Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Dark matter hierarchy and quantum control and coordination

The understanding of quantum control and coordination is one of the big challenges of TGD inspired theory of consciousness and of living systems. The rapid evolution of the ideas about dark matter hierarchy has lead to the deepening of the views also in this respect. I do not want to repeat all the ideas here but instead refer to earlier posting about EEG and generalization of genetic code. The following general overview about quantum communication and control emerges in this framework.
  1. A fractal hierarchy of Josephson junctions with Josephson currents generates coherent photon and dark intermediate gauge boson states. These states have identification as a fractal hierarchy of EEGs and its electro-weak generalizations (ZEGs and WEGs). The levels of hierarchy result by repeated scalings of Planck constant by a factor about 211 and zooming up various quantum length and time scales. Corresponding scaling down occurs for frequencies assignable to a photon with a given energy. For instance, at the 4:th level of the dark matter hierarchy EEG frequencies correspond to energies above thermal energy at room temperature.

  2. The most important frequencies of EEG correspond to multiplets nfc of cyclotron frequencies of biologically important biological ions (most of them in alpha band) and to the frequencies fJ +/-nfc, where fJ is the Josephson frequency of a zoomed up Josephson junction obtained from cell membrane and having the same resting potential determining the Josephson energy and frequency.

  3. Cyclotron frequencies relate to the control of the biological body by the magnetic body and can be assigned with the magnetic flux sheets going through DNA since it is genome where protein synthesis is initiated and is thus the optimal intermediate step in the cellular control. The magnetic flux sheets organize genomes for sequences of large number of nuclei to what can be regarded as text lines at the pages of book having magnetic flux sheets as pages. The same mechanism at the level of several organisms gives rise to hypergenomes coding for culture: the evolution of hypergenome explains the difference between us and our cousins. Introns, the 97 percent of "junk" in our DNA as materialistic biologists believe, are excellent candidates for the genes involved with hypergenes. Besides chemical expression also 126 bit memetic code expressed in terms of electromagnetic field patterns is highly suggestive. The basic durations of the memetic codons are T=.1 seconds and its zoomed up variants.

  4. One of the basic functions of cell membranes is to perceive the chemical environment using various kinds of receptors as sensors. Neurons have specialized to receive symbolic representations of the sensory input at primary sensory organs. A good guess is that in this case magnetic flux quanta are hollow cylindrical structures serving as templates for axons and possibly other similar structures and define the communication lines connecting cell membranes to the magnetic body.

    The frequencies fJ +/- nfc are associated with these communications. For fJ = 5 H consistent with the value of the basic scaling of hbar, they correspond to beta and theta band obtained as satellites of alpha band. Also harmonics of alpha band and its satellites are present. This is true for the left hemisphere. The basic facts about EEG during sleep force to conclude that for the right hemisphere magnetic flux is quantized using units of charge Z=2 and this implies that the scale of frequencies is scaled down by a factor of 1/2 so that right alpha band would be around 5 Hz, beta at 7.5 Hz, and theta at 2.5 Hz for singly ionized exotic bosonic ions. The narrow resonances at 3,5,7 Hz and 13,15,17 Hz are predicted correctly. During deepest sleep only DNA cyclotron frequencies around 1 Hz are present.

  5. This picture would explain why the temperature of brain must be in the narrow range 36-37 K to guarantee optimal functionality of the organism. If interior superconductivity is lost, magnetic body receives sensory data but is paralyzed since its desires cannot be fulfilled. If boundary superconductivity is lost, magnetic body can make cell do all kinds of things but is blind.

  6. In the length scales below the weak length scale Lw also weak bosons behave as massless particles and the exchange of virtual W bosons makes possible a nonlocal charge transfer. Dark quark-antiquark pairs associated with the color bonds of the atomic nuclei can become charged via the emission of dark W boson and thus produce exotic ions. The same can happen at the higher levels of the dark matter hierarchy. This provides a nonlocal quantal mechanism inducing or changing electromagnetic polarization in turn inducing ordinary charge flows and thus making possible quantum control.

    For instance, the generation of nerve pulse could rely on the reduction of the resting potential below the critical value by this kind of mechanism in turn inducing ordinary charge flow between cell interior and exterior. The mechanism might apply even in the scale of the magnetic body and make possible the control of central nervous system. Also remote mental interactions, in particular telekinesis, might rely on this mechanism. The test would be to look whether psychics can mentally affect charged capacitors very near to dielectric breakdown.

  7. Massless extremals (MEs, topological light rays) serve as correlates for dark bosons. Besides neutral massless extremals TGD predicts also charged massless extremals obtained from their neutral counterparts by a mere color rotation (color and weak quantum numbers are not totally independent in TGD framework). The interpretation of the charged MEs has remained open hitherto. In the recent framework charged massless extremals could be seen as correlates for nonlocal quantum control by affecting charge equilibria whereas neutral MEs would serve as correlates for coordination and communication. Color charged MEs could also induce color charge polarization and flows of color charges and thus generate visual color qualia by the capacitor mechanism.

For the details of the model of EEG see the new chapter Dark Matter Hierarchy and Hierarchy of EEGs? of "Genes, Memes, Qualia, and ...."

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