Now the experience. I had a habit of making long meditative walks near my home. When spring came I was in a very happy mood and loved to just sit down and look at the surface of water in water ponds. The idea of mirror world irresistibly filled my mind. As irrational it sounded, I had the feeling that there is a second much better world there, this world is perceiving this uglier world, and even that this beautiful mirror image in pond is how this world sees our world. I fantasized with the possibility to jump down to this happy world. It seems that I was right! When I developed TGD inspired theory of consciousness it became clear that in TGD Universe dark matter is the intentional agent and our "magnetic bodies" uses the biological body consisting of visible matter as their motor instrument and sensory receptor. The mistake of materialist is to identify with this visible matter, attach to it, as Buddhist would say. I directly experienced that water in some unknown manner is something incredibly more interesting than we have ever thought and try in our reductionistic illusion to reduce a miracle to parameters like viscosity, compressibility, thermal conductivity,....sometimes I cannot but hate physics! From earlier experiences I had become convinced that all my mystic experiences have correlates in new quantum physics I was developing. I was certainly thinking many-sheeted space-time and magnetic flux tubes already at that time. The identification of dark matter, quantization of hbar, and the notion of conformal confinement were still lacking from my conceptual repertoire. As always I strongly feel also now of finally having found all the basic pieces of puzzle and as always, I am bound to be wrong. Matti Pitkanen


    crystalsage said...

    Don't know if I'm on the same wavelength , but I have noticed that when you boil water the bubbles look black before the water starts evaporating....

    crystalsage said...

    Also in NDE experiences don't people first travel down or up a black tunnel before they come to the light...the soul/spirit in a sense has evaporated from the body...and in our world is seen as vapour or ghost...but in the new reality of the spirit it is solid in comparison to its surroundings in which they now share the same or similar vibration or density ....